The Most Popular ESports Mascots

When it comes to popular esport mascots, the top picks are the ones that really get people excited. The most popular esports mascots of all time, according to the fans, are listed below:

The World of Esports, or ESports, is an emerging industry, and a rapidly growing trend, that is growing at a rapid pace. While there are many famous brands and companies that are currently involved in the industry, there are also many highly popular mascots within the industry. There are many different types of mascots that represent different brands, and many of them are very popular. Today, we will look at the most popular mascots in the current industry, and explore how they came to be.

The most popular esports mascots (also called gaming avatars or characters) are often the most popular for a variety of reasons. For example, the Warcraft 3 character of the same name has been featured on the cover of many magazines and he’s been made into a figure, he’s a popular character in the popular “World of Warcraft” franchise, and he’s been featured in many other games that don’t involve Warcraft 3. But, it’s not just Blizzard’s games that have a Warcraft 3 character as a mascot. Other games with a Warcraft 3 character as a mascot include “Super Street Fighter 4”, “Starcraft 2”, and “Total War”, among others.

We’ve all heard of mascots, those pleasant icons we identify with a business or a favorite team. But what role do mascots play in electronic sports? Aren’t they a little out of date and belong in stadiums? The simple answer is that it is disputed.

There are many things to discover if you are new to the world of ESports. From big events and organizations to the finest operating systems for gaming, you’ll find everything you need to get started. More information about OS and other elements of being a member of the ESports industry may be found online. You may also note that mascots exist in ESports, just like they do in sports. 

What exactly are mascots?

As previously said, not everyone is familiar with every popular or new mascots, but everyone understands the concept. Mascots are people, animals, or things who represent a business or a group. Mascots exist without a doubt because they are an essential marketing technique for enhancing a company’s public image. They can act as a convenient reminder of a business or service. 

Mascots are not limited to conventional sports, such as Benny the Bull of the Chicago Bulls and Wally the Green Monster of the Boston Red Sox. They are the “charm” of schools, universities, and businesses (remember Quick Bunny, the “face” of Nesquik, the beloved childhood drink?). 

In the realm of video games, Mario is unmistakably associated with Nintendo. Isn’t it Sonic the Hedgehog? Sega is the name of the company. It’s always a matter of being able to quickly recognize your favorite character and comprehend what’s going on.

Mascots are often those characters inside a brand’s “world” that have their own storylines and opportunities to shine. Many people, for example, connect Jinx with League of Legends.

The Most Well-Known ESports Mascots

Despite the fact that each team (in various ESports categories) may have their own mascot (i.e., Unicorns of Love and their distinctive pink unicorn logo). Anything featuring their favorite team’s emblem is the most popular gear for ESports enthusiasts. 

Some mascots, on the other hand, are linked to the team and its success. It doesn’t only apply to trophies; it also applies to characters (or champions) who are often featured in game promotions.

The Aegis of Champions 

Winners of DOTA’s The International competition get this actual trophy. Based on North and Chinese motifs, it is the ultimate emblem of triumph and battle. Every year, the design is updated and improved.

The Summoner's Cup

It resembles sports awards such as those seen in football or golf, but with a twist. It has a unique aspect that you can instantly identify, making it a prized asset for League of Legends champions. What more could you desire to honor your expertise than silver and stones on a pedestal? 

Mister Chief 

When we see the unique design of the helmet, we know what’s up with the Halo series’ undisputed mascot. The primary series’ protagonist also serves as a symbol for worldwide competitions. Future generations of admirers will want to be the eponymous leaders. 

Tekken 2019 World Tour Champion trophy

The Tekken 2019 World Tour Champion trophy is one of the most visually appealing awards available. It’s simple to identify and link to popular combat series. 


The Starcraft logo monolith is the prize that every victor dreams of, but the alien race and their Queen Sarah Kerrigan are the real icons of the franchise. Who doesn’t like and comprehend a tale of treachery and vengeance?


The Earth is the emblem of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and it appears on both the trophy for victors and the game’s logo. The Soldier silhouette is one of the most recognizable emblems in the series, and you may remember it as one of the most popular symbols.

When playing a competitive game, the support of a team’s mascot is sometimes as important as the success of the players, especially the ones that are less known. From the team’s perspective, the mascot can be a fun and welcoming addition to the sports arena. On the other hand, the players of the team that has a mascot most often tend to have greater support and a higher status than the ones of the teams without one. Let’s see which ones are the most popular esports mascots.. Read more about sports mascots around the world and let us know what you think.

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