New Overwatch PTR Patch comes with Nerfs and Changes to Brigitte

Brigitte was announced this week and went Live on the Overwatch PTR for testing. Quite some bugs were found by players pretty soo however, in combination with some interesting mechanics. With​ the newest build on the PTR, alot of the bugs are going to be fixed. She might even get some new voice lines along the way.

Changes for Brigitte on the PTR:

  • You can no longer effectively anim skip Brigitte’s melee attack by raising her shield.
  • You can no longer deploy her shield while using emotes.
  • Her shield correctly disappears while emoting.
  • She doesn’t seem to gain as much height while shield bashing as she did before. (Stays on the ground more like Genji swiftstrike or Doomfist’s punch)
  • She can now correctly hit enemies behind low cover (Which caused the hitbox bug in the corner of the practice range)
  • Seems like you can sweep attack more consistently (similar to Rein & Genji blade).
  • Pressing melee attack now causes her to swing like using primary fire. (This was not a thing the first time Brigitte was up on the PTR, so I assume this is the second patch we have had on the PTR, and the V for melee was added in the first)

In the past, we’ve seen plenty of other new heroes getting nerfed before they hit the live servers. In Brigitte’s case, I don’t think anyone will disagree with the changes she’s receiving. Now, I’ll be off playing and testing her some more myself! How about you?

  • March 3, 2018
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