When someone says ‘So…’ like that it sounds very much like they would like to get into your pants and this particular time is no different my friends. Man or woman, get em’ out.

Wait, No.

The snow is finally abating and today marks the first day in a while that I could drive to work without being afraid of wrapping myself inelegantly around a lamppost.
Britain has been the target of much derision from our european friends. Specifically the ones who live on a planet where the inhabitants consider -20 celsius to be ‘a bit chilly..’. It’s not our fault we are terrible at extreme weather. It’s been bred into us over many generations of people who think foggy and cold is the way to go.

Ben Chandler, a fellow indie game developer, hails from Australia. Which, as we all know, is located approximately three quarters of a mile from the surface of the sun. He has recently been experiencing highs of about 44 celsius.
That might as well be the bloody melting point of lead for all I know.

I asked him if he’d ever seen snow. His response was

Snow? What’s that? Bloody poms! No worries, I can’t bloody hear you over the sound of my body literally crackling heaps in the heat… Kangeroos… Dingos… Neighbours.

or something like that.

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