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The Elephant Mk1B is a South African tank with a 105 mm cannon. It is an improvement over the previous Mk1A, with better shielding and the same engine, but with improved performance. It is designed to fight the T-55, T-62 and T-72, which are among the most likely opponents in Africa. I suggest this for the British tree because I think it is a Commonwealth nation and it would fit the British tree as a centurion option. I also think the British need more level 6 tanks that can use the APFSDS, the only things up to 9.7 that can fire this way are the Chieftain Mk 10 and the Sho’t Kal Dalet.


The TVT Centurion entered service in South Africa in 1957 and was mainly intended to support Great Britain in a war in Africa or the Middle East. But when South Africa withdrew from the Commonwealth in 1961, attention was focused on its own safety. Some were sold to Switzerland to raise money for the Mirage fighters, and many of the remaining tanks were used for training or exercises. In 1972, some Centurions were equipped with the Patton M48 transmission and engine, but these proved unsuccessful because they used too much fuel and had a short range. They were called the Skoikans.


After the military invasion of Angola in 1975, the tanks returned to military doctrine. The FAPLA had a large number of Soviet T-54’s, as well as T-34’s and PT-76’s, and many Centurions which were still armed with 20-pounder guns had to be converted. UN Security Council Resolution 418 imposed an arms embargo on South Africa in 1977, which meant that South Africa had to buy centurions from India and Jordan, but without arms or domes, only hulls. Olifant Manufacturing has upgraded its existing Centurions with a continental 29-litre turbo-diesel engine and M60 transmission. In addition, the 105 mm L7 gun was installed on these tanks, and these modified tanks were referred to as Elephant Mk1A.

Oliphant Mk1A

Oliphant Mk1B was introduced in 1991. Unlike the Mk1A, the Mk1B is a complete redesign, the development of which started 10 years earlier, when production of the Mk1 began. It retains the Mk1A engine but has a new AMTRA 3 automatic.

He kept the main gun, a 105 mm GT3B, but installed a new heating pipe and a new exhaust fan. The tank fires the same projectiles as the previous Elephant, such as the M456 HEAT-FS and the APFSDS projectiles. One of the biggest changes, however, is the passive composite shield over the glacier plate and the dome, where a gap between the original dome and the composite shield serves as a distance shield against NEPLOAD.


  • The team: 4
  • Mass: 59 tons
  • Height: 3.04 m
  • Length: 8.30 m
  • Length with the barrel at the front: 10.2 m.
  • Width: 3.43 m
  • Engine: 29-litre, turbocharged and air-cooled Continental V12 diesel engine, 850 to 950 hp.
  • Maximum speed: 58 km/h on the road, 30 km/h off the road.
  • Distance travelled on the road: 350 km
  • Head armament: Gun gun GT3B 105mm, 68 rounds
  • Secondary armament: 7.62 mm Browning machine gun, 2000 rounds
  • Armor! armor! armor! armor! armor! armor! armor! armor! armor!
  1. 118 mm (4.64) 60 degree glacier + additional shielding included
  2. 152 mm (6-inch) turret + additional ceramic shielding set
  3. 51 mm (2 inches) Silk
  4. 40 mm up.
  5. 31 mm at the back.












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The Elephant Mk1B post for the Thunder of War game.

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