An observation on what is considered good vs bad game design (or good vs. bad game in general)

An observation on what is considered good vs bad game design (or good vs. bad game in general)

Hello, everyone.

So I just beat GTA V’s story mode (again, after completing it in 2015) and am now saving at 100%. I’m currently looking up (and hating) excerpts about Leonora’s Secret and it just occurred to me that GTA V, at least in my opinion, has worse design flaws than all the collective problems people have with the Assassin’s Creed series.

For comparison, I use Unity as the most controversial/arguable in the series:

  1. The bottom of the sink: The card is filled to the brim and collected until it overflows. I remember Unity getting a lot of criticism for this problem, GTA did not. I didn’t think GTA was that good. Where Unity gives you the ability to filter different actions on the map, GTA doesn’t even do that well. The semi-intelligent way (if you can call it that) is that GTA handles this by not showing the information I’m about to give in point 3 on the map.
  2. GTA IV and V exhibit two of the worst cases of ludonarrative dissonance I’ve ever seen in a game story. For the carnal world that Los Santos is supposed to be, the three main characters are among the most cartoonish and least believable I’ve ever seen (and no, that’s not part of the series’ brilliant satire, it’s just bad characterization).
  3. Collectibles of no importance: This is one aspect of the AC series that still gets a lot of criticism: the sheer number of collectibles. I agree that there are a lot of them in Unity, but at least the game helps the player by marking them on the map and indicating what their completion actually does (so you can skip them if you’re not interested). In GTA, there are 50 letters (reward short mission), 50 UFO coins (reward cutscene), 30 submarine coins (another cutscene), 50 stuffs, nuclear waste, peyote plants, packs, below deck challenge, etc. And the worst part is that there is no guide in the game to help you figure it out!
  4. Design of side mission : Invoking the video camera, the developers at ubisoft think copying/pasting the same mission to a different part of the map counts as content, I mean really, but how is 13 parachute jumps repeating the same flight training and ammo problem any different?
  5. Artificially increase replayability: One of my personal goals in the AC series was to introduce optional objectives because it takes away from the player’s freedom, but at least the optional objectives in AC are. connected to the player during the mission and b. accessible from the start. To get a gold medal in many GTA V missions, the player must miss the cup! Or the mission has a chase scenario, but either way, you don’t have to scratch the car.

I’m really curious why people don’t think a game like AC Unity is good (and boring/bad), while GTA 5 is seen as a masterpiece and a great game, even though in terms of game design/gameplay elements it has just as many problems, if not more.

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