Catch a Tygar’s Toe gig – Cyberpunk 2077

Not every job requires running around in a 2077 cyberpunk in guns. If you are careful and a little smart, you can go unnoticed by the enemy army and complete the mission without anyone knowing you were there. The Catch a tiger toe option asks you to download the malware to the Megabuilding H11 server.

Where mega building H11 is located

Megabuilding H11 is in Northside, Watson, on the south side. Right next to Kabuki and Little China.

Downloading malware [protected by email] to server

[secure email] was already kind enough to hack the elevator of the building in front of you, so all you have to do is follow the mission indicator and go to the fifth floor in the server room. This area is hostile when you enter it, so it’s best to sit down when you’re there.

When you enter the server room, there are several enemies on the left side of the room in the lower part. While you’re standing above them and they don’t see you, several cameras search the area and if they catch you, everyone is warned. However, you can use them to your advantage. If you plan to sneak in, we recommend hacking into one of the cameras and pinging to spot nearby enemies. You can do this with the camera on the right side of the room closest to you, and then turn it off as soon as you have located the enemies with the remote control.

There are two jobs you can take, left or right. If you follow the path on the left, it will be more open and above the enemies. The camera we recommend you use to ping your enemies will see you too, so turn it off when you’re on that road.

If you go to the right, there is a camera in the stairwell, so turn it off when you see it. Apart from blocking the stairs, it won’t help you.

While the third camera is in the middle of the room, in the main room, and oversees everything. You can use it to see everyone, hack into or disable things in the room. If you can’t hack anything, we suggest you turn it off.

We took the path to the right, down the stairs. He gave us a better perspective to hide from four enemies. From this position we could sneak into the leftmost corner of the room, sitting on a chair. You can grab it and pull it out quietly. When you’ve taken her out, take her body and put it back in the stairwell so no one notices.

From there you have to decide which of the three you want to go next. The one on the left side of the coin stays there, but moves so often to the right. If you wait a while, the gang member on the left side will stay in place and the two on the right side will stay on their side and the one in the back corner will never move. You can disable the person on the right and drag him or her across the servers so that no one can see him or her.

After we removed this man from the left side of the room, one of the gang members moved directly behind us, near the waiter. But they won’t be there long. Wait for them to move and you can sneak inside to distract them with the cleaning machine. Once they’re distracted, grab them or someone else, take them and do it with someone else.

When all enemies have been destroyed, go to the back of the room and download the malware. Another member of Tigar is asleep, but if you haven’t made any noise or warned the guards, they will stay down and won’t disturb you. Now all you have to do is leave the area, mission accomplished.

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