Blizzard streams Overwatch-father Jeff Kaplan who does nothing but sitting in front of a open fire

Does that fire ever need new wood? Is someone going to dip those cookies in the milk? But above all: what’s the point of all this?

This is exactly what each and every one can ask himself when they open the official Overwatch livestream of today. There we see the blessed father of Blizzard’s shooting game, Jeff Kaplan, who simply stares in front of him in a Christmas decorated room. The wood crackles in the flames and the chair looks comfortable, but beyond that? There is nothing to see. Hours and hours we only see the silent ‘daddy Jeff’.

At the moment of writing, the broadcast has been going on for at least a couple of hours, with currently a good 40,000 direct viewers. In the meantime, no word has yet been spoken. Not by Kaplan, let alone by someone around the recording studio.

It is speculated that at that time he may have eaten a single biscuit, after having dipped him in the milk for at least three times.

In essence, this playful Christmas action by Blizzard is something like (among other things) whiskey distillery Lagavulin, which once put similar video material from actor Nick Offerman on the internet. The mustachioed actor, a good bottle of whiskey and a fireplace; nothing more than that. The so-called Yule Log video, a format that the Overwatch team is now clearly taking on with its own iconic figure.

In the meantime, the Winter Wonderland festivities still run on Overwatch itself. Unique and festive outfits to glean together, but also temporary game modes to try out for those who love the game.

Some of them in the Kaplan’s own Yule Log again see clues to a new Hero in the shooter. Traditionally, it could indeed be announced shortly, although Blizzard still seems to have full hands on the recently released Moira, which is still not perfectly balanced.

What do you think? Simply a long-lasting and directly broadcast joke from Blizzard, or is there more behind this striking Overwatch stream? Anyway, we already enjoy that crisp background noise, sometimes accompanied by Jeff’s uncomfortable shifts.

  • December 24, 2017
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