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Some time ago, I was inspired to create a portable magnetic game screen that could be used for board games. Because this idea was more for the master of the game on the road than for the player at home. What I needed was a screen where I could take several notes and throw the dice for nothing. But I wanted it to be as functional as possible and always look good on the table.

Execution of the game screen

I asked Foster Leathercraft to help me put my idea into practice. The result was the decoration of a game screen in the style of a leather wallet with a magnetic back and index card inserts. Honestly, I can’t be more impressed with the final product. It was an absolute joy to see it grow. For several months now, Foster Leathercraft and I have been discussing progress and obstacles in creating game screens. The idea was quite simple, it would have been economically more difficult to implement than we had expected. We soon learned how to cut and install durable panels for the game screen, which was the hardest part of the design. Cutting the steel plates was not only quiet, but also expensive. After numerous knife fractures, Foster has developed the technology to cut steel sheets at an affordable price. After he overcame it, he created a prototype in a very short time.

Finished product

The game screen itself is nothing more than a work of art. This is first-class craftsmanship. Their appearance will only improve if they are used as age skin. Given the nature of the sessions, the months and years of play he will see. The work is done in the style of the first edition of the large books of D&D. It also complements the art of dice, whatever it does. It is therefore nice to look at the table decor at every game session. The screen itself is just over 16 inches long and shyly 5 inches high. Make it big for some pockets, but actually only a little bigger than my more folded iPhone. So it’s perfect for me to travel. I use a pair of magnetic discs to keep the game screen closed when not in use. It was amazing, but a little smaller than my first plan. Initially I wanted 4×6 inch plugs as screen size. But with a finished wallet in my hand, I now think it would be too big.

In table

When it comes to games, the space in the design is not first class. However, with flat rare earth disk magnets I keep my wallet cover closed. I can put twenty, three out of five cards in my wallet and close them safely without spending them.

How will I use it?

I divide my sessions into three acts. Each act has several cards with notes on the course of the game. I take care of things by putting each of these files in the right box, from left to right, in the competition bag. If I use this method between my notes and my phone or iPad, I can do what I need to do during the game.

I also discovered this by using magnets. I also have the option of attaching a Paizo image card to the game screen to give more depth to the role-playing game. Allow my players to add faces to the NPCs they meet. This is a great advantage when travelling. With the convention your players will need all the help they can get, they will remember who they met. I look forward to this year’s MACE conference to show my friends and fellow players this breathtaking wallet screen. If you think a portable screen is as good as me and you want one yourself. Call my friend Fosters Leathercraft and let him know it must be for you too!

Here we go:

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