The Most Useless Sports

The Most Useless Sports

Not all sports are good for the body. Some exist just for fun. In such competitions, the main thing for athletes is not to win, but to participate in PR. And some of the disciplines can be called athletic with a stretch, and then due to the spirit of competition between athletes.

Naked Soccer

A sport found in America and Canada. It exists only in the women’s league of American soccer. The essence of the competition is that the girls compete against each other according to the classic rules of soccer in the United States, but in an attractive outfit. More precisely, in its almost total absence. Some perform in their underwear. Others wear pajamas or tight athletic shorts.

In the beginning, when the competition was just gaining popularity, the competitors wore no other clothes. But three years later, the judges took a more responsible approach to safety. And now the “naked female players” are required to wear protective equipment – helmet, knee pads, chest brace.

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The Most Useless Sports


This is the name of a special kind of soccer in Central Asia, where players use the heads of dead domestic animals instead of the ball. Usually – goats or rams.

The reason for such a strange choice of sports equipment is simple. For some people who live in the mountains and villages, the purchase of expensive sports accessories was not available. But they wanted to play soccer, so the local inventors decided to use an alternative.

The heads of dead animals were cleaned of meat, and lined with leather to give a round anatomical shape. Then the created ball was lightly sanded so that it would not slip.

The rules of Buzkashi are almost identical to those of English soccer. Teams compete with each other, using homemade balls. The task is to hit the opponent’s goal, without giving up the initiative in the game.

The modern interpretation of buzkashi differs from that played by the ancestors. The pastime itself is popular in Afghanistan, where competitions in the sport are regularly held.

The new format of the game involves racing horses. Several teams are competing against each other for the right to win the race. But the team’s task is complicated by the fact that two riders must hold the carcass of a dead animal.

If the athletes lose their load, the victory does not count. All team members must cross the finish line with the carcass of the goat intact.

Buzkashi, for all its strangeness, is also an injury-hazardous sport. It’s easy for riders to lose coordination while holding a goat. In addition, the competition often leads to clashes between gamblers.

Cheese Race

The second name is the Cooperhisld competition. They are held in England, in the town of Cotswold. The task of the participants was to go down the hill with a head of cheese, and then follow its example.

The Most Useless Sports

During the competition, given the large angle of the hill, the participants are constantly falling and flying down the hill. The winner is the one who reaches the finish line first with his cheese head.

Given the high risk of injury, only adults can take part in the competition. The winner receives a set of cheese for the year, as well as a symbolic cash prize.


An extreme type of entertainment, which requires special equipment. More precisely, the shoes – sneakers with a transverse depression on the surface.

Jibbing players do nothing but descend stair rails. Only sturdy metal ladder handles are used to participate in the fun because they glide well and can support the weight of an adult.

To improve the dynamics, some jibbers lubricate the railing with oil or a special compound that provides a stronger glide. However, they do not officially compete with each other.

The greatest authority in jibbing is the athlete who managed to pass the longest distance the fastest. In addition, extreme lovers judge how spectacular the descent was.

The downside of jibbing is that it is partly a street subculture. And not all countries approve of such entertainment for young people, so some jibbers are forced to hide in abandoned municipal buildings to practice their favorite sport.

Pumpkin Swim

The unusual regatta has been held in Nova Scotia for 15 years. The competition is humorous and involves navigating an 800-meter course using a pumpkin grown for the regatta.

To keep the homemade float on the surface, athletes place inflatable rubber elements inside. Oars and other tools that improve rowing speed are allowed.

The Most Useless Sports

The winner is the one who managed to reach the finish line first. Previously, before the simplified rules, no athlete was able to do this. But with the permission to use means to keep the pumpkin on the surface, the rowers’ goal became more feasible.

Bed Race

The competition began back in 1965. And their progenitors were the American military. There are legends that in this way the leadership punished the guilty soldiers, forcing them to take part in a mock sport. The first participants moved heavy iron beds, which made the race spectacular, but physically exhausting.

In 2022, the rules were much softer. From a punishment, the race on the beds grew into entertainment that all fans of fun semi-sport competitions would like.

The rules are simple: before the start of the race, there is a registration of participants. Performers can be those who provide a propulsion device – a bed on wheels. Its size may be any. The main thing is not to use artificial means of increasing speed (motors, gas pedals).

A team of 7 players can take part. One must be on the bed during the race, and 6 must push it until the “transport” crosses the finish line. The one who comes first wins.

Shrovetide Soccer

The second name is the Royal. Entertainment is common in Ashbourne, United Kingdom. It can not be called a sport as such but can be attributed to the fun competition.

The essence of Shrovetide soccer is to reach the ball. The referee throws it to the crowd of participants, the task of each of whom is to touch the cherished trophy, at least by the tip of the finger.

Of course, when the competition involves more than 3,000 people, it is almost impossible to verify the fairness of the conditions. But in Ashbourne, it is believed that those who touch the ball for a year will be lucky. In addition, successful participation in the game is a sign of agility and dexterity.


This is a sport that combines intellectual and combat sports. Based on the name it is clear that the players here are competing in a duel in the ring and on the chessboard.

Rounds alternate with each other. After participants have spent a few minutes at the chessboard, they go to find out who’s the best, in the ring.

The competition is quite long. In the absence of knockouts or “checkmate” in the intellectual discipline, the duel can go on for 11 rounds. But in most cases, it ends early. And not always the game is won predominantly by the boxers.

The Most Useless Sports

The Race With The Wives on The Shoulders

An alternative name is a Finnish race. It refers to the number of playful types of sports and consists of the fact that the men must overcome 250 meters, carrying their wives on their shoulders.

Girls hang in an unusual position – head down, grasping the neck and chest of the spouse. The first couple to finish wins.

Given the playfulness of the competition, the prize for the winners is appropriate. The best married couple receives a set of beer, the weight of which corresponds to the weight of the wife dragged by her sporty spouse.

Ferret in Pants

This kind of sport is quite strange. And it requires not so much skill as patience from the participants.

Applications for competitions are submitted mainly by men. And the one who has the ferret in his pants the longest wins. And not just one, but two animals at once.

Using two pets is not accidental. One ferret can be quiet, and then the game loses its spectacularity. But two active animals in a confined space are unlikely to feel comfortable. And their antics brighten up the competition, but also make the participants uncomfortable.

Despite the risks, some kept the ferret in their pants for 5 hours. That was the record set by the previous winner of the competition.

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