Mario Triple Jumps Onto Switch –

Mario Triple Jumps Onto Switch –

The online gaming store is starting to fold at the counter! So many big races and so little time. Which one are you taking?


The following sections can be found in this week’s Downloads for Nintendo:

  • Nintendo eshop on the Nintendo Switch
    • Super Mario 3D All-Stars – Super Mario 3D All-Stars, featuring Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy in a single package, is the perfect way to experience some of Mario’s greatest adventures. In addition to a higher resolution than the original versions, the games have been optimised for smooth gameplay on the Nintendo Switch. Super Mario 3D All-Stars also features a game mode that allows you to play music and songs from all three games. Wear an adventurous hat as Mario explores the mushroom realm and more! Super Mario 3D All-Stars will be available on the 18th in September. The physical and digital edition of the game will be available until 31 December. March 2021 will be available. Once a digital edition has been purchased through your Nintendo Account, it can be downloaded and replayed if it is removed from your device.
    • Mini Motor Racing X – Mini Motor Racing X explodes on the Nintendo Switch with a locally split screen and high-octane multiplayer racing action! The classic mini-career mode is back, with hundreds of races, dozens of cars to unlock and improve, and four championship finals to master. But that’s not all: The MMRX adds some firepower to the mix in the new Type X combat mode. Step on the pedal for Mini Motor Racing X and enjoy fast-paced racing in 52 fast-paced environments.
    • No limits! – Unlocked! – is an intense and chaotic multiplayer game in which you and your friends build railway tracks through infinite worlds created by procedures. A master of chance encounters with the residents, he improves his plough and prevents it from going off the rails. With unlockable panels, a dynamic weather system and a day and night system, you’re ready to follow blocked actions to the end. Unlocked! will take place on the 23rd. will be available in September.
    • WWE 2K Battlegrounds – The WWE World is your arcade battlefield where your favourite WWE superstars and legends battle it out in an interactive environment around the world. Take part in the steel cage games and royal screen games with special skills and bonuses. Play in a new storyline told through original comic books, take part in online tournaments or compete as the king of the battlefield against players from all over the world! You can also fight in your local multiplayer mode and dominate your friends. The WWE 2K battlefields will open on the 18th. September will be available.

Sales in Nintendo eShop :

  • Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Also new this week in Nintendo eShop at the Nintendo Switch :

In addition to the video games available in stores, Nintendo also offers a variety of content that can be downloaded directly to your system. Every week Nintendo adds new games to the online shop and offers a range of options for the Nintendo Switch, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS family of consoles.

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