How To Properly Setup A Record Player And A Gaming PC In One Corner

Music and gaming are two different things. However, it is difficult for one to exist without the other. 

Without music, a game may be dull and ineffective. It’s another profit opportunity to miss, and no sane producer would let it pass.

On the other hand, eliminating games from the picture would be a big loss for the entertainment industry. Video games contribute a great chunk of sales, particularly in vinyl records.

If you’re into gaming and can’t get over the classical music that helped you set the mood for battling, having a record player beside your gaming setup is a great idea. 

Yet, one can’t just purchase a table wide enough to accommodate both pieces of equipment. This collaboration is easier said than done because of possible problems that may arise if you fail to think it through.

Here are the hows in setting up a record player and a gamer’s battle station in one corner.

Know What You Need

Many people spend ridiculous amounts of money only to realize that the setup they have in mind isn’t possible. Before you make investing a reason for splurging in random vinyl stuff you’ll encounter, create a list and wonder if they’ll work together.

If you plan to listen through a different apparatus, you’ll need a preamp. Apart from this device, we will mention more accessories to help you achieve the best listening experience through a vinyl record player, so take notes.

Turntable And Computer Setup

One reason why you’ll want the record player to sit beside your gaming station is that you’ll like them to be connected. For owners of standard types, you’ll need a preamp.

If you haven’t bought a turntable, we suggest getting the USB type so that you won’t need a standalone preamp.

Whatever you got, there are specific step-by-step procedures for connecting a turntable to a PC.

Levelling Your Turntable

Connecting the turntable to PC is not the end of it all. Without proper arrangements, you’ll encounter pesky issues like unwanted vibration stemming out of an unlevelled record player.

Isolation platforms keep these record playback problems to a minimum. The good brands provide models with adjustable feet and a wide array of sizes to choose from. 

You also need to make sure it won’t move whenever you are in an earth-shaking raid with your team.

Grounding Your Turntable

Due to many equipment pieces involved, particularly with turntables having no built-in preamp, grounding issues are likely to happen. They produce annoying humming sounds, which you could prevent with a properly grounded setup.

Make sure that everything is off and unplugged to prevent accidents. Next, find your turntable’s grounding wire and connect it to the amplifier’s grounding terminal. Lastly, tighten the attachment with moderate force.

Turntable Maintenance

Keep your record player at optimum performance with a dirt-free surface and stylus. Wipe your vinyl records before and after use. Also, you need to check your cartridge for accumulated grime which could damage your discs.

Have replacement styli ready if cleaning is no longer enough. You don’t need to burn a fortune on this accessory as there are decent and reasonably priced parts like the Nagaoka turntable cartridges.

Improving Your Turntable Setup

In time, you might like to inject some enhancements into your new setup. Some of the few upgrades to consider are the following:

  • Invest in a high-end turntable for improved sound and more sophisticated aesthetics.
  • Get a headphone preamp.
  • Buy a receiver for more digital playback options.
  • Upgrade your amp so you can connect your turntable to hi-fi speakers.
  • Upgrade your speakers to higher-quality sound.
  • Customize your turntable accessories with gaming references
  • Fill the feature wall with 8-bit LED lights and other retro stuff

Entertainment Corner Design

If you only have a corner for the entire setup, there are plenty of geeky room ideas to get inspiration from. Use floating desks instead of a bulky desk table with enough length and width to accommodate the turntable and your gaming PC setup.

Invest in a built-in rack for your records and turntable accessories, or use tall cabinets. If you want to bring everything into your bedroom, switch to a loft-type bed so you can add more features to the space below. This area should be enough to house a massive gaming and music collection.

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