15 Underrated Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching –

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

Charizard. Blasiken. Incineruar. Uh-oh. The Fire type contains some of the most popular Pokémon in the entire franchise.

But if you look at this list, you’ll notice a common theme: They are all beginners or legends.

There are many other Fire-type Pokémon that fall completely asleep, simply because it’s better to catch them early – or they’ll be hanging out in a cave alone somewhere!

So what kind of forgotten fire would be a solid option to fill that burning hole in your heart? We’ll find out.

15. Galaranian-Darmanite Zen Mode

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

Anyone who has played Sword and Shield knows the destructive power of Galactic Darmanite.

Few Pokémon can survive a Darmanitan hit, thanks to their massive attack stats and Gorilla Tactics skill.

But it’s cold! What is it doing on this list?

With Galarian Darmanitan’s other ability, Zen Mode, it becomes the first Ice/Fire Pokémon.

Not only that, but this thing is already fantastic offensively and speed gets even better, going to 160 and 135 respectively.

Use the belly drum to get there, and you’ll see one of the strongest Pokémon in the game.

The Darmanitian Galariaan with his gorilla tactics is justifiably popular. But you’d be crazy to ignore Zen mode.

The only reason this evil snowman isn’t higher is because he’s already very good. People know the Galarian Darmanitana.

But give Zen mode a chance!

14. Rotomold

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

Rotom has one of the coolest tricks in all of Pokémon: a spirit that grabs different household items to get different double-types.

And while Rotom-Wash gets the most attention, Rotom-Heat is just as useful.

Rotom-Heat has a unique fire/electric type that cancels out his quadruple weakness to land-type attacks with the amazing ability to levitate.

It also has excellent coverage with overheating and many electrical type attacks.

All of this perfectly complements his fantastic defense and special stats, making Rotom-Heat one of the best Pokémon you can use (in competition and in game).

Not to mention that the Rotom-Heat is literally a microwave with oven mitts. Delicious.

13. Hammers

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

Okay, I started out saying no captions. But I must break the rules for Moultres.

Among the legendary birds, Moltres has always been considered evil.

And that’s really not fair!

There have been a lot of changes that have really helped Moltres be competitive.

He got Mystic Fire to add to his already impressive base of 125 special attacks. And he had Burning Sands, which gave him good cover.

But the best thing that can happen to Moltres is a pair of tough boots.

This device prevents you from entering your Pokémon. This means that Stealth Rocks no longer require half of Moltres’ health.

Yes, there are other types of flies/flies that are much more noticeable – like Charizard or Talonflame.

But Moltres deserves to be considered in the same way.

12. Simicir

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

Simsir is one of the most hated Pokémon of all time.

And I can see why.

It’s not that great and it’s pretty ugly.

Still, he’s on this list because I learned a fun fact during my research.

Simsir is better than Rapidash.

Yes, Rapidash is faster. Yes, Rapidash has a better attack. Yes, Rapidash is an incredible flaming unicorn.

But Simisear is actually a decent SWAT player with good speed who gets Nasty Plot, a move that increases his special attack by 2.

Simisear is also much more useful in games because you can usually get to it much sooner.

Many people hate Simsir, but you can’t deny its usefulness.

11. Flaron

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

Many consider the Flaron to be the weakest of all the Eeveelutions, due to its low speed and weak defense.

However, he has access to two amazing skills and a fantastic special attack and defense. This makes Flareon an excellent choice in any Pokémon game.

His first ability is Lightning Fire, which gives Florion immunity to Fire-type attacks. The second skill is Guts, which boosts Flaeron’s attack when he can.

Combine that with Toxic Orb, and you get a monstrous 195 attack value.

Flareon also offers great advancement opportunities!

A charge of flame can increase Flaeron’s terrible speed while dealing some STAB damage. And while the curse slows Flaeron down, it raises his weak defense and stun attack to the same level, making him even stronger.

Flaron may not be the best. But it’s far from bad.

10. Magmortar

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

One of the best things about the fourth generation is that a lot of forgotten Pokémon that didn’t have an evolution got one anyway.

Some were excellent, like Elektivir.

Some weren’t (Licky).

And some have forgotten, like Magmortar.

Magmortar looks a lot like Magmar, but is thicker.

He has become slightly slower, slightly larger, and much stronger with a special base attack of 125.

In fact, this is exactly what the Magmar line needed to stay relevant. Well, at least for Diamond and Pearl.

9. Turtonator

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

As I learned in my ranking of underrated water rats, Shell Smash is a great catch.

But if you thought only Water Pokémon could use it, you’re wrong.

Turtonator is a defensive wall with terrible speed and a decent special teams attack.

It has good coverage with Dragon and Fire pressure, but once you use Shell Smash with White Herb, you suddenly have a fast power that can hit anything!

But if that’s not enough, you can also use great defensive moves with Rapid Spin and the signature Shell Trap Turtonator move.

Seriously, this big guy is much more complete than he looks.

8. Centiscorch

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

Centiskorch is one of the great new features of Sword and Shield.

And while Pokémon with their x4 weakness to rock types are easy to ignore, Centiskorch more than holds its own.

Centiskorch is already the weedman’s worst nightmare because of moves like fire whip and leech life.

He doesn’t have to be afraid of most types of rocks, however, as he has Power Whip, a grassy move with a base strength of 120.

He can shoot down defensive walls like Golem and Riperior with ease.

Centiskorch also gains an impressive Gigantamax form that gives it access to a G-Max Centiferno move, which catches enemy Pokémon (such as Fire Slingshot), but does not release if the Pokémon turns away.

This can be a great way to catch enemy Pokémon that you need to eliminate as quickly as possible.

Next time you play Sword and Shield, give it a try.

7. Campert

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

Poor Camerupt.

Your dual pressure of fire and earth means that any water attack will destroy you instantly …..

But people don’t realize how offensive this man is.

The combination of Fire and Earth attacks allows Camerupt to hit nearly half of all Pokémon, inflicting super-effective damage.

And with a high attack and a special attack, he can do this as a mixed attack and really surprise the opponent.

But the real joy comes from his mega-evolution.

The Mega-Camerupt is a strong, but slow, volcanic camel.

His attack, special attack, defense, and special defense are all above 100.

That means it can take a beating when you’re doing the dishes. And with Sheer Force, that means all of Mega Camerupt’s moves will hit even harder.

Yeah, a well-placed burn will destroy this thing. But honestly, I don’t think Maxi used this Pokémon all the time.

6. Salazzle

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

Salazzle is one of the many awesome Pokémon added to Sun and Moon.

Although the statistics of this sensual Salamander suggest that it is a special sweeper (alliteration!), it is his unique ability that makes Salazzle stand out.

With Corrosion, Salazzle can poison Steel-type Pokémon, which can be huge.

As long as you don’t leave it up against something like Aggron or Bastiodon, you could surprise them.

If you anticipate that your opponent will switch Pokémon, or if they assume you will, it can completely overwhelm them and decide the battle in your favor.

Even without that, Salazzle is incredibly fast and hits very hard.

It absolutely deserves your attention.

5. Alolan Marovac

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

Interacting with the Marowak Spirit in Lavender City is one of the best parts of any Pokémon game.

What if you really did have a Marovac ghost?

Well, you can finally meet Alolan Marovac.

With a cool/fire spirit, Alolan Marovac has a formidable physical attack.

Although his stats make him look more like a defensive utility Pokémon, Thick Club’s uniqueness doubles Marowak’s attack.

This means moves like Shadow Bone, Bonemarang, and Flare Blitz hit very hard.

But that’s not all!

Alolan Marovac also has the Lightning ability, which means it has 3 immunities!

Combine this spectral fire dancer with Trick Room, and your opponent won’t know what hit them.

4. Magmar

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

Since Magmortar is a 4th level thing. The people have forgotten Magmar.

Even in the generation he debuted in, Magmar was overlooked behind others like Arkanin, Rapidash, and Ninety.

However, if you opt for a fire duck with a pole on its forehead, you will not be disappointed.

First, it is slightly faster than its advanced counterpart.

And even though his special attack is not as high, the base of 100 is still very good!

Combine this with a selection of specifications, and you have the dreaded Special Sweeper.

If you play Pokémon Gold or Silver, Magmar is probably your best choice for the Fire-type if you haven’t already chosen Cyndaquil.

He’s a little slower than Rapidash, Arcanine, and Ninetales, but nothing beats his special attack.

3. Arcanine

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

Arcanine has always been a popular pup.

Arcanine was classified as a legendary Pokémon and in the anime gave the impression of being one of the most dangerous Pokémon in the world.

But, as we know, this is not entirely true.

When he started, moves like Fire were something special. And Arkanin’s stats weren’t great in his mediocre 80s either.

Also, his low overall strength and shallow movement pool make Arcanine much less intimidating than he could have been.

But Arkanin shines as a Pokémon enthusiast.

With access to the Intimidation ability and moves like Grunt, Breath, and Teleport (seriously?), Arcanin could be the perfect Pokémon to set your team apart.

2. Houndoom

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

From one mastiff to another, Houndoom was always in Arcane’s shadow.

However, now it was time for the demon dog to shine.

Because Houndoom is an underrated beast!

This hellhound has a decent speed of 95 and an awesome special attack of 110.

This is clearly a more special Pokémon than Arcanin. But it’s also a response to the mediums.

With Fire Blast, Dark Impulse, and Nasty Plan buffs, Houndoom is an absolute nightmare (for your opponents).

But what really makes Houndoom awesome is his mega-evolution.

In this case, Houndoom’s decent speed and special attack become incredible at 115 and 140 degrees respectively.

To be honest, Houndoom is a beast of a Pokémon, and it deserves much more credit than it gets.

1. Coal

Fire-Type Pokémon That Are Worth Catching

Rock and Fire is often considered the worst double type.

As a result, trainers are quick to dismiss these Pokémon as useless. But it would be a mistake to sleep on Coulossal.

The Coalossal Steam Engine skill maximizes the user’s speed when hit by a Water-type attack.

Combine that with the Weakness Policy, a feature that boosts your attack and special attack if you get hit with a super effective move, and you suddenly have a formidable cleaner.

While this may seem dangerous due to Coalossal’s quadruple weakness to water, don’t worry! That’s what Gigantamax is for.

This can double your Pokémon’s HP and give Coalossal access to G-Max’s Vocalith move, which essentially activates a Rock-type fire-spitter.

In this way, the living furnace becomes very dangerous and has a lot of cover with access to stone, fire, earth and grass-like movements.

Execute this double-team strategy with one of your Pokémon that has a weak water move like Aqua-Jet, and you’ll destroy your opponent.

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