Bungie reveals Destiny 2 update Roadmap

Bungie has unveiled a roadmap detailing the developments for the next three months of Destiny 2.

Bungie has published the complete roadmap through their website. On this map we see all plans that the developer has for the game and what they are currently working on. At the moment Bungie is still working on all content and the exact data of releases can therefore still be changed.



The first update will be available on February 27th and will add a score tracker, adjustments for emblems and auras and the possibility to see your Fireteam on the map. Public text chat for the PC, less same exotics and the possibility to modify your Companion and add shaders.

There’s also an extra goal created that gives unique Nightfall strike rewards, but Bungie is not sure if it will be in the February 27 update.

The update after that has to be released on 27 March and the update will take place somewhere in May. Striking highlights are a six to six option for Iron Banner, weekly Crucible playlists, Eater of Worlds prestige mode, seasonal Crucible ranking, private matches and exotic masterworks.

  • February 2, 2018
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