Ultimate Beginner’s Thief Guide in Dark Souls 3 –

Thief is one of the starting classes of Dark Souls 3 and is a kind of class designed to attract new players.

In other role-playing games, the thief is one of the three basic classes, the other two are the magician and the warrior. But as with most gender conventions, a dark thief behaves in a slightly different way than in a typical convention.

You can create any lesson for DS games. This way, if you select a thief, you won’t be blocked by other playlists. However, the incipient transmission and the statistics you have are usually subject to bleeding/toxication in the drawing area.

The thief starts with the best chance in the game. This is important to us because it affects the efficiency with which we bleed and poison. It is also the only class that starts with a bow, which means that you can play in an area that is far ahead of the other classes that would otherwise have to find a bow.

The flight models are very technical. Although this is a basic lesson, it is advisable to wait until you are familiar with the game before you start building it. But we don’t like to wait, and we don’t like to be warned. We will guide you through the basic information you need to play effectively in the classroom.

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How to catch a thief's-Thefty-Leader-In-The-Dark-Souls-3--.jpg

The thief will be opened directly from the door in front of you. You don’t have to do any tricky quests or make demands in order to choose. But as in other classes, there are certain things you have to do on every flight, no matter what you do.

Even if you start with good luck and kowtowing, don’t expect the range to be your main form of attack. Of course there are some compositions that can make it work, but not for beginners. In Dark Souls, there is too much battle to effectively control the meeting from a distance alone, so these Robin Hood fantasies are used to escape through the window.

In fact, from a technical point of view, the only reason why you can control a thief in general is pure happiness, or happiness/competence. If all this doesn’t stop you from playing the thief, keep reading.

As a thief you start with the gang knife and the short onion. Both weapons are ideal for use, but the thief’s knife is particularly good, even for late play.

It has a high attack speed, a zoom function and a powerful bleeding structure which, combined with the attack speed, will make the first enemies in the game bleed faster than you can damage them.

Mercenaries for effective control

Before you start some kind of fight or playlist in Dark Souls, you want to know what kind of building you want to play.

To do this, you need to determine in which statistics you want to invest. Despite the fact that these statistics are universal, the best gatherings of thieves tend to focus on skill and happiness. Dex will be the most important, since most of your weapons will be on scale with him.

Many buildings are even completely deserted. The only gatherings where they should take place are those that try to exploit poisonous or bleeding playing styles.

Decide whether you want a traditional construction with treatment or a construction with bleeding/toxication. Don’t forget that your bleeding style meetings won’t be too effective. The problem is that most common enemies don’t live long enough for their statistical effects to do a lot of damage, and many bosses resist the bleeding of style skills.

If you choose this way of playing, focus on preserving your handicaps and stack up as much as possible. You want to maximize the proceeds of bleeding and toxic injuries. This applies regardless of whether you want to choose hand-to-hand or close combat.

But otherwise, you’ll play in a fairly typical style of play, except that you won’t use the shield (you can if you want to).

Thief Basic steps’s-Thief-Guide-in-Dark-Souls-3-–.jpg

Despite the fact that this is a technical class for the game, the true construction of a thief of fortune or skill is not so difficult, because there is not much difference between the two styles.

Most skills in Dark Souls 3 are Soft Caps at the age of 40. This is an important step to remember as you go through the game. Although there are certain skills we can push above the softcap, the return we get is rarely worth the investment.

In addition to the obvious increase in agility to at least 40, you can invest points in luck (for a bleeding body) or you can speculate on something like alertness if you are particularly new to the game. Or you can develop strength instead of agility. But it all depends on the weapon you want to use. Since you want to play the thief, we assume that you prefer the style of dagger guns based on dexterity.

As for the first playground equipment you want to take over, not so much. The bandit dagger you start with is the second best dagger in the game, and the best dagger can only be bought later in the game.

There are other weapons without daggers, like the Astoria sword or the scimitar, which are better than daggers, but we focus on the pure thief.

Katans or twin swords, later in the game, are a good option if you want to pamper yourself outside the dagger-like weapon.

The best thief builds

As we said at the start, the lessons of DS3 aren’t as important as other games.

So a thief depends on luck and mobility. Hollow and bleeding compositions are among the most popular, so choose one if you’re interested.

However, for new players it is best to play Dex/Good Building on a regular basis. It’s by far the simplest and most standardized building for thieves and that’s why we’re going to investigate it.

Thief Dex/Luck Figure

The refinement and happiness of the constructions is the meta of all kinds of thieves constructions at your disposal. You get a fair amount of damage and bleeding, which can absolutely destroy some patterns.

There are other robbery ships, but for a newcomer this would be the best choice. This allows you to understand the basics much faster than a more technically savvy thief.


Dex 40 – Delicatesse is the cornerstone of this building. It will be a statistic that will determine how much damage you will do, knowing that we will fire most weapons.

Luck 40 – Luck is the second attribute you want to add to a soft hat with this pattern. This is what determines the effectiveness of your bleeding, which is where much of your damage comes from. You can control Henry’s direct sword, which weighs on luck, with a dexterity weapon, but it’s up to you.

As for the other points, there is nothing wrong with bringing them into a kind of serenity or perseverance. You can also use force if you want to use certain weapons.

No matter how you build this thief, make sure you get a 40/40 split between agility and vision.

Equipment and shielding

  • Hunting Ring The Ring of Life
  • Cartus Milkring
  • Charity ring

Our tuning is solely intended to reinforce the core competencies we have built up through our selection of attributes. We choose a 2/2 split between the skill rings and the rings that increase our maximum HP.

The ring of life and the ring of favorites are particularly powerful. With +3, the ring of life gives us 10% of total HP. The combination with +6% of the benefit ring will do wonders for our common health pool.

The charity ring also comes with many other amateurs for our money. We have an endurance rate of 11.5% and an 8% higher equipment utilization rate. The Milkring cartridge gives us an increase of +3% in mobility. But the ring also has an ambiguous effect on our character when we turn around. You may think it’s important, but it’s not.

It doesn’t give us an extra invincibility framework, which makes it useless in PvE. It can be used as a visual distraction in PvP, but in any case you should not move this building to the other side of Dark Souls 3.

For our purposes, the hunter ring functions as a reinforced version of the milk ring card. This gives us +5 for our mobility, so +8 in total. As far as shielding is concerned, you must keep the use of your equipment below 50%. You can apply pressure, but be careful not to take more than 70% of the total quantity. Armor doesn’t make much sense in the whole of dark souls.

However, there are several armour sets that can really improve the aesthetics of flying. One immediately thinks of a killer set, a black handset and a black leather set. Weapon-wise, you’ve got a lot of options. The dagger of the novice bandit is exceptional and can be worn throughout the game.

However, double sheets are our weapon of choice for this design. You will not touch the blades if there is a risk of bleeding. But the final choice of what to use is entirely up to you.


Our building leaves absolutely no room for investment in times of magic. However, you can select different points of the attribute to invest in the box if you wish. Make sure you’re not too picky when choosing spells.

Construction of onion flight

If intimacy and personal struggle are not your thing, you can build an archer instead. We mentioned it at the beginning of the article, and we have to repeat, the range is not so good in DS3.

It is quite possible to make a functional archer, do not get me wrong, but it will be much harder for you to make progress in the game.

If this doesn’t scare you, read on to find out how we define the buildings of our common thieves in Dark Souls 3.


Dex 40 – Like other thieves, we want to use 40 years of maneuverability to maximise our damage potential. A level higher than 40 is possible, but you will get a decreasing return on your investment. There are better quality arches like the Dragon Rider arch, so if you want to use them, adjust the construction.

With the exception of mobility, everything else is up to you. It’s a good idea to compensate for stamina at the beginning of the game and invest all the reserve points that will help you on your way.

You play most of the game from the beginning with a short bow until you can get the black bow. Later, when you walk, you can show your strength. However, this can only be done in accordance with the requirements of a specific weapon.

High-quality constructions work well together with archers. Whether you like it or not, the reality is that long-distance attacks will not reduce them by 100%. You should also try to balance your body for a close fight.

Equipment and shielding

  • Hawkeye Ring
  • Charity ring
  • Chlorant-Ring

They have enough space to work on the ring installation for this meeting. Our ring selection is an equilibrium setting, but you can opt for a more refined setting or a fully health-oriented setting.

The falcon’s ring is almost exclusively reserved for archers, so it would be foolish of us not to use it. It increases the maximum magnification of the arches and crossbows, which can be useful to start the fight on your terms. It also extends the total range of your bow. This is incredibly valuable given the fact that a large part of the damage in battle is done while the enemy tries to catch you.

The ring of grace is a normal ring of grace, as can be found in the buildings of other thieves we have included in this guide. At +3 it increases your power by 6%, your endurance by 11.5% and the use of materials by 8%.

Finally, the chlorine ring gives us an extra 10 points per second for a quick recovery of endurance. Connect this to the decorative ring and we’ll have more stamina, then we’ll know what to do.

As for the weapons, the best option is either a Gothic twin sword filled with a sharp gem and a lightning bolt, or a lightning bolt from the Knight of Lorraine filled to the measure of faith. As far as the weapons are concerned, the writing must be cut out and dried. The short arc at the beginning, then Faris’ black arc…

Your starting bow is well capable of holding you back until you get the black onion later. Although there are other options, such as the dragonui mentioned above, we believe that these are the most effective.


Like the other thieves’ club, we don’t do spells here. You can, of course, invest in magic if you want to.

In fact, putting together a wizard is probably the best option if you want a whole meeting, as opposed to putting together an archer.

Best global options for thieves’s-Thief-Guide-in-Dark-Souls-3-–.jpg

We have looked at almost all the options you need to know if you want to build a thief, but we will quickly go through some important options.

For your weapons, you must use both:

A) Double knife or close to the battle dagger.

B) Short onions or black onions for collection in the assortment.

Double blades have a high damage potential, and if you have a hollow body with a bleed, this should be your weapon.

If you’re not too worried about the bleeding, stay away from happiness and the gangster dagger.

Like the bandit’s dagger, you start with a short bow, and this is the most important part of the game. Go to the Black Onion as soon as possible. But until then, you shouldn’t change your choice of weapon.

The game contains a handful of thiefs/armed men who look like armor sets, although you don’t need any of them to make your body movements effective. If you really want aesthetics, a Black Skin, Killer or Black Hand set should do it.


We hope this guide has given you the basic knowledge you need to effectively deal with a thief in Dark Souls 3. There is so much information in this guide that we have not yet delved into it, especially the sacred figure who is widely regarded as one of the most powerful collections of thieves in the world.

We thought they weren’t suitable for beginners, so we missed them. If this seems to be of interest to you, there are many messages from Reddit about the buildup you can view.


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