Opera Plans to Use YoYo Games’ Technology

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Opera is singing a different tune – and it’s one that comes with lots of potential! The web browser giant recently announced their acquisition of YoYo Games for $10 million, bringing the power of their games technology to the table. What promising future awaits Opera and YoYo Games? Stick around to find out!

Opera acquires YoYo Games for $10 million

Opera, a leader in web browsers, has recently acquired YoYo Games Ltd. for $10 million. The deal was announced earlier this week and is expected to greatly improve the user experience of the Opera browser. YoYo Games is best known as the developer of several popular game engines, such as GameMaker and GameMaker Studio 2 (GMS2). Opera plans to utilize YoYo Games’ technology to enhance their existing browser capabilities and develop new features and applications.

This will include implementing new game engines into their products to give users more control over game development and presentation on their browsers. By combining Opera’s expertise in web browsing with YoYo Games’ knowledge of game engines and development, the partnership is expected to bring unique experiences for users of both platforms. In addition to new features for Opera, this change leaves most existing projects on YoYo Games’ platforms untouched at least temporarily.

What is YoYo Games?

YoYo Games is a technology company dedicated to creating innovative tools and platforms for people who want to make and play games. This includes the popular Gamemaker Studio software, an engines that provides users with an easy-to-use toolkit for designing new games without requiring complex coding skills. It also offers a variety of products such as its mobile game development tool ONO, Microsoft Windows IDE, as well as a cloud gaming platform. With its collection of powerful tools and services, YoYo Games is positioned to become the industry leader in indie game development.

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What Does the Acquisition Mean for Opera?

The acquisition of YoYo Games, an England-based video game creation platform, by Opera Software ASA is a groundbreaking move for the browser maker/content delivery network. In a statement released on May 16th, 2017, the two companies have announced that they have “agreed to collaborate and launch a new games platform.” This collaboration will enable Opera to further extend its existing portfolio of products that includes the main web browser for desktops and mobile devices as well as their content delivery network which serves over 60 countries worldwide.

The use of YoYo Games’ technology will enable Opera to expand its gaming offerings. Specifically, this collaboration is intended to enhance access to cross-platform development tools (e.g. support for Windows and Mac), mobile game discovery and monetization opportunities on both platforms, as well as being at the forefront of HTML5 game development technology such as its proprietary Scirra engine. Through this partnership Opera plans to provide an entirely new suite of services that can bridge analytics, distribution, monetization and marketing solutions in one unified platform.

By leveraging YoYo Games’ existing stable of IPs such as Sandbox and GameMaker Studio 2 along with additional experienced developers already onboard through their extensive global network; Opera may soon provide their users with an all-rounded gaming experience that could match major streaming services like Twitch or Unleash Live in providing better access to online gaming content from around the world.

What Does the Acquisition Mean for YoYo Games?

The recent acquisition of YoYo Games by Opera Software marks the next step in a long journey for the gaming engine. Founded in 2007, YoYo Games gained popularity due to its prominent appearance alongside Nintendo’s GameMaker software. As the company moved away from marketing a proprietary gaming engine and into offering services such as game tournaments and streaming services, its presence faded. Over time, it became clear that securing financing would be necessary for the company to move forward with its plans.

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This is where Opera Software comes in: after months of negotiations, Opera agreed to acquire YoYo Games on April 24th 2018. What does this mean for YoYo Games? The acquisition will provide them with access to resources from one of the most established companies in the internet industry, allowing them to develop their existing gaming engine further. It’s also important to note that while Opera is currently an Android-oriented company, they will begin focusing on developing products across multiple platforms with help from YoYo Games’ team members. This new relationship could lead to innovations throughout the entire game development industry.

Impact of the Acquisition on the Gaming Industry

Opera intends to use its vast experience in web browser technology combined with YoYo’s powerhouse engine for game development to push innovation within the gaming industry. Through its cloud-based vision for gaming coupled with its profound reach into large markets like China, this move by Opera is poised to revolutionize how games are created and consumed across multiple platforms. This could lead to improved performance and stability of games from both PC’s and mobile devices alike due to the high level of optimization available through their platform. It will also promote better collaboration between developers due to improved communication options that are supported through the extensive experience amassed over years in web technology development.

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By combining their respective talents, Opera plans on expanding their portfolio immensely in terms of what they offer gamers around the world and pushing boundaries that have been established in terms of making video games accessible across multiple platforms. With such an ambitious goal being set forth by this acquisition, it is likely that it will have far reaching implications long after its completion onto many aspects within the technological sphere related – not only confined just towards gaming but also implemented into other forms of digital entertainment as well!


At the end of the day, Opera’s plans to use YoYo Games’ engines and game making tools are an excellent choice. The company’s established reputation and resources will give developers access to high-quality tools for creating exceptional games. Additionally, by giving developers a one-stop-shop for all their development needs, it reduces their workload and helps them create better gaming experiences faster. Furthermore, the agreement could result in some fantastic games made possible by teaming up with technology from two of the most respected names in the gaming industry. Overall, Opera’s plans are a win-win for both parties involved.

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