Five Strategies on how to Win at European Roulette

Five Strategies on how to Win at European Roulette

The game of Roulette appeared in the world several centuries ago. Up to date, this is one of the most wanted and exciting forms of gambling. However, while millions of gamblers play it, very few truly get the math features behind it.

Online Roulette experts ensure that using some proven strategies can become helpful for casino newbies. Whether this is true or not, you will find out only when playing Euro Roulette on the online gambling site under these effective systems.

European Roulette Specifics

Roulette is in great demand among online gamblers. The point for players of Roulette is to guess which of the wheel cells the ball will be in. Those black-and-red cells are numbered from 1 to 36. The numbers are out of order, but the colors are strictly alternating. The green color indicates the number 0, which is called “zero”. In total, there are 37 cells on the Euro Roulette wheel, including Zero.

The house edge in European Roulette is relatively low – about 2.7%. So the safest bets are equal chances (red/black, even/odd). The chances of winning, in this case, are 48.6%. If you are a risk-taker, bet on a single number. There the probability of winning is less than 1%. But the prize money is paid thirty-five to one.

Five Greatest Strategies to win at European Roulette

Here are five popular strategies for European Roulette. You can try them right away to find out which way will suit you best.

Martingale Method

That type of playing is one of the most frequently used worldwide in land-based houses and online casinos. Besides, the Martingale style applies not only to Roulette games but also to Poker, Baccarat, etc., as it is a betting strategy in the first place that is not specific to a particular game.

The Martingale method revolves around the size of the wager. The European Roulette bet is doubled after each loss. If a player wins, he gets all the winnings, which are usually more significant than previous losses.

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Reverse Martingale way

As the name says, the Roulette method is the opposite of the Martingale strategy. In the case of regular Martingale, players double their bets when they lose. Speaking of the Reverse Martingale strategy, a gambler should double a bet when he wins, going back to the beginning of the sequence whenever he loses.

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Unlike Martingale, which makes you increase your wager every time you lose, the Fibonacci system has a specific benefit. The European Roulette method allows you to win more when you have a victory streak.

Under that strategy, you do not double the bets, but you will use a mathematical progression called the Fibonacci sequence when playing it. This sequence begins with number one, which is repeated once. After that, the two numbers are added to create the following number in a particular sequence.

Steady Betting Strategy

When newcomers try to win at online Roulette, mainly they face the problem of excessive greed. If they miss a few spins, they start to increase their wagers significantly, wishing to get a winning spin finally.

Lots of genuinely successful Roulette enthusiasts choose a steady betting system. They repeat the same bet each round, regardless of whether they win or lose. In the case of winning, they can slightly increase the next wager. Thanks to such a strategy, gamblers never risk too much of their budget. Besides, they still have a decent chance of hitting a good winning streak and making a profit.

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“Double or Nothing” Strategy

That system is riskier and more profitable at the same time. The principle of its operation is that the Roulette player picks a sector on the wheel which comes with no more than 7 or 8 digits. And then, he bets on all the numbers in this unit.

Since the ball comes to the lucky field, a player uses all your winnings from that spin to bet on the same sector again. This time the bet should be doubled.

Double or nothing method allows you to turn a pretty small initial wager into a big win if you can grab three or more subsequent hits in a small unit of the Roulette wheel.

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