Introduction to the Biggest PUBG Competition: PUBG Global Championship

Introduction to the Biggest PUBG Competition

Gamers anticipate November, 2023. It’s the time when PUBG Corporation launches its biggest event: PGC. But what’s special about it? Let’s dive deep into it and learn its essence in this article.

PGC History

PUBG was released in 2018. Quickly, gamers acknowledged the game’s competitive potential and started to train hard. The industry has supported their efforts.

On April 24th, PUBG Corp. announced the PUBG Global Invitational, which is yet the biggest event. It occurred in July at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin. An event has featured 20 teams from 11 regions fighting for the prize pool of $2,000,000.

But in 2019, the Global Invitational name had to be changed. PUBG Corp. has renamed the event into the familiar PUBG Global Championship, expanding the number of teams to 32 and introducing new regional rules. An organization has added 9 more competitions. By participating in them, players were gaining points to lead their way into the PGC.

Starting from 2020, PGC has found its final shape. Now, the event features just 16 teams and has a new format, which we’ll discuss soon. Moreover, the qualification has changed. Now, 4 top teams from the Global Series are automatically invited into the PGC. The rest is determined through annual ranking.

PUBG Global Championship 2023

In 2023, PGC takes place in Bangkok. The event starts on November 18 and finishes on December 03. Unexpectedly, there will be 32 teams again.

Introduction to the Biggest PUBG Competition

Within 3 stages, teams will fight for a $2,000,000 prize pool in Squads FPP games. The winner takes $600,000. However, all the competitors take a prize of at least $10,000.

Event Format

The competition starts with a classic Group Stage. Beforehand, the draw divides teams into two groups, A and B. Each group has 12 matches. After they finish, the top 8 from each group go to the winner bracket and the bottom 8 to the Losers Bracket.

Next, there is a Bracket Stage divided into 3 parts. The first is the Losers Bracket. Within it, there is a competition of 16 losers from the Group Stage. They’ll have 12 matches within 2 days. 8 worst teams are eliminated from the tournament, while 8 leaders go to the Last Chance.

The second part of the Bracket Stage is the Winner’s Bracket. It also conducts 12 matches. Based on their results, the top 8 teams go to the Grand Finals, and the rest proceed to the Last Chance.

During the Last Chance, the previously mentioned teams fight for their chance to enter the Grand Finals. It takes 12 matches. After their end, the top 8 teams proceed to the next stage, while the rest are eliminated.

From now on, the Grand Finals start. 18 matches will determine the winner of the entire tournament. The last 3 days. It’s the most exciting and anticipated part of the event. And frankly, the most profitable to bet on.

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PGC Offline Features

In Bangkok. PGC takes place in the Convention Centre (BBC Hall). It’s an immense building. It indeed has a ton of seats to pack PUBG fans from all around the world.

Introduction to the Biggest PUBG Competition

Tickets for the events are available for free at its site. Thus, if you’re fast enough, you don’t even have to pay for spectating PGC from its arena! But that’s just for the first 2 stages.

Starting from November 22, you can purchase Grand Finals tickets through the event’s site. But you aren’t paying for mere spectating. Supposedly, there will be additional events for viewers’ entertainment.

PGC Online

However, PUBG Corp. knows that not everyone will attend the Bangkok to watch a tournament. Thus, they facilitate online viewing conditions. You can watch the event’s cast on Twitch according to the official schedule.

But if you’re late on the stream, don’t worry. You can always find a Twitch replay. Or search YouTube for recorded matches or even their highlights.

Why Should You Watch PGC

If you’re excited about the battle royale format, you must watch PGC. First of all, due to the PUBG’s diversity. The game brings in lots of variety with its huge map, arsenal choice, vehicles, and random factors. Each match is a unique adventure.

And now, consider that the world’s best PUBG players are in these conditions. That’ll be amazing! Grab your popcorn, turn on the stream, and expect some of the craziest outplays at the PGC.

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