Top 20 Best Strength Weapons in Dark Souls 3 –

Some actors demand a harder approach.

There are many ways to do this in Dark Souls 3!

Thanks to the infusion system, almost any weapon can be used to increase its power by inoculating it with a heavy gemstone.

But of course there are tools that are made for the job.

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20. Large smooth hammer

Hammer in DS3

Half of the most famous boss fighting duo of all time, Smoow’s Hammer is a recurring weapon of the early Dark Souls.

The hammer, often used comically because of its obscene size, has great damage, the ability to resist, and a passive which restores the HP during the attack!

Unfortunately it is very slow and has little practical use in PvP fights, except for memes.

Where’d you get that? In a safe on the second floor of Irithill’s picturesque bedroom.

19. Quakston Hammer

Quakston's Hammer in DS3

Basically, a block on a stick is a quartz hammer, perfect for players who want to add some punch to their swing.

The unique ability to shake the weapon makes it possible to dig a rock in the ground with a powerful helmet and then pull it out of the ground for a cataclysmic shock wave.

The shock wave can also be slowed down to catch the players!

Where’d you get that? In the rocky wastelands of a colourful world guarded by a red-eyed knight.

18. Large shooter

Large Dragon Shooter in DS3

The heaviest of all Velax, the Dragon Rider is a piercing, splitting, and has a slight confidence in his scales.

It is good for the development of strength and wonder and does a lot of damage – 2 shots at most opponents and players until the end of the game.

His unique ability to launch himself in the air is also quite striking and impressive, even though the landing on him is very difficult because of the headwind.

Where’d you get that? Mixing the soul with the soul of the dragon’s armor.

17. Large Yorma-mache

Yhorm's big machete DS3

With the longest wind this time and probably the most physical damage in the whole game, Yhorm is a strong opponent.

The fighting ability improves your attack and provides a unique heavy movement reminiscent of Yorm itself.

These movements are much shorter, but they cause extremely frustrating shock waves that leave your opponents in shock.

However, it is at the bottom of the list because it does not have a guaranteed 2-shot combination like most other heavy weapons.

Where’d you get that? A soul transplant with the soul of Yorm.

16. Magnificence

The big guns DS3

I’m a little prejudiced about his history with losers.

Back to DS3 version : The grandee was harrowing – with little damage, slow movements and a lack of resistance to attack.

But now, after many patches, he is much faster, much more destructive and has a good grip on his movements!

Besides, they’re all impact damage, and I love my leo ring combos.

Overall, it is a large, methodical, large-scale weapon that rewards a cautious and planned approach to combat.

Where’d you get that? It is located near the beginning of Lothric Castle, opposite the Dragon Bridge.

15. Dragon tooth

Screenshot of DS3 Dragon Tooth

This large hammer made of an unbreakable rodent dragon is the heir of the Havel Knight of the Dark Souls 1.

The dragon’s butt is slowly and slightly to the side, but it is ideal for hitting opponents on the ground, and it is as fine when the impact occurs.

Its use goes beyond weapons, as it allows a congenital 12.5% increase in the damage caused by magic and fire while handling a weapon!

Where’d you get that? Submerged by the Havel on the arch support.

14. Man with hose axe

The man with the snake axe - DS3 Screenshot

These weapons have become amazingly popular, especially after players have reached their full potential.

Snake hatchet man is fast, very long and extremely flammable.

It beats the big B-scale in strength and has a combat weapon – with a touch of originality!

You can also use it to do damage by blocking shields, like Tartan.

It’s not a puzzle, but it’s a good tool that’s great for PvP and gameplay in general!

Where’d you get that? The hose falls on the arch support.

13. Slaughter knife

Butcher knife - DS3 Weapon Screenshot.

The butcher’s knife is very similar to the human snake axe and offers the same advantages.

Speed, autonomy and very low continuous consumption.

It has a nice passive health regeneration for each shot, which can be useful for the roads of the farm!

In exchange for combativeness, butchers have a unique ability: Sharpening, which further enhances the passive restorative effect of the HP.

And even though it has little basic damage, it has an incredible +10 power on the S-scale!

Where’d you get that? He was parachuted by a crazy NPC on his way to the sacrifice.

12. Great exile password

Exile Password - Dark Souls 3 Screenshot

Titan from beginning to halfway, exile big word: many players choose the weapons.

The sword of exile is the most damaged of the large curved swords for the price of the shortest distance. He swings almost as fast as the right sword and still does incredible damage.

And despite the short distance, he has good arches on his swing, making it easy to catch players trying to throw or take a sideways kick!

Where’d you get that? Abandoned by an exile who owned it, outside Farron.

11. Black Knight’s Sword

The black knight's sword in DS3

Black Knight’s Sword is just my big favorite word and has a lot of advantages that put it at the top of the list.

To start with, the damage is considerable, and the range is not bad either!

It treats 20% more damage to demonic enemies and also has extra damage by balancing, making it much easier for enemies to stun.

It has standard hyperfence for its attacks and even has a great robustness as a weapon, which allows you to play much more aggressively.

The only disadvantage of this wood is the maximum strength of category C at +5, which is not the best, but it is still an excellent weapon to play in the early or middle ages!

Where’d you get that? Found on a body in a burning lake.

10. Dark Knight Big Sable

The great sword of the Black Knight in DS3

Great replica of the sword of the Black Knight, BKGS is a massive and ultra glorious word.

It has enormous damage and range, as well as a much more desirable B-force growth at +5.

It has the same passive properties as the Dark Knight’s sword – 20% demonic damage and more balanced damage.

Thanks to its passive attitude, it is the grooviest and cutest word in the game!

Where’d you get that? Abandoned by the black knights who own it for themselves.

9. Ultra large word

Damp Ultra Greatsword - DS3 Screenshot

The weapon of choice for one of the heaviest bosses in Dark Souls 2, the Smoke Knight.

The SKU is an extremely heavy rock plate and causes enormous damage over a long distance.

It requires an impressive 50 horsepower from one hand, but has an interesting secondary use….

It’s a pretty effective shield!

It has great absorbency when blocked with both hands, and the blocking effect also extends to its trapping power – so it can be overarmed by attack without being punished for it!

It cannot be brewed, but this is not a problem, because it can always be brushed and reach the power drop S!

Where’d you get that? Planted by the knight-killer Tsorig under the smoking lake.

8. Millwood Battle Axe

Millwood Battle Axe - DS3 Screenshot

The grinder can easily operate the shafts with one hand.

It has the same bonuses as all other axes, namely high damage and high speed for low endurance.

However, it gets even better when you look at his weaponry skills, which is a direct improvement on the war skills present on most axes.

With the mill’s combative scream you can jump forward and attack enemies, stun them and push them into the path, giving you a damage bonus.

The anesthetic on this charge is long enough to immediately switch to a simple combo and the enemies won’t retreat!

It can also be polished and reaches the large A-scale in strength at the maximum level.

Where’d you get that? Taken from a corpse on the roof of a miller’s tower inhabited by archers, in a painted DLC world.

7. Beautiful

Screenshot of Big Axe - Dark Souls 3

The name says it all.

Veraxa is as effective as it is simple, and is a favorite weapon of the Enforcers because of its early presence in the game.

When it is installed, it allows you to easily browse through the whole game.

He does impure damage and can continue to improve through his martial arts.

It can also be sanded and filled and is therefore also suitable for hybrid constructions!

However, it has an extremely short range and it is advisable to wear a very resistant armor to get under people’s skin with this thing.

Where’d you get that? Was thrown into the elevator next to Farron’s wolf by a wandering demon.

6. Uppercase word

Big word - Screenshot of Dark Souls 3

Another nice, simple weapon.

Don’t be fooled by this boring name, the big word is for one thing: pure destruction.

And he’s doing well.

Tons of hyper-safety, damage, and the longest range of all SKUs.

With a strong A-grade, the big sword is perfect for full play and PvP at the end of the game.

It is very similar to the large black knight’s sword, except that it is easier to obtain, is stamped, has a better scale and a larger range, which makes it preferred in most scenarios.

It’s also easier to upgrade, just titanite!

Where’d you get that? Trapped on a body on a broken bridge in Farron Hold.

5. Jingle Knight Pair Big Words

The knight-founder of the great twin words in DS3

The RKPGS is one of the newest weapons for sale in the game.

However, they are designed for pure PvP destruction.

They have crazy damage, range and combo potential, and let you beat most opponents 100-0 without having to say a word in the whirlwind corridors.

If you know how to use them.

Their complexity and variety are well worth exploring, and once you’ve mastered their moves, you’ll have all sorts of devastating combos at your disposal!

Where’d you get that? Drops of the circled knight they carry right in front of the lances of the cathedral of the church of the circled city DLC.

4. Splitlift Large Sword

Screenshot of the Splitleaf Sword - Dark Souls 3

If you’ve read our list of best halberds, you know how crazy that weapon can be.

It turns out to be ridiculously efficient in power construction, with an S-Fold of +10 Heavy!

His helicopter weapon combinations are so varied that you have to look for some videos on how to use his machine effectively.

But once you’ve mastered it, you’re totally invincible – you sneak through enemies with crippling combos that make them totally helpless.

It’s not for nothing that this weapon is one of the most widely used in PvP.

Where’d you get that? Bought from the Stone Witch at the beginning of the City of Rings CLC.

3. Pickers

Picax - Screenshot of Dark Souls 3

I love that this gun is so high up on the list.

Its description may be that it is not intended to be used in battle, but that is completely incorrect.

Pussycat’s unbelievable.

It is completely damaged on impact, so the Leo ring fits perfectly.

What’s more, pick attacks unbalance opponents, which means that a second strike is guaranteed and counts as a counterattack!

This allows you to use the power of the Lion’s Ring to easily shoot enemies twice, and – combined with the power of A-fold – makes the pickaxe a truly formidable weapon to watch.

Where’d you get that? Located on a corpse in the dungeon of Iritilus, next to a giant.

2. Large Ledo hammer

Large Hammer Ledo DS3

When it comes to incredible weapons, Ledo’s big hammer would be at the top of the list if it were up to me.

His tumbling motion on the ground is fantastic when you crush your opponents.

It is surprisingly fast, does damage on an insane scale and has an amazingly unique ability.

Call to Stone allows you to throw your hammer into an amazing 2 hour combo that will cover your weapon with stones and polish the damage for 40 seconds.

The use of a heavy attack loaded during crushing explodes rocks and sacrifices crushing for a massive explosion of AoE damage.

With a maximum power of 60, only big boys can use this bad boy. But, damn it, it’s worth every point in the statistics.

Where’d you get that? Abandoned by the Silver Knight Ledo as he enters the City of Rings.

1. Grand Club

The Big Club - Screenshot of the Dark Souls 3

So, the best weapon of power in Dark Souls 3 is….. a stick.

But a big stick!

With its early availability, A-level strength, ability to be polished, amazing range, stun movement, pointless damage, ability to handle a military weapon, and hyper-safety, this weapon is really not lacking.

In fact, she is great in all Soul games and is a constant fan of the series!

Although he may be missing… Talent of some weapons, the great fun is to hit people with a big caveman style club.

Where’d you get that? Abandoned by the exile who keeps him away from Farron.

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