Fortnite Cash Cup Prizes | Lowest Prize Pool Ever!

Epic Games has lowered the cash prizes for the Fortnite Cash Cup and fans are disappointed with this decision. What’s going on? Why Epic Games has decided to lower the prize pool in competitive mode.

We have an article about Fortnite’s lowest prize pool, the lowest silver trophies and much more.

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Last year it wasn’t good for the world at all because of the global pandemic, but it was good for the gaming community and Fortnite in particular. Epic Games has released many updates and organized many in-game events over the past year. And during these matches the players have won numerous cash prizes and trophies in competition. But this year the scene is completely turned upside down, you know why? Let’s talk.

And every time we see them drop the trophy money, we think they’re gonna put it in the FNC or something, but it literally never happens.

– benjyfishy (@benjyfishy) 10. January 2021

Epic has lowered the prices of the Fortnite Cup for competitive mode, and Fortnite fans and players are not at all satisfied. Early 2021 Epic Games announced that it would reduce the prize pool for first place in several silver cups. They also said they would announce the winners on Twitter, but does it really matter?

Why a winner would rather be promoted on Twitter than receive the prize that is most important to him or her. Epic said they would call the winner on the Twitter nickname of the best participants instead of giving money to the winner.

600 for the first time, seriously, bro, how’s it going from 3k to 600.

– Zenada (@Hanada) 10. January 2021

Fortnite is constantly updated and there is no problem, but in its current state it is no fun for players. Last year, even in a pandemic situation, they did their best and tried to give the best experience to the fans by organizing many tournaments and many players won many cash prizes.

The cash prize is now reduced to $600 from the previous level of about $3,000.

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Fortnite Cash Cup Award : Doesn’t Epic support his competitive community?

Epic has never supported a friendly policy towards rival players, and this time they have made things worse for the rivals, users are not at all happy with Epic’s behavior. They held many top-level tournaments last year, even during the pandemic, but users and fans loved it. Epic could lose specific competitors as a result of this decision.

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Fans and players are not at all happy with Epic’s decision because they have already lost interest in the game due to Epic’s policy. Cutting off the winner and blaming him was the worst thing they could do, and they did it. Fans are not shocked by this decision, but the decision of Epic Games has serious consequences for competitive players.

So it was the Fortnite Money Cup | The lowest prize pool of all time.

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We hope you enjoy our approach to the Fortnite Cash Cup Prize | Lowest Prize Pool ever.


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