Call of Duty (COD) Black Ops Cold War (BOCW)

Black Ops Cold Wars Slow Download Speed – Are you experiencing extremely slow download speeds when downloading or updating COD BOCW on Here’s how to fix it.

Call of Duty (COD) Black Ops Cold War – Slow download speed – how do I fix it?

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is finally out, and as with previous COD games, it managed to impress millions of players on the day of release. Like Modern Warfare 2019, COD BO Cold Warfare is extremely addictive, and any player can pick up the pace regardless of their play style. And if all goes according to plan, this title could completely replace Modern Warfare in 2019. Obviously, Warzone players don’t have to worry because Cold War doesn’t have a separate Battle Royale mode.

But it can’t be denied that Black Operations Cold War, while a very good game, has its share of problems. Since its launch, players have encountered numerous bugs, glitches, and performance issues. That shouldn’t be surprising, since most of you probably know what CODs are called in the first few weeks of launch.

We are talking about extremely slow download speeds when downloading or updating Call of Duty BOCW. It’s actually a big deal, because like COD MW and Warzone, Cold War is a big game. The game is already about 150 GB, and we all know how important COD updates are in general. Imagine downloading a 50 GB patch at a download speed of 1 to 2 MB/sec.

To correct slow downloading speed

The funny thing is that you will see hundreds of corrections for this error or problem on the internet. But trust me, none of them work. Trying these remedies is a waste of your time and nothing more. So how do we solve this problem?

Unfortunately, there is no free solution to this problem. And I say that because I have struggled with the same question. I have a 250 MBPS fiber connection where I get download speeds of 28-30 MBPS almost everywhere. But on the application, I was only getting download speeds of 1-1.5 MBPS, which was the case when downloading Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. And it’s very frustrating because you have to sit for hours before you can start the game.

Then I decided to try a VPN. I already had an annual VPN subscription called Private Internet Access. So I did everything:

  1. Installation of private internet access
  2. Setting up a VPN server in the United States New York
  3. Application Relaunch
  4. I restarted the download.

My download speed went from 1-1.5 Mbps to 18-20 Mbps. Yes, I know it’s not 30 MBPS, but it’s much better than waiting hours for a single update.

This problem is not exclusive to the application, but also occurs in the Origin launcher. Without a VPN, I get terrible download speeds when I update or download Apex Legends.

Slow download speeds are not a problem for your connection. This is a server issue that only Treyarch can fix. I tried downloading other games on and got the maximum download speed every time.

You can use any good VPN for this. You just need to make sure that the VPN you choose has no data restrictions.

If you have solutions that don’t require a VPN or a third-party application, please let me know in the comments below. You can also check out another Call of Duty: Cold War Frontex Guides for Black Ops. Good luck!

That’s it, folks!

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