The Best Dragon-Type Pokemon From All Generations

In the Pokemon franchise, you have to pick a starter and three other Pokemon to journey with you through the game, and often the choice of what type of Pokemon you get is based on a few factors. But there are different types of kinds of Pokemon out there. What type of Pokemon are the best? Let’s find out!

Some pokemon are perfect for their respective types, while others just don’t have it. For every Pokemon that is a force to be reckoned with, there is another that you don’t want to face in battle. Well, here is a list of the best Dragon-type Pokemon from all generations, including the most powerful Dragon-type Pokemon in each generation.

The Dragon-type in Pokemon is the most powerful type in the game, barring some legendary Pokemon. So far, its only ever been brought out by three generations of monsters: Generation I, Generation II, and Generation III. Generation IV brought out a bunch of powerful Dragon Pokemon, including Dragons dancing with their female counterparts, the Dragon Pokémon. Generation V brought back the Dragon type, and when the reveal trailer for Gen VI came out, it showed off a new Dragon-type addition with the Dragon typing. Which Pokemon fits the Dragon-type the best?

Dragons have long attracted the attention of many cultures around the world and are part of many legends, and the Pokemon universe is no exception.

Although the representation of Dragon-type Pokémon does not match the way human culture describes these mythical creatures, they remain one of the most sought-after Pokémon types in the franchise.

From a practical standpoint, the dragon type advantage can be considered a shortcoming, as dragon type techniques are only super effective against their own kind. On the other hand, they compensate this disadvantage with high overall statistical performance and resistance to common types of movement such as fire, grass, electricity and water.

Some of them can even take a few hits from their weaknesses, techniques like ice, fairy and steel, so they can defend themselves.

Majestic, wise, destructive and mysterious. Dragons come in many shapes and sizes, each with an advantage over the other. But not all Pokémon are the same.

Here are our top ten Dragon-Type Pokémon from generation I to VIII.

1. Fly Screen


The Best Dragon-Type Pokemon From All Generations

A Pokémon that is not only a dragon, but also has the ability to play on the ground was introduced in Generation III: Flygon. Despite the fact that its statistical power seems relatively low compared to the other Dragon types on this list, Flygon is a popular choice in the competitive scene due to its wide range of tricks to use different strategies.

Although his type makes him very vulnerable to ice attacks, Flygon can learn techniques like flipping, which allows him to attack and retreat at the same time. Flygon learning Giga Drain is also an ace in the hole for better survivability.

2. Dragonstone

The Best Dragon-Type Pokemon From All Generations

Dratini’s evolutionary line was the only Dragon-type Pokémon in the franchise’s original release. Dragonite was considered one of the strongest Pokémon of the first generation, as there were few Pokémon at the time that could exploit its weakness.

Although subsequent generations of Pokémon have gradually supplanted the Dragonite, it remains one of the best Dragon-type options.

With high atk and good performance in other areas, Dragonite is a stable addition to any lineup.

But you have to be aware of his bad games. Ice attacks, as they are doubly effective against Dragonite and can potentially deal him a single blow. Steel-type Pokémon can also withstand Dragonite and Flight-type attacks.

Aside from these two types and Fairy-type Pokémon, Dragonite can battle any Pokémon of the same level.

3. Salinity

The Best Dragon-Type Pokemon From All Generations

Salamence is a more attack-oriented counterpart to Dragonite. Although its overall defense level is weak, it makes up for that with its firepower.

Salamence has the same draconic and flying type as Dragonite and Rayquaza, is also weak to steel and fairy attacks and can faint at the slightest touch of ice attacks. However, what makes Salamence a respectable opponent is his mega-evolution.

Salamence gets more Atk and Sp Atk on top of his already high value. It also has considerable defense, Sp Defense, and decent speed, making it one of the fastest Dragon-type Pokémon. But the extra Sp Def in this form still doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get hit by strong ice attacks.

3. Altaria

The Best Dragon-Type Pokemon From All Generations

Perhaps the most intriguing of all the dragons on this list, Altaria in its basic form is another Generation III dragon and flight type.

Although their statistical numbers are the lowest on this list, what makes Altaria eligible for this list is their mega-evolution. Altaria gives up her flying ability and becomes a dragon fairy. This makes Altaria resistant to Fairy-type attacks and gives it extra advantages against Dark and Fighting types.

While this combination is a toxic weakness for Altaria, the gains are always worth more than the losses. The mega-evolution also increases Altaria’s overall attack and defense power, making it equal to powerful opponents.

Altaria is not only a formidable fighter, but can also fight Dragon-type Pokémon. While all Dragon-Type Pokémon can compete, only Altaria can do so with grace and style.

4. Garchomp

The Best Dragon-Type Pokemon From All Generations

Garchomp is a Pokémon that appears in Generation IV as the third evolution of Ghibla. Like Flygon, he is both a dragon and an earth type. However, Garchomp’s greatest strength is its high Atk value and direct attack style.

Garchomp can learn many different types of physical attacks, using its high Atk value to its advantage. With moves like Dig’s, he can attack his opponent while dodging most attacks and weather damage. But what makes Garchomp worthy of being on this list is its mega-evolution.

Garchamp’s already high Atk value increases even more in this state, making him the second most powerful physical attacker among dragon types. His weaknesses are his average defensive stats and his vulnerability to special attacks, especially double ice attacks.

However, Garchomp can learn combat techniques to deal with ice attacks, as well as Poison Jab for fairies.

5. Rayquaza

The Best Dragon-Type Pokemon From All Generations

Reikuaza, known as a Pokemon high in the sky, lived in the ozone layer for millions of years and only came down when Grudon and Kiogre needed to fight.

Rayquaza is a Legendary Pokémon that appeared in Generation III. He is also of the Dragon and Flight type, similar to Dragonite and Salamence, and has a weakness for Ice, Fairy and Steel types.

Although Rayquaza’s speed and defense are considered weak for a legendary hero, his Atk. and Sp. Atk. can be assigned to the highest level of all Pokémon. Mega Evolution increases Rayquaza’s attack power by several levels, making it the most powerful physical attack of any Pokémon, while also increasing its Sp. Atk. which is only surpassed by Mega Mewtwo Y.

6. Zekrom

The Best Dragon-Type Pokemon From All Generations

Zekrom is known as a Jet Black Pokémon of Generation V and can be considered the strongest of the Electric Type Pokémon. At the same time, it is among the top ten Dragon-type Pokémon in terms of overall strength.

Although Zekrom’s Electric Dragon type makes him vulnerable to Steel, his excellent overall stats allow him to take a series of hits against Pokémon with an Elemental advantage over him.

Most of Zekrom’s attacks are unaffected by his opponent’s abilities, and thanks to Terawolt’s ability, he can strike with full force.

7. Reshiram

The Best Dragon-Type Pokemon From All Generations

Another legendary Pokémon that appeared along with Zekrom in Generation V is the giant white Pokémon Reshiram. This Pokémon has excellent attack and defense stats, with Sp. Atk. is his main advantage.

Reshiram is both a dragon and a fire type. His affinity for fire gives him some resistance to steel and ice attacks, and covers some basic weaknesses of the dragon type.

On the other hand, Reshiram’s dragon type gives him resistance to water attacks, which is one of the disadvantages of the fire type.

As the fire counterpart of Zekrom, Reshiram also has the Turboblaze ability with the same effect as Teravolt.

8. Dialga

The Best Dragon-Type Pokemon From All Generations

Dialga is a Legendary Pokémon that appears in the fourth generation of the game. Because Dialga is both Steel and Dragon, he has one of the best synergy properties for a Dragon-type.

Its Steel-type abilities give it resistance to all Dragon-type weaknesses, as well as new resistance to eight other Pokémon types. Additionally, Dialga’s dragon type gives him resistance to gunfire.

Aside from his many resistances, Dialga’s overall performance exceeds that of standard dragon types, especially his high Sp. Atk. This makes the Dialga exceptional for both offense and defense.

9. Alternatus

The Best Dragon-Type Pokemon From All Generations

Eternatus is considered the strongest Pokémon to date and is a legendary Pokémon featured in the current Sword and Shield game.

Eternatus is a Dragon Poison type Pokémon, meaning it has both resistances and advantages against Fairy types. He also has a significant amount of HP, an excellent sp. Atk. and speed, those are the 3. Place among the fastest fliers.

The only known disadvantage is his average Atk, Def and Sp. Def. in addition to vulnerability to mental and ground attacks.

Eternatus is great, even in its basic form. However, it can still transform into the incredibly powerful Eternatus Eternamax, making it the strongest Pokémon if you look at its basic stats alone.

It is the first Pokémon to reach four digits (1125). By comparison, Mega Reyquaza, which is currently in second place, has a total stat of only 780. Even more appealing, Eternamax’s 750 stats are evenly split between defense, defense against side effects, and HP, making it an excellent candidate in those categories.


Since almost all Dragon-Type Pokémon are collectively legendary or pseudo-legendary, many more Dragon-Type Pokémon could fit into this list.

Charizard and Sceptile both deserve to be on the list. However, both Pokémon do not gain their dragon attribute until after Mega Evolution. Therefore we decided not to include them in this list.

Legendary Pokémon like Latios, Latias, and Giratina are also worth mentioning. In terms of overall statistics, they can be considered strong enough to be included. However, their type combinations have more weaknesses than advantages, making them less dangerous to more Pokémon.

In Kyurem’s case, his other form could survive the forces of Reshiram and Zekrom. However, this requires Kyurem to merge with one of them. Kyurem in its basic form is still a bit too short to be included in this list.

These are the other Dragon-type Pokémon we looked at for this list:

  • Duralodon
  • Appletun
  • Noivern
  • Commo-O
  • Goodra
  • Haxorus
  • Hydreigon
  • Dragapult
  • Drakovian
  • Dragalge

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Dragon type Pokemon is the best?

The best dragon type Pokemon is Dragonite.

Which is the most powerful legendary dragon type Pokemon?

The most powerful legendary dragon type Pokemon is the Dragonite.

Who is the fastest dragon type?

The fastest dragon type is the Dragonite.

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