Watch Dogs Legion All Starting Recruit & Which One To Choose?

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Legion of the Guard

Watch Dogs Legion is the third installment of the Watchdog franchise, an open and collaborative multiplayer game with action elements developed by Ubisoft Toronto. In this game we discover a brand new feature that no other sandbox game has ever done before: you can select any NPC from the open world.

Before you start playing the game, you will be asked to select the first agent. The agents are members of Deadsek who will help you rebuild. Each employee has his or her own benefits, which can be checked before recruitment.

Hour Legion The best first operation?

There is no better initial response, while some staff can provide you with elegant personal transportation, others can help you with your missions. You shouldn’t choose the characters just because of their personal car, because you can steal it from the street. You can also recruit members by using private transport later in the game.

In our opinion, the best first agents will be Maria Radu or Rattia Kung, because they will suffer less damage from the enemies. You have to fight your way through, by whom, if you get caught on the mission. You need a gun and a fist to shoot your enemies.

If you want to play the game discreetly and without too much bloodshed, Seven Lin of Gael Moran is the best agent for you. With the help of these agents you can quickly perform downloads and hack missions thanks to their privileges. And if you want to throw yourself into total chaos by shooting and killing all your enemies, Shiela Taylor is the best springboard for you.

Pay attention: The choice of the original character depends on the playing style of a certain person. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t selected the best newcomer, how to recruit the best in the open world. You can test their advantage before hiring them. To hire an employee, you must perform a task specified by the employee.

Guardian Legion of Dogs Everyone starts his mission withPerk

A total of 15 employees are available for selection.

  • Maria Radu – sportswoman – finished the marathon with a broken ankle. (Advantage – Healthy – Less damage).
  • Lisa Chakraborty – Composer – Makes fake vouchers (Perk – loyalty card – discount on clothes).
  • Eric Keene – Debt collector – Retired from the armed forces for disobedience (Perk – P9 – Has a semi-automatic pistol)
  • Barnaby Darby – Podcasting – Albion’s approach after hacking MMO servers (Perk – ctos Drone – Drone Summon).
  • Rattiya Kung – Bartender – Has written a 5 star review for Earl’s Fortune Pub (Perk – Tough Drunk – with less damage)
  • Yongyuan Yu – banker – has a private telephone line to contact the police commissioner (Perk – contact with the police – reduce the team’s arrest time).
  • Kingsley Lewis – Genetician – Worked in a children’s hospital abroad (benefit – priority treatment – shorter injury treatment time for the team).
  • Sheila Taylor – kitchen assistant – forbidden to live in the London Zoo (Perk – Mp5 – fully automatic SMG).
  • Stacy Pratt – photographer – quote for protection of the Albion knee in the groin area (Perk – Albion vendetta – extra damage to the fraction).
  • Kyle Divakaran – Internet celebrity – Bad motorcycle license exam (Perk – Kurahawa Zentura – Personal motorcycle).
  • Zewen Lin – network architect – launches a hacker forum in a black canvas (Perk – Rapid Hacking – Short Hacker Cooldowns).
  • Gael Moran – Poet – Former Cryptographer (Perk – 6G Data Plan – Quick Download).
  • Daniel Jankowski – mechanic – former union representative (Perk – key – heavy chalk gun).
  • Katie Assefa – Artist – Debriefing of the National Gallery : Pure handjob (Perk – Lom – light melee weapons).
  • Breton Shah – influence of social media – recently bought a sports car for £200,535 (Perk – Oscuro Ultra 8 – personal sports car).

The location of Hitman and the spy.


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