Destinys musical prequel released, 5 years later

As reported in this reddit post, its a leak so listen while you can.

It was not just scriptwriter Joe Staten who got his work exchanged in the first Destiny but also composer Marty O’Donnell. His vision that the music should act as its own prehistory to the game itself never became real after Bungie decided to replace his works in a trailer without his approval, which started a bitter sweep that eventually ended in a court.

Therefore, “Music of the Spheres” was never released, an eight-part long prequel that would introduce the players to the soundtrack they would later experience in the game. Fans have been trying to recreate parts of the past five years, but during Christmas the full version has been leaked and can be heard on both Soundcloud and Youtube. How long they remain there is of course unclear.

Check the reddit post for more info

  • December 29, 2017
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