How Will Samsung’s Gaming Hub Change Online Gaming?

Samsung's Gaming Hub

The world of gaming online could be about to change forever with the exciting development of Samsung’s Gaming Hub. Gamers will be able to access some of their favourite games and platforms directly from their television rather than having to use a traditional computer or console device. Samsung has noted the demand for ease of access for gamers, and it could allow them to steal a march on their competitors by providing the system first and with high-quality operators on board. Google Stadia, Utomik, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now have already committed to the project and maybe joined in the future by other leading providers.


The sense of bringing the product directly to their customers is one that has been recognized in other interactive industries. The casino industry has been at the forefront of changing its perspective regarding the requirements of its users. Top operators have attempted and arguably succeeded in delivering quality, including offering different styles, themes, and formats of games, such as live options and a mix of slots and table games, and rewarding loyalty for the continued use of their products. Whether users are playing the online slots Canada has on offer, like Victory Vixens and Big Bass Bonanza, or blackjack online in the United Kingdom, users want to feel appreciated and that their requirements for a smooth experience are met. The ability to recognize the demand and then to provide a simple system that evolves to meet new criteria as the times and devices change has allowed the casino industry to flourish and keep pace with other mediums in the online market.

As the casino industry, Samsung has taken note of the demands of gamers for a seamless process and has made a move to provide their gaming hub among their next generation of televisions. It remains to be seen whether their rivals in the industry will follow suit immediately, but by moving first, the South Korean company is ahead of the pack and has the opportunity to further entrench their brand in-game streaming before the rest can make up ground.

Instant Gaming

High-speed internet has allowed streaming services to dominate the entertainment industry, completely changing the landscape over the last decade. Where once you would have to sit at your computer screen next to your modem, now you have access to endless reams of movies and series at the click of your remote, and now gaming has entered the world of streaming.

Samsung's Gaming Hub

Gamers not only have a demand to be able to broadcast themselves gaming, see Twitch but also to play on all devices at any time now the industry is moving away from the traditional consoles and discs towards downloads and streaming. Gaming platforms not providing this level of service are now behind the times. Gamers not only want to play their games from any device without being tied to one location, but the demand for sharing their success on Twitch and social media platforms requires a multi-faceted approach. You will find a lot of these options on Playstation and Xbox consoles but at the additional cost of over $600. The prospect of boasting a variety of gaming titles through apps that are available on one hub will be appealing not only from a gaming perspective but also from a financial one.

It is not only in the traditional gaming world that this has been an issue. The demand for live games in the casino sector has prompted providers to increase the levels of their live options for customers across the globe. Once more, what was once an activity that may involve sitting at a computer screen on an evening has turned into a 24/7 possibility on portable devices with numerous rooms and games active, either against simulated opponents or fellow gamblers. This has allowed the casino industry to remain competitive amid the entertainment that has many outstanding products on offer through a variety of mediums. The ability to adapt and react has been a key staple of their success; gone are the days when live options were seen as a niche concept.

The Future

The gaming industry can take heed from the casino as it potentially transitions into the next phase. Casino and gambling products have been ahead of the curve in their relationships with their customer base. Rewarding loyalty is a huge factor in the success of casino and gambling sites; customers want to know their respective brand will respect their usage of their product and not take it for granted. The difference between the top operators in the industry and the rest comes in the form of their offers. New customers will receive lucrative deals by signing up. But the best in the business ensure that those offers continue down the line for their users, providing free bets, spins, and entries into tournaments on their sites and apps.

Ingenuity is a crucial part of the gaming industry, and as we’ve previously mentioned, you cannot afford to be left behind. The leading casino sites are constantly refreshing their titles and offering new challenges for their customers, whether it be a different variety of games or a new theme on an older version to spark interest and activity. This is commonplace across the gaming industry as a whole, going back before the days of Playstation and Xbox. However, if streaming is to come to fruition, there will be direct competition on one device from multiple providers.


Samsung’s proposal will allow Google Stadia, Utomik, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now to place their apps on their system via a subscription service in the same way Playstation and Xbox charge their customers for online access. If Playstation and Xbox, among others, wish to compete on the same level, they will either have to allow their respective products to be placed on a streaming system or continue with their own platforms.

It will be a firm test of the creativity and the resolve of those providers to ensure that they retain their customer base. Given the longevity of both Playstation and Xbox, they will be confident that they can retain their places as the giants of the gaming industry. At the same time, they cannot afford to rest on their laurels. The concept could be a ground-breaking one for the gaming industry to shake up the status quo.

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