Advantage of Having Cementing Paste

Advantage of Having Cementing Paste

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Ark: Survival Evolved is a game that requires survivors to work together in order to survive. Doing things like hunting, gathering materials and building structures are the primary goals of the game.

Other than all these tasks, there is also keeping your equipment in top condition. Having to use an item over and over again makes them lose value; especially when they get damaged often.

For this reason, you should consider making cementing paste.

What is cementing paste and what are its advantages in Ark: Survival Evolved?

Cementing paste is a material in Ark: Survival Evolved that is used to create structures, such as fences and bridges.

It can also be used to tame dinosaurs. One of the main advantages of cementing paste is that it provides protection against the elements. It can keep survivors warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

It can also protect them from the rain and snow. Cementing paste is also necessary to create bridges between islands, which allows survivors to have access to resources that are not available on their current island.

How do I acquire it?

The easiest way to acquire this item is to go up against the mountain next to the volcano near the coast where you spawn.

You will find a large number of rocks. You can break these to acquire stone. Further up the mountain, you will find obsidian which is used to make tools and weapons.

Next, go southeast toward the redwood forest to the swamp area. Here you should be able to find clay nodes that are covered in blue crystals. If you break these, it will create the material needed to make cementing paste.

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How do I use it?

Once you have all of the materials for this item, go back to wherever your home is located. Open up the structure menu and place down whatever you want to create made out of cementing paste.

Make sure you left-click on one of these items that you want to create and it should tell you what material is required to make this item.

This information will be displayed in the bottom right corner of your screen. You must have this much or more in order to craft the cementing paste structure.

Finally, select how many units you wish to create out of the structure from the menu on top of where you put down the cementing paste materials.

After you have selected how many to create, confirm this information in order to actually begin creating these items.

How to make cementing paste

In order to make cementing paste, you will need the following materials:

1 unit of stone

1 unit of obsidian

1 unit of clay

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Once you have all of these materials, follow these steps:

Use the materials to create a kiln. You can do this by selecting the “Create Structure” option in your inventory and then choosing the “Kiln” option.

Place the kiln down on the ground and then light it with a fire-starter tool.

Once it is lit, place the stone, obsidian, and clay inside the kiln.

Wait for the kiln to finish burning the materials and then select “Cementing Paste” from the crafting menu.

Place the created cementing paste into your inventory and then select “Use” from the Equipped Items menu.

Left click on a structure that you want to create out of cementing paste and then place it down in order to use this item.


After having cementing paste you will be able to create structures that are resistant to the weather.

This will make their usefulness last longer and make you better prepared for a harsh environment.



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