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A qualified engineer is the basis of every scout. It also protects the team with its tower and sets up platforms to level uneven or destroyed terrain. The engineer is neither remarkable nor extreme, but he has a universal weapon to compensate for that.

Playing the role and style of an engineer

As an engineer you have three main tasks in each assignment:

Your first task is to actively support the Scouting class. When a scout indicates an inaccessible source, you have to shoot directly under it on the platform. You should also search for resources, highlight them and make the platform available when needed. A good tandem of scouts and engineers can gather a lot of resources in a very short time.

Your second task is to protect your team with your turn against flying enemies and small groups of enemy scouts. If your team is mining, be sure to close your tower and restart it if necessary. Use the tower in confined spaces as an early warning system for unauthorized passageways. In the large caves, keep the tower close to you if you’re one of mine, or close to your team to protect against flying enemies.

Your third task is to design the site as required. If there are holes in the ground, close them. If there is a particularly nasty lava stain on the floor, cover it. For small and medium openings between the bridge construction on the other side. This allows the boom to keep its zippers for a longer range.

Your overall style of play should be defensive rather than offensive. Angi is not a tank, it’s not fast and it doesn’t have much firepower. Installing a tower and regularly recharging it makes him strong for the team; and it rewards him several times for the biggest damage he causes after a mission.

Location of the technical platform

If you want to place the platform at a great distance below the source, do not forget that the platform will go off the arc. The further away from the goal, the higher the goal.

Don’t exaggerate with Mario. This means that jumping from platform to platform should only be your emergency strategy if you are trying to climb a steep hole. A drill that builds a passageway or an archery rig with a zipper jacket makes moving over rough terrain much easier than jumping off a platform.

But you have to build small bridges for your team. Gaps that can be filled with 1 to 4 platforms are ideal for bridges. And if you see the edges, your bearded friend might fall, just put a platform in it.

The end use of the platforms is to block the passages made by the drilling rig on its way back to the rescue capsule. While the drill has the front part of the driveway, make sure that the rear part is closed. Just put a couple of platforms on top of each other.

Proper arrangement of the tower and use of the R key

Your turn is your second big advantage. The base: Press button 4 to lower the base of the tower. Use the letter E to build your tower. Use R to take the tower out of your inventory. With this control you can also add ammunition to your turret. When you have a tower in your inventory you can leave the base immediately and start building your tower. If you use your 4 only after the initial assembly of the tower, it will take some time before you can get to your current location.

Most engineers would rather use a more powerful tower than a twin tower. Both towers require more micromanagement for charging or repositioning and have less damage capability than one.

Depending on your style of play, you can activate Turret Whip mode for your weapon, causing explosive damage for your next gunshot after the whip. If you – like me – prefer Playstyle-Tourret and Shooter, you can ignore this change.

Make sure you place the tower at slightly higher places when defending the position. You can build a platform and place your tower on it. Keep an eye on the dome’s ammunition. High unemployment means that you have chosen the right place, low unemployment means that you have to choose the best place.

Watch Technique Tour

For almost all content, I would recommend the following setup, which is as harmful as possible without unnecessary micromanagement. There is enough ammunition you can use before you need to replenish it, and you also have enough ammunition in stock to replenish several times.

A – Elongated pouches for
C or A cartridges – Elongated pouches for
A – Protective system

If you prefer more micromanagement and want your turret to do more damage to larger enemies, you can change course to Infiltration (A) instead of using Advanced Chuck (C) and Target Priority (B) instead of Defense (A).

Technical weapon designs and modifications

The shotgun and grenade launcher are the most popular weapons for an engineer.

Auto 210 Warthog Shotgun Assembly

Although there are several mounting possibilities for a shotgun, I prefer an automatic shotgun with a high capacity. In almost every situation it will be a commercial model. It’s not the biggest cause of the damage, but that 130-shot automatic rifle got me safely through most swarms.

B – Charged
C – Starter or B – Charged
C – High power protocol
C – Coarse grit or A – Tungsten coating
B – Miner adjustment device

If you want to use overclocking, compact shells or mini shells work particularly well with this construction.

Single-shot grenade launchers or AoE of

The most popular choice for heavy weapons remains the grenade launcher because it does a lot of damage and works perfectly on any terrain. I prefer to use them as spam with only one damage. This means a lot of ammunition and a focus on target damage, not ACE damage.

B – Extra ammunitionA – Oblong pockets for cartridgesV – Pressure waveV – improvised explosive deviceV – Tip grenade.

But you can also focus on the Ace if you want to tackle big enemies with your gun. Build the ACE in synergy with the L.U.R.E. grenade and create a group of unsuspecting enemies.

B – Extended cartridge bags
B – Reinforced cartridge bags
A – Ignition mixture
B – Nails + tape
A – Proximity sensor

GMS truncated voltaic, AoE type

The SMG is less popular because of its low ammunition savings and the recent modification of the Nerf electric shock. The idea for this building is the damage of the AoE. This building will be useful for most missions with enemy groups, but don’t expect it to outperform the shotgun.

B –
A Enhanced Capacitors –
A High Performance Protocol –
B High Speed Cartridges –
C Large Capacitors – Arch

Crushing burner – serious damage – construction

An alternative heavy weapon for an engineer is a stabbing knife. We rarely see how it is used because it requires perfectly synchronized and highly accurate images. It can be very useful in liquidation missions, but it has an interesting learning curve. If you want to use the shredder, this design focuses on damage with a high efficiency and a large number of strokes.

B – High quality protocol
C – Tripartite line – Expanded cartridge bags

The best technical grenade

All three types of grenades are useful, but they all respond to different playing styles.

For the rifles and grenade launchers mentioned above, the plasma grenade is the best choice. I use it as an AeO grenade against large swarms. It will soften many enemies. You should be careful where you throw the Plasma-Burner, because it usually flies everywhere and can injure your teammates.

Narrow mines are also very popular because the enemies that go through them cause a big explosion. That’s one of the biggest drawbacks, because it’s easy to waste a mine on a small enemy. Even throwing yourself into a swarm does not always go as planned, because it takes some time, which can mean that only the last enemies of the swarm are affected.

The L.U.R.E. grenade can be a useful tool to lure enemies to a certain location. This reduces the pressure on your team and puts the enemies under pressure at some point. Firing a grenade launcher is the right strategy at this point.

Best tool platform for engineers

The design is simple and focuses on as much ammunition as possible. The more platforms you offer, the more useful the engineer will be to the team.

B – Oblong bags for mandrel
A – Plastic MKII
A – Oblong bags for mandrel or C – Replanting

Benefits for Engineers

You can choose up to 2 active and 3 passive benefits per class. Depending on whether you play alone or in a team, I will offer you a different set of active bonuses.

Active engineering services, private individuals

The first active bonus in a solo performance is High Sense, because it protects you against leeches and cave invaders.

As a second bonus in the singles, I recommend taking the Beast Master. You can turn a small enemy around and force him to fight for you.

Active engineering services, Group

The first choice should be the field physician to resuscitate your teammates faster. It also allows you to instinctively resuscitate your teammate once per mission.

As a personal second choice in groups, I advise you to see yourself in hell, because you can do a lot of damage to the ASE if it collapses. He’ll make room for your teammates to revive you. You will also do more damage to the pick after hitting the enemy.

You can also use the Beast Master if you prefer a pet around you that attracts aggression. But don’t forget that you have 3 teammates, which are also useful for confusing opponents.

Passive engineers’ bonuses

Passive benefits are highly subjective. The ones I use are adapted to a more defensive game.

The Second Wind is a useful bonus because it allows you to win speed after a sprint of 4 seconds. You don’t have to press an extra button, after a while it lights up automatically.

Born Ready will charge your unprepared weapons in five seconds. With this passive bonus you can fire a grenade launcher, switch to the cannon, empty the cannon and change the trajectory of the now reloaded grenade launcher. If you need to retreat tactically, this chain of spilled cartridges with additional reloads will increase your total damage.

The third advantage I prefer is the supplier, because it allows me to absorb ammunition faster and to become healthier from the drops. In frantic defensive situations with enemies around you, reducing the time it takes to use ammunition and health can make a big difference by 50%. A 25% health supplement from the capsule stock softens the deal.

As I said, the choice of premiums is subjective. There are other passive benefits that are also popular. A strong hand will make you throw away the torches. With a vampire you can earn health points on enemies you’ve killed with your axe if you prefer a more aggressive style of play.

Youtube Engineering Manual, Deep Rock Galaxy

If you’d rather watch the video than read this manual, I’m happy to help. The video manual was published in 2020 and will not be updated. Keep this in mind when you notice the difference between the video and this article.


The engineer provides important benefits to the team and decides on the efficient extraction of minerals for the Scout. The judicious location of the tower will protect the crew and greatly soften even the largest swarms.

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