Mini-glitch in “Try” map – Heroes of the Storm Games Guide

Mini-glitch in “Try” map – Heroes of the Storm Games Guide

Pay attention: I can’t get it back, and I’m not stuck, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

Used Lucio on the Try card to test some of his talents, mainly by running along the wall directly under the giants. I chose Accelerando (I had reached level 20, but I chose only one) and I ran back and forth on this wall, and I think maybe it was while Lucio turned around on the wall, he pierced the wall, and the walls were crushed inside the wall, on the other side of the trees. It seemed to follow the path of the wall, but a little further, but I always placed the mouse at that distance and followed that path, so it could only show itself there. After I realized I was in the wall, I hovered over my character and went back to the normal part of the map, and he walked away from the wall and went back to the normal map.

I tried to tilt the wall back and forth for a few minutes to get the process going again, but I couldn’t get it back.

I noticed something strange earlier, where the wall just below where I walk (left wall of the boss’s well) when you look at it, when you walk straight at my wall, it seems bent, but when you turn the corner it seems to settle down as soon as you see where to put it, and it immediately stands up again – but it stands up again when you come back at my wall. The strange thing is that when you test other parts of the map, you can see lines that indicate the location of the walls through the actual walls, such as. B. When you are at the bottom of the door, you’ll see the lines that indicate where the giants are. But for some reason, if you’re standing in front of my wall, you can’t see behind the wall of the construction pit (or at least not the lines of the wall – you can see it in the corner)….. and to prove it wrong again, the right side of the pit doesn’t do it at all! I wonder if, when updating the walls for Lucio/Hanzo/Junkrat, there is some kind of decoupling, whether a double layer has been built, to show a vision where you can sometimes get a foothold, between the double layer and the force coming in from the other side. It may also be useful to check other maps to see if they have similar effects, as this could be a sign of a wall that people might accidentally walk through.

Mini-glitch in “Try” map – Heroes of the Storm Games Guide

A broken and deformed wall

Fixed straight wall

No, I don’t know how to shrink the pictures….me no redit so good. The point is, this wall doesn’t have to stop at the first one. There’s something wrong with this connection, and maybe that’s what made the wall I was standing on so weird that I went over it.

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Mini-glitch message in Try the Card for Heroes of the Storm game.

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