The Most Popular Video Game Baby Names –

Popular Video Game Baby Names

The video game world is known for some weird and wonderful things. Would you believe that some of the most popular video game baby names are similar to the most popular baby names in real life? … And some of them are pretty… unique.

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Name a video game baby name that got popular because of a particular game (video game) and write an intro paragraph explaining why it got popular.. Read more about video game baby names boy and let us know what you think.

Many gamers’ favorite video games have had a significant impact on their life. So much so that when it comes to name their kid, some parents may draw inspiration from their favorite personalities. But which video game characters are most often utilized as baby name inspiration?

The top 20 are listed below.

Popular Video Game Baby Names

The top three most common baby names derived from video games

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We looked at US birth name data from the 1980s to find the most common baby names influenced by video games. Using seed lists of the most popular video game character names, we tallied the number of infants given this name after the game’s debut to determine which name was the most common after the character’s initial appearance in the game.

According to the statistics, Jacob, from Halo: Combat Evolved, is the most popular video game inspired baby name, with over 412,000 newborns named Jacob since the game’s debut in 2001. Captain Jacob Keyes is a UNSC Navy Naval Officer and a significant figure in this game, as Halo aficionados would know. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved!

Jack from Tekken was found to be the second most popular name. While Jack may refer to a variety of characters in the game, he was originally presented to us as an android in 1994 and has since featured in virtually every Tekken game. After the game was published, almost 219,000 infants were born, and the popularity of the name Jack peaked in 2005.

Mario is, unsurprisingly, ranked third on our list. Mario has been a well-loved figure in the gaming industry since 1983, when Japanese video game creator Shigeru Miyamoto was unable to obtain licensing rights to use Popeye as the protagonist of his next game [1]. The name gained popularity in the United States after just five years, ironically the same year that Super Mario Bros 2 was published.

Popular Video Game Baby Names

Which video game releases were responsible for a rise in the number of infants given character names?

We also looked at the years after the video games were released to see whether the characters had an impact on baby names.

According to the statistics, the number of names registered for seven of the top 20 most popular video game character names increased the same year the game was launched.

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Jacob from Halo: Evolved (2001), Jade from Beyond Good and Evil (2003), Chloe from Life is Strange (2015), Marcus from Gears of War (2006), Samantha from Gone Home (2013), Scarlett from Blackwood Crossing (2001), and lastly Dante from Devil May Cry (2001), the year with the most newborns called Dante.

Did you ever refer to your children by these names? Or did you get your name from a video game character?


Methodology Using national baby names data from the 1980s to 2020, we used a seed list of 100+ famous video game character names to determine the number of infants given that name since the game’s debut.

To see whether video game characters caused a rise in infants named after them, researchers looked at the year with the greatest number of births registered with that name since the game’s original release.

Data is available upon request.

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