How to do an aggressive early game well?

stellaris 5 - How can you have a good aggressive game at the beginning of the game?

So I play high and low, creating a technological advantage while using the habitat to get the best out of my space resources and the production capacity of the ecumenopole. I signed up for Stellaris as an alternative to Wiki III, so you can probably see where this came from. It’s nice to be one of the smallest but most powerful empires that impose their ideology on the universe through wars of liberation and the politicization of CG, but it makes the early days of the game quite boring and you often feel like you’re playing a lighter version of the game (like choosing Babylon in Civ).

Sometimes I tried to start more aggressively, but I always encountered an obstacle in the first war. It’s hard to find good fleet battles: The guides I’ve used recommend luring the enemy to your strongholds to paralyze their fleet, but the AI is either too smart or too stupid to catch my bait. It’s hard to tear the enemy apart: By the time my economy can survive them comfortably, they’ll have found an ally. Even winning battles seems difficult: I often barely lose commitments where I have a small peripheral fleet, my shitty opponents theirs, and I have exceptional military and admiralty bonuses (or I win them while I get more military exhaustion than they do). I’ve noticed a few things that could lead to this. Is there something under there that’s a very obvious mistake?

  • I play CoM – inspired constructions, often with a more materialistic twist. Besides the DA, I am often either a sports technocracy or a meritocracy. It’s not really based on anything other than militarism = good for the aggression instinct.
  • I’m going to the robot factory on each of my planets as soon as I can. It takes a lot of fusion, but I think extra pop growth is very important, even in the early battles. Moreover, it will be difficult to exploit my conquests without robots if the habitability is not in order.
  • I’m going to the research lab first, not the alloying plant. My reasoning is that more research = more resources. For example: if I have the first farming tools, I can have ~15% less farmers to work with the alloys. However, I often have to catch up with consumer goods if I want to switch to military production.
  • I choose Expansion -> Dominance and declare my first war as soon as possible after the end of domination – at the latest. Everything my target follows tends to form alliances that are very difficult to defeat. I often take the battle bonus of superiority and then start preparing for war, explaining it as soon as I have a complete stack of T2/T3 corvettes ready, plus a few spare alloys.

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