Rogue Company Update 1.46 Patch Notes Today, Download Size (Jan 2021)

Rogue Company Update 1.46 Patch Notes Today, Download Size (Jan 2021)

The 1.46 update for Rogue is now available for download. The official patch notes for this update have been released. Here we will cover all the details and information related to the Rogue 1.46 patch note update, take a look.

Rogue Company Update 1.46 Patch Notes Today, Download Size (Jan 2021)

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The developers, First Watch Games, have released an update to Rogue 1.46 today, January 22. This update comes with a few bug fixes and does not affect the game in any way, as it is just a small patch installed to fix some of the issues and bugs present in Rogue Company since the last patch, Update 1.45.

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The Rogue Company Update 1.46 patch has been released for all platforms, including PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This update will fix some issues and make qualitative changes to the games. Additionally, Rogue Company’s 1.46 update fixes a number of crash issues and makes a number of improvements, including improved game visuals and performance tweaks.

Snape’s latest patch has made some big changes to the game. The latest update added a new criminal named Sigridbrings and a new map called Glacier Map. Moreover, after the release of the latest patch, the developers launched a brand new event. However, this update is not accompanied by an event, a map or a new villain, as this is a minor update to fix bugs.

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False Enterprise Update 1.46 Release Notes

Here’s the full list of changes and release notes for Rogue 1.46, check it out:

  • The problem that prevented the launch of the games has been resolved.
  • This update fixes some issues with the game crashing.
  • Some improvements have been made to network connections.
  • Added some general stability improvements.
  • A number of small bugs have been fixed and improved.

Rogue’s 1.46 update is now available for download on all platforms, including PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Rogue Company 1.46 Patch Download Format

Since the 1.46 update is a small patch, the scope of the update is also small. The Rogue Company 1.46 patch update weighs in at approximately 284 MB. The size of the update shown here is for PS4 only. The download size for this update is still unknown for the Xbox One and PC, but as soon as we know the download size, we’ll update it here. The size of the load may vary depending on the platform.

Malicious company server status today 22. 1 January

Since the release of the update, the server has been up and running. Hi-Rez Operations has announced a server shutdown scheduled for the 21st. In January at 3:00 EST would take over from 8 UTC to 12 UTC. From that moment on, however, the server runs smoothly.

Scheduled (January 21, 2021, 03:00 EST) : We provide server maintenance for #RogueCompany #PC, #PS4, #Switch, #Xbox from 8:00 UTC to 12 UTC….. During this period, there may be some downtime in the game. We apologize for…

– Hi-Rez Operations (@HirezOps) 20. January 2021

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