What Programming Language is Used for Video Games?

What Programming Language is Used for Video Games?

What Languages Should I Use in Programming Video Games?

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The most important thing is that you can always learn from helpers and take independent steps towards a big dream to become video games. Of course, playing computer games is interesting, but it’s even more interesting to know how they work, what encoding languages they were written in, and how to create a video game yourself. Many students buy term papers online because they think that the topic of programming languages is too complicated for them.

What Programming Language is Used for Video Games?

The language with which video games are programmed is a fundamental element to guarantee a smooth gaming experience. It seems that when we play a video game, we only look at the visual part, at its aesthetics, because it is the most spectacular. Still, behind that aesthetics, there is an arduous programming work that allows it to function. You can program in many languages, but there are selected languages used by professionals for many reasons.


Java is a programming language that we find every day on more and more platforms, it can be used in the development of software, video games, and applications, no matter what platform we want to use it on, since if it has a JVM (Java virtual machine), this is possible. The syntax it uses is simpler than that of the C language, making Java an easier language to learn.

C ++ and C

C ++ and C # are two programming languages based on the C language, they are both similar, and both are object-oriented and used to develop web or desktop applications. C # is a high-level language that directly rivals Java. While C ++ is much faster to run and lighter than its C # sibling, it has a standard performance level, making it ideal for mobile device applications.

What Programming Language is Used for Video Games?


When we talk about Objective-C, we talk about an ideal language for programming on devices such as Mac, iPad, and iPhone, it is a compiler and linker language, also object-oriented, and that also can allow the use of code libraries C, however, is a language that can be difficult to master.

To better understand how much the game’s success depends on the programming language, it is better to look at a real example.

What Programming Language is Used for Video Games?

Pokémon Go

This game, developed by Niantic, has been with us for 5 years, it became extremely popular among fans of the Pokémon anime and, let’s face it, being able to play it comfortably on mobile phones (iOs and Android) is very easy to play it anywhere, in addition, this game programmed with a combination of Java, C ++ and C #, is the perfect way to unite reality with fantasy, since the pokemon must be captured in real places in your city, in addition, this The game provides us with great moments of interaction with our friends or family since it is a massively multiplayer game.

Brawl Stars

An extremely popular multiplayer game developed and distributed by Supercell that aims to collect trophies from climbing the ranks. The genius of this game lies in the fact that you can join your friends in different clubs and play friendly games with them. In addition to this, there are many game modes, which makes it very entertaining to be able to vary the way of interacting with the brawlers (players). This game was developed in beta version in 2017 and definitively released in 2018, its programming language includes a mixture of a video game engine created by Supercell and C ++.

What Programming Language is Used for Video Games?

Clash Royale 

Clash Royale was developed and distributed by the Finnish company Supercell that was released in 2016. It is a multiplayer, real-time strategy game that mixes video games with a few trading card games. It shares the programming language of its brother Brawl Stars since it uses C ++ and Objective-C, also adding server code in Java.


This video game is perhaps one of the most versatile in terms of the type of device it can be played on since it ranges from iOS and Android cell phones or tablets to consoles like Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PS4. It is also a game with different versions (although some are already discontinued) such as Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Story Mode, Minecraft Earth, Pocket edition, and there is even a version that can be used in the classroom: Education Edition. It can also be played with different game modes. Minecraft, in its beginnings, was experimentally written in Java, later it continued with a language in C #.

What Programming Language is Used for Video Games?

Among Us 

A banger was created by InnerSloth and can be played on Android devices, iOS, and PC. This game is also multiplayer and allows up to 10 people to participate in a game simultaneously. In this game, players must discover who are the “impostors” who have entered a spaceship before they sabotage the tasks they must perform on the ship or kill them, which is why it is classified as a social deduction game. It was released in 2018 and is coded in a C # and C ++ language using Unity 3D as the game engine.

To finalize, we analyzed the most popular programming languages used for coding video games. There are much more video game programming languages. 


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