How to stream on Twitch from a Mac

As for streaming, the vast majority of active streamers broadcast from a PC or Windows console. That doesn’t mean Mac users should miss out. The main services that allow users to create their content have versions that work on a Mac.

Even if games are not as well supported by the Mac operating system, there are many ways to deliver games to your audience. There is also the benefit of being able to create a Windows instance with the Bootcamp software. So if you think your Mac can handle streaming it, you have more options for streaming.

Learn how to stream directly to Twitch from your Mac here.

Streaming Software

How to stream on Twitch from a Mac

First of all, you need software to broadcast your feed. Three main options are available.

Twitch Studio offers the simplest solution that allows you to have your game, track notifications and chat on screen and very fast. However, it offers a very basic set of features with little flexibility in updates and tools. When you need the fastest and simplest solution, Twitch Studio offers it.

Streamlabs OBS is available for Mac and offers almost the same features as its Windows counterpart, with free themes and overlays to give your broadcast a professional look. If you think your investment is worth it, you have the option of using a paid service. There are still some limitations, but it is an easy-to-use solution that can give good results.

OBS Studio is also available for Mac and offers the greatest flexibility and customization with plug-in support, but it also has the greatest learning curve of the three suites.

The choice of method depends on you and your technical skills. For most of them, Streamlabs OBS will do everything they need while being easy to use, but it’s worth taking the time to see what works for each of them. Once you’ve chosen and installed an application, you’re close to streaming.

Twitch Studio and Streamlabs OBS normally connect to Twitch when you are logged in, because it uses your Twitch account. For OBS Studio, go to the Twitch website and find your feed key in your profile and place it in the Feed Settings tab. After the preparation you should now be able to work in the OBS studio.

That’s what it looks like: How to find the key to your Twitch feed

From there, add all the scenes and games to your streaming software, add the title and game to your category on your Twitch page, and you’re good to go. However, there are other elements to consider in order to improve the quality of your feed.

Lights, camera, sound, engine!

How to stream on Twitch from a Mac

The better your hardware performs, the higher the quality you can bring to Twitch to increase your audience. To get the best possible return from your location, you need to invest in certain equipment.

Probably the most important thing is the sound. The minimum you need is a headset and a microphone used for games to communicate with your streaming viewers, but this won’t provide a great experience for the viewers because the quality is poor compared to a dedicated microphone.

For the best sound quality when communicating, an XLR microphone with a high-quality pre-amplifier is generally best for the most natural and smooth sound. However, USB microphones are becoming more sophisticated and can work well for a less expensive option.

Some of the best USB-powered microphones are the Samson G-Track Pro and the Elgato Wave:3, both of which offer excellent sound quality.

Then your spectators can see you via a webcam during the game. Although you can broadcast without one, most successful streamers offer a camera view so you can match the voice to a person. It can also help raise awareness of your brand as your chain grows. The most popular webcams are the Logitech C920, which are perfect for almost anything. So you don’t have to worry about a high quality camera that looks good.

And finally, the lighting goes hand in hand with the camera. Even some of the world’s best cameras can look grainy and infinite in low light. Consider using studio lighting, as this will instantly improve the quality of your streaming camera.

With these add-ons, your streaming adventure on your Mac should be smooth and enjoyable. Good luck!

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