Finding a new favourite within the reels

Finding a new favourite within the reels

When it comes to grabbing a quick spin of the reels whilst waiting at the bus stop or for the kettle to boil, we normally gravitate towards our favourite games without looking at what else is on offer. Well, we thought we would showcase a few Slots casino sites have to offer that you may not know about or have seen but not yet tried.

Read on to potentially discover your new favourite slot.

Finding a new favourite within the reels

Wild Tundra

Set in a time when mammoths walked the earth, embrace the icy conditions of the Ice Age to unfreeze the jackpot frozen within the 5×4 reels, worth up to 10,000x your bet value. With classic card symbols such as 10, J, Q, K, and Ace, joined by creatures such as rhinos, bears, deer, sabre tooth tigers, and golden mammoths, create winning matches to reap up to 10,484x your bet! When playing, you may notice that there isn’t a wild feature. However, this is compensated with a cascading reel feature where any match created will fade into the ice and be replenished by the cascading reels, where it’s possible to create further winning combinations of symbols within the reels, all in the same spin.

Lucky’s Fish and Chips

Take a trip to the seaside and promenade along the pier as you spin the reels in the hope of winning a tasty treat not only for yourself but for your bankroll too! With a wooden style grid comprised of five reels, four rows, and 100 paylines, within a cartoon aesthetic graphic and a nautical soundtrack playing in the background, spin the symbols into play to potentially create a winning combination worth up to 9,000x your bet! the symbols at play are seaside and chip shop themed, with playing card symbols 9-A arriving in fishcake crumbs, alongside a portion of mushy peas, a bottle of vinegar, paper-wrapped chips, fish supper, and of course, no trip to the coast is complete without a seagull or two.

Finding a new favourite within the reels

Gem Blast

If it’s sparkling gems and night skies you enjoy, then how about spinning the reels within Gem Blast? In this slot, you’ll find a 5×3 reel set within a night sky filled with a Northern Lights display of soft blues, purples, and whites in a spacey atmosphere. There are orange, yellow, green, aquamarine, blue, and purple gems, along with gem-like BAR and 7 symbols that are spun into play to help you try to win hidden treasures within the reels.

Empty the Bank

If the idea of robbing a bank to potentially earn some extra cash in your bankroll is more your thing, then why not escape to a rooftop within the city, where the aim of the game is to empty the bank’s safe for all its worth? From 0.20 coins per spin, landing matches of three, four, or even five symbols within the 5×3 reels are the way to crack the code of this vault. Within the base game, you’ll find symbols such as gold bars, banknotes, walkie-talkies, drills, hammers, and so much more, including the burglar symbol. Create a winning match with him, and you’ll be transported to a bonus game comprised of hidden treasure within a 7×7 grid. Have you got what it takes to pull off the heist of the century?

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