Cherry blossom season has begun again in the crossovers, and players want to know how to capture cherry blossoms in the crossovers to new horizons. So we decided to make a guide to help you catch cherry blossoms in Animal Crossing, so check it out.

There are constantly new and interesting events in Animal Crossing, and players want more because these events are different from the usual gameplay. As with every year, cherry blossom season returns to Animal Crossing with new horizons, and players need a new guide to the subject. Some players are new to Animal Crossing and don’t really know how to catch a cherry blossom. You get to see the cherry blossoms in Animal Crossing from day one. April to the 10th. From April 2021 to experience. You can catch cherry blossoms, they are easy to find on the island.

During these 10 days of cherry blossom, you will also get a chance to collect cherry blossom-themed DIY recipes. Below you will learn how to capture cherry blossoms in the animal cross.

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Cherry Blossom is only available in Animal Cross from the 1st to the 10th. April, and these dates are only available to players in the northern hemisphere. Players in the southern hemisphere can play from 1 o’clock. October 2021 will be the chance to see Cherry Blossom in the game.

Now let’s explain how to capture the cherry blossoms in Crossing New Horizons with Animals.

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It is actually very easy to catch an animal crossing a cherry blossom. These cherry blossoms can be seen on the trees all over the island, but you can also get them directly from the trees, you have to catch a fallen cherry. Cherry blossoms in the sky can be caught.

If you are wondering how to catch cherry blossoms, I can tell you that these cherry blossoms can be caught the same way as flying insects. You have to pull out the net and start swinging in the air. Cherry blossoms can be found all over the island in Animal Crossing, as they are not rare items. All the cherry blossoms you see on the island are worth seeing. So don’t miss this chance to see a cherry tree in bloom for ten days.

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During the morning announcements, Isabel will give you the first cherry blossom recipe for an outdoor picnic set.

Here are some cherry blossom recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

Recipe name Product type How to get there… Artisanal ingredients
Lantern with flowers Furniture With balloon gifts 6x cherry blossom leaf

4x hardwood

Cherry blossom bonsai Furniture With balloon gifts 6x cherry blossom leaf

3x clay

3x weed nugget

2x hardwood

Branches of cherry trees Furniture With balloon gifts 8x cherry blossom leaf

5x clay

4x a tree branch

Cherry Blossom Clock Furniture With balloon gifts 5x cherry blossom leaf

1x Iron Nugget

Cherry wood floor Paul With balloon gifts Cherry blossom leaf

20x weed clods

Cherry Blossom Clutch Clothing – Bag With balloon gifts 6x cherry blossom leaf
Cherry blossom pond stone Furniture With balloon gifts 3x Cherry Blossom

10x stone

Cherry blossom umbrella Clothing – Umbrella With balloon gifts Cherry blossom leaf
Cherry stick Baguette With balloon gifts 3x Cherry Blossom

3x star fragment

Cherry blossom – pile of petals Furniture With balloon gifts 5x cherry blossom leaf
Wall of cherry blossoms Wallpaper With balloon gifts Cherry blossom leaf

5x hardwood

Picnic set for outdoors Furniture Given to Isabel at this morning’s announcement.

Bouncing gifts in a ball

Cherry blossom leaf
Sakura wooden floors Paul With balloon gifts 5x cherry blossom leaf

Forest 10x

Sakura Forest Mural Wallpaper With balloon gifts 5x cherry blossom leaf

Forest 10x

Hopefully we’ll see some new content from the developers.

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So it was all about catching the cherry blossoms in Animal Crossing. I hope you like our approach.

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