Five Game Section Categories A Bitcoin Casino Should Have

Categories A Bitcoin Casino Should Have

Cryptocurrencies are both a means of payment and investment in today’s world, as reported by media outlets. Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies having the highest value among the others. With its popularity, many businesses and online casinos have learned to accommodate bitcoin as a means of payment, and you’ll find some of the best bitcoin-based casinos here.

Although Bitcoin is a non-regulated currency, casinos basing their operations should have a bit of regulation on what game section categories they should have. There should not be many differences in the quality or types of games you’ll find in a standard online casino and the ones you’ll find in a Bitcoin casino,

You should never run out of games to play in an online casino; hence there are many games we can think of and the categories in which they should fall. We’ll see the essential game section categories a Bitcoin casino should have in the following headings.

Slot Games Section

Slot games are some of the most popular online casino games in the gambling industry, and these games have made people millionaires from their massive jackpot wins and btc casino no deposit bonus. In addition, these games have a pull on players for their diversity and exciting plots. You’ll find slot games based on different franchises like movies, bands, cartoons, books, and slots from pure imagination.

Slot games are primarily straightforward to play, and they are of different types. However, the slots games section requires understanding, as you’ll find slots that operate on a cascading feature and slots that go by the conventional spinning reels.

Popular casinos have variations of slots which include three, five, or seven-reel slot machines, fruit machines, 3D slots, classic slots, video slots, single and multiple payline slots, and fixed jackpot slots, and progressive jackpot slots.

There are lots of slots from casino games providers and in different styles. So it’s only suitable for any casino, even a Bitcoin casino, to have a slot games section.

Categories A Bitcoin Casino Should Have

BlackJack Games

Blackjack Games are also top-rated in online casinos worldwide and should be present in a Bitcoin casino. These blackjack games are simple, fun, understandable, and profitable as card games. Blackjack has been in existence since the early 20th century, and there are a host of variants with different rules and styles of play.

This game has gained immense popularity and is one of the most played card/table games in history. There are also live dealer versions of Blackjack on standard casinos that Bitcoin casinos can afford.

You’ll find out the different rules governing Blackjack as you practice and play, and you can find demo games in most online casinos. They’re straightforward to pick and learn.

Some popular Blackjack variants include Perfect Pairs, Spanish 21, Pontoon, Atlantic City Blackjack, Chinese Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Super Fun 21, European Blackjack, and Bonus Blackjack.

There are other variants of Blackjack, and you’ll find them as interesting as any other of the listed variants.


Roulette is also a favorite in online casinos worldwide, so a Bitcoin casino should have its section. This gambling game plays on a wheel divided into sectors in the number of 36 pieces.

You’d have seen a representation of this wheel in movies showing a Las Vegas casino. The wheels have red and black colors, even numbers, and odd numbers. As a player, your money is exchanged for chips which you’ll take to the table to place your bets.

You can bet on the colors or numbers, and a dealer will announce the range or specific number you’ve chosen. The dealer will then roll a dice on the spinning wheel, and if it lands on your desired range or number, you get to win big.

There are different versions of the Roulette game. They include the American roulette, the European roulette, the Multi-Wheel roulette, the French roulette, the 3D roulette, and the live dealer roulette. Some online casinos offer more variations, and it would be great to find these variations in a Bitcoin casino.

Categories A Bitcoin Casino Should Have

Video Poker Games

Video poker is a simple, exciting, profitable game popular in online casinos and should be in any Bitcoin casino. The game has simple rules that anyone can catch on with fast and practice often to become an expert.

The game’s most popular variant is the Texas Hold ’em poker. It’s the simplest, and it’s a classic where a poker player is required to start a game with two pocket cards (closed cards). Beginning with two closed cards is one of the game’s basic rules, accompanied by betting rounds. 

You’ll get four betting rounds during which the dealer deals community cards that form a “board,” after which you can place your bet. 

The different variants of video poker games include Bonus Deuces Wild, Loose Deuces, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Bonus Poker, Double Jackpot Poker, Deuces Wild, and the Bonus Poker Deluxe.

You’ll find plenty of other variants of poker games other than the ones listed. Some of which include Ace Invader, Big Times Draw Poker, Double Down Stud Poker, Extra Draw Frenzy Poker, and Pick a Pair poker.


This section features another card game, and Baccarat can also be called other names, including Punto Banco, Macao, Nine, and Iron. It’s a top-rated casino card game with increasing popularity in the United States Of America and Macau.

Macau is where the Punto Banco name is used, which contributes to a considerable part of revenue by many casino operators. The rules are easy to learn; it’s as exciting as Blackjack and less complicated than video poker.

Bitcoin casinos should have these five essential categories and can have more, as you’ll see in some of the best online casinos. In addition, there are bingo games, scratch cards, keno, and craps games that can also have their sections.


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