Minecraft Dungeons Review •

Minecraft Dungeons Review •

Minecraft Dungeons is a game of good quality. This is a simple and clear action role-playing game for those who are not at all familiar with the genre. Live casino is one of the most popular games in the online casino industry. It’s not just about the thrill of playing against a live dealer, but also about being able to chat with other players and enjoy a social gaming experience.

It is a good representative of the dungeon, behind which one can relax a little and take a break from the dark and whimsical aesthetics. Minecraft Dungeons could really have been recommended by Diablo to both beginners and die-hard Diablo fans, except for one nuance. But the first thing you have to do

Introduction to the game

Microsoft continues to experiment with popular franchise products and opens up new horizons for them. The Minecraft Dungeons are a second attempt to broaden the gender boundaries of the Minecraft universe.

The first was the Minecraft Story mode, which was not entirely successful, leaving only the general style of the original game.

The dungeons have generally followed the same path, although they are much closer to their original source in spirit, not only because of their general aesthetics, but also because of their struggle, the gathering of resources and the exploration of the world.

As in any fantasy RPG, Minecraft Dungeons, even with the Action prefix, must have a story. Well, or something.

In our case it’s about saving the magical realm of an arch rogue – once an ordinary man who first insulted the whole world, then found an ancient artifact and became an evil sorcerer. Our task is to stop the arch rogue and his hordes of monsters.

In fact, at this point, about 5 minutes into the game, the whole story ends. After that, the players only have to wait for a few introductory suggestions before starting the next mission and a short description of the places they have to visit.

World, articles and surveys

The missions themselves and the resulting locations in Minecraft dungeons are few – just 9, with the exception of a few secret missions that you can open by replaying. On average, the zone takes 3-5 hours – depending on the level of complexity chosen for the task and your luck.

In the first case it is more or less clear: The higher the complexity of the mission, the denser the crowd, the greater the damage and the longer the mission. But on the other hand, it’s a little more complicated…

The fact that in this game the complexity is represented by six levels: from the first, the easiest, to the sixth, the most difficult.

So each mission has its own minimum difficulty level, and as you progress through the story this minimum difficulty level increases. If you can control the starting locations on the first difficulty level, you’ll have to fight the last enemy on the fifth or sixth level anyway.

But that doesn’t seem like a big problem at first glance, because Minecraft Dungeons seems to be an extremely simple game.

You can easily cope with enemies and get lots of loot, so you increase your level quickly: the health of your character is affected by his level, and other indicators affect your equipment. Therefore, the higher your equipment level, the easier it is to kill enemies and survive in battle with the armies of the archer.

However, once you get past the halfway point in the game, you’ll have to face the fact that your equipment level is no longer sufficient to complete missions, even with the minimum level of complexity allowed.

That’s where your luck comes, as new equipment can fall from both killed enemies and containers that you can buy at the Crystal Hub – a game currency that you can get by killing enemies or collecting to level.

There are two types of containers in the dungeons: one for weapons and armor, the other for magical objects. At the same time, the chances of obtaining quality equipment in itself are extremely low, although they are related to the level of the figure.

So if you need an axe on a certain level, just because you get it by opening even 50 safes doesn’t mean you get it. The result is an ongoing transition to a casino poker game from Casinonic: The result is completely random.

But even here you don’t pay attention to the beginning and experience different moves in peace, because Minecraft Dungeons has no lessons, and all the hero’s skills are only related to his equipment.

But if you choose the construction that best suits your playing style, or when it comes to very difficult tasks, all experimentation fades away. The level of equipment and user-friendliness are both important here.

Minecraft Dungeons Review •

Of course you can go back to the old places and start growing crystals to open more crates and finally get the coveted weapons and armor. If you don’t want to crack, get ready for a rather difficult isometric action game where the hero is killed in a few moves and the battles turn into a hit-roll.

Difficulty Level, Gameplay and Character Gradient

It turns out that newcomers unfamiliar with the Minecraft Dungeons genre want to recommend a low entry level, but over time the game becomes either challenging or very complex, and it is unlikely that unprepared players will be ready.

Fans of the genre in turn can easily get confused by the roulette of the local casinos, which fundamentally affects the way you play the game. If you don’t let yourself be deterred from taking the game to the next level and you seem to be okay with shredding resources, the game may open up for you on the other side.

Apart from a strange development – and after a slightly broken difficulty curve – Minecraft Dungeons is a highly addictive crawler dungeon with a dynamic and highly addictive combat system and procedural location generation, so you can immerse yourself in the game for up to a dozen hours.

Minecraft Dungeons Review •

And then there are a few dozen that go to even higher levels of difficulty, which open after the first end of the game.

The action itself is very simple and is linked to just three buttons, which are responsible for hitting, archery or crossbow shooting and throwing. But behind this conscious simplicity lies a depth. Each weapon has up to three slots with bonuses that can be unlocked and upgraded for special points.

Each weapon has its own bonuses and is very different: accelerated attacks and increased damage to burning enemies and lightning strikes.

In addition to the standard weapons in the hero’s arsenal, there are three slots for magical artifacts that allow you to quickly and efficiently deal with large groups of enemies, or heal or assist a wolf, llama or iron golem in battle.

The battles in the game are quite fast and often with quite large groups of opponents. In addition to the usual mafia, Minecraft Dungeons has minivans and bosses where players must develop tactics to make the battle smoother.

Incidentally, I would also like to praise the initiators for their locations, or rather for their artistic design. The 9 biomes have a unique visual style and a great work of art, unless you’re ashamed of Minecraft’s cube style.

Red stone mines and fire forges, which seem to have left the pages of the series Lord of the Rings and Hobbit, are the highlights of this visual feast. The first was clearly inspired by the mines of Moriah and the second by the lonely mountain.


Minecraft Dungeons is a good game, which is unfortunately hard to recommend. The local procedure for removing equipment from the vaults was too controversial. But if it doesn’t scare you, you can give the project a chance.

However, we don’t often see high-quality action RPGs in the Diablo style. So if you’re a fan of the genre – Minecraft Dungeons for you!

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