Guns of Glory Game Guide – Tips, Tricks, and Strategy

Guns of Glory is a mobile strategy game from Century Games in which you build a powerful kingdom, form a powerful army and expand your territory on the world map.

Throughout the journey you will experience unique military and security features and strategies.

To help you reach new heights in the game, fight side by side with your alliance with other players joining other alliances.

The game is available on Google Play and in the App Store. Some apps, which are used for online gambling in Oregon, came up with Guns of Glory casino games, so you can try that as well.

Introduction to the game

The weapon of glory takes place in the Middle Ages, where you are the commander of the mighty city.

Your job is to improve buildings, build new ones, train troops, take security measures, collect resources and much more.

After forming a strong army of troops, it’s time to take over a vast area filled with other players to fight and destroy the enemies.

You can open the world map by pressing the button at the bottom right of the screen.

The world map shows all the players, enemies and resources you need to walk to, as well as the location of your kingdom.

The further a target of your empire is, the further your army will reach it.

To find the enemies, camps or resources closest to your empire at the right level, use the search function in the lower left corner.

Before you march towards the target, you can build up an army that you want to use for this march.

At the beginning of the game you can choose one guard and troops, and two guards and troops after your castle reaches level 10.

In addition to training individual troops, you will also be able to further customize the skills of your army by discovering talents, attributes and research enthusiasts.

Since the game is very much about team play, the main part of the game is expanding the territory of your alliance to earn rewards.

In this guide we’ll give you tips and tricks to get you started and make faster progress in Guns of Glory.

How to reach the guards

Guards are special characters who lead your army into battle.

Not only do you have incredible strength, but you also have various skills to increase your chances of winning, including amateurs for your army.

The main way to get guards into the Army of Glory is by recruiting in the Recruitment Hall, which is located to the left of your castle.

There are two types of recruitment in the game: Normal and Master.

Normal recruitment is cheaper because the necessary resources are easier to obtain, but recruitment for the master position can offer a higher level of security and better opportunities.

Every day you will receive three free regular sets, and every 48 hours a free master set.

If you no longer have free recruits, you must issue security badges for regular recruits and banners for senior recruits.

The main way to obtain security passes and recruitment banners is to march and defeat Red Guard camps and threats on a world map.

All guards have unique skills and abilities, which means you have to collect several of them to adapt your army to different enemies.

There are different levels of security officers, and those at a higher level are often stronger than those at a lower level.

However, if you need a certain attribute for your army, it may be better to use a subordinate guard with that attribute instead of a superior guard.

The best way to produce acceleration

Acceleration is an incredibly useful thing in the Warehouse of Fame.

This reduces the time required for installation, upgrading or training, depending on the type of gear.

There are three kinds of gears: Construction gears, training gears and general gears.

As the name suggests, the acceleration of construction can only be used for buildings under construction or modernization, for the accelerated training of troops in formation and for the general acceleration of everything.

Because acceleration can drastically accelerate your progress, it is important to use it wisely.

At the beginning of the game we found it useful to perform general and structural gears on your castle, since no other building can exceed its level.

So you have to remove your lock before you can leave.

Later in the game, however, we recommend that you prioritise the Academy because you won’t be able to discover any new fans during the Academy update.

Also, you can’t train troops in buildings that generate troops during their expansion, so you should also prefer these buildings.

You can gain speed through a variety of actions in the game, including rewards for defeating threats and Red Guard camps, opening crates, completing missions and much more.

Performance of tasks specified in Chapter

The best way to make sure you don’t miss out on the important content and resources of the Glory Warehouse is to proceed to the next chapter of the mission.

The most important tasks are simple ones you can do to earn rewards and useful resources.

Usually you will be asked to upgrade a specific building, fight multiple enemies or train multiple units.

You can find the missions of the current chapter by clicking on the book icon on the left side of the screen in your kingdom.

At the end of all assignments related to a specific chapter, you will receive a number of rewards, including recruitment banners, resources and EXPs.

Requests and events

Another way to get items and resources into the game is to complete quests and events.

Quests are similar to the missions in this chapter in that they require you to perform simple tasks in exchange for a reward.

There are two types of quests: simple quests and daily quests.

Main searches take longer than daily searches, but there is no hurry.

Daily quests are reset daily, which means you must complete them daily in sufficient quantity to receive the most valuable daily rewards for your quests.

You will receive raw materials and items if you perform the daily quests yourself, but the real rewards come from the daily quest boxes.

All daily quests give a certain number of daily quest points.

After collecting 10, 40, 80, 130, 180, 230 and 280 daily missions, open the reward boxes.

The prices of the daily search in the coffin include resources, recruitment banners, keys and stones.

You can view all your quests by clicking on the quest icon on the left side of the screen in your kingdom.

Events always take place at Guns of Glory, so you can win extra prizes through various activities.

To view all live and upcoming events, click on the Event Centre button in the top right corner.

Depending on the event, you can win everything from accelerators to recruitment banners by taking part in the events.

Benefits of Alliance membership

You must join the Alliance in the Army of Glory as soon as possible.

Entering into an alliance not only offers a number of advantages, but also makes the game more fun through team play.

As soon as you join the alliance, you will receive 200 coins and have access to many new features.

Benefits of Alliance membership include safes, Alliance shops, donations and trade fairs.

Moreover, once you join the Alliance, you will be able to fight alongside its members in wars and regular attacks against other empires.

Alliance members can also help you if you have been attacked or if you need certain items or resources.

Finally, you can help expand the territory of your alliance on the world map, which will bring you more rewards.

To join an alliance, click on the Alliance button in the bottom menu and find the alliance in the list.

All alliances work on the basis of recruitment or on the basis of applications.

Anyone can immediately join an alliance with a recruitment button, while those with a recruitment button require the alliance leader to accept your application before you can join.

If you are a new player, we recommend that you find an alliance based on a recruiter, as you can join one of them directly.

Later on, you may want to join another, stronger alliance for which you need to sign up, as it is usually more established.

These are all our tips and tricks for the heat of fame!

We hope that with this tour you will be better prepared to start your journey in the game and progress faster.

If you have information for this guide, please let us know in the comments section below.

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