The Greatest Online Slot Wins


Early slots were designed to deliver a poker hand to the player, whose winnings would be paid out in the form of a free drink, cigar, cigarette, or more spins. The automation of slots meant that prizes were more standardized, and electronic slots allowed players to receive their winnings directly from the machine without needing an attendant.

When video poker was first developed, part of the appeal was that the machines included bigger hoppers, making larger payouts possible, and this trend has continued as poker has become more and more technologically advanced.

Online slots have the potential to offer bigger jackpots than ever before, not least because the option of progressive slots means that jackpots can build quickly, and winners can take home millions. Some casino slot games are designed to offer players the chance to enjoy quick games with regular payouts and free spins, but progressive slots provide a means for players to build up a large jackpot.

In a progressive slot game, the more players join, the larger the jackpot, and the prize fund just keeps growing and growing until the lucky winner triggers the payout. Some of the largest payouts include:

Mega Moolah

This progressive slot is known for being a popular choice among players who dream of a life-changing win, and with good reason. Some of the biggest online slot wins have been among players of this game, including a record-breaking win that took place in Belgium in 2021.

The lucky player joined a Mega Moolah game called ‘Absolutely Mad’ and ended up walking away with around £19 million in winnings. Little is known about the player who took the top prize, but you have to assume there were celebrations in the weeks and possibly months and years after their big win.

In fact, several of the biggest wins ever recorded on online slots were also from Mega Moolah games. In 2015, a soldier named Jon Heywood landed himself a £13.2 million prize. His initial bet was just 25 pence, and the payout was so unexpected that he carried on playing for a couple of days after he had won before even telling anyone about his newfound millionaire status.

Another of the game’s biggest winners was known only as DP, but her £7.9 million jackpot would probably have been revealed to her nearest and dearest within the first few days. All that is known about this elusive winner is that she was playing on a mobile device, but someone must have spotted all that cash by now.

Hall of Gods

A Scottish player who was enjoying his first time playing in an online casino ended up winning an eyewatering amount after placing just a couple of bets. The man, identified only as ‘Neil, was so surprised to win that he got in touch with his family to check that he hadn’t fallen victim to an online prank.


Neil, from Aberdeen, placed a £4 bet on the Hall of the Gods slot game to waste time while his wife and kids were watching TV. Instead of a quiet distraction, he soon found himself calling his own parents to get them to check that he wasn’t losing his mind.

Neil was full of plans for what he wanted to do with the money, including buying a season ticket to see Liverpool, visiting family in Australia, and buying a holiday home in Tenerife.

Mega Fortune

Back in 2016, a player wagered £1.25 on the Mega Fortune slot machine and ended up taking home £6.2 million. He reported that his initial reaction was shock as the lights went off on the screen, and he was worried that there was a bug in the game that had caused it to stop unexpectedly.

When he realized that he had won the jackpot, he was overcome and delighted to learn that he wasn’t going to have to contact customer services to deal with the glitch but instead had to work out what to do with more than £6 million.

Arabian Nights

A global fanbase saw plenty of players building up the jackpot on this popular game during the early 2010s. While seven-figure wins weren’t unheard of, a player in Norway landed a jackpot of £13.9 million to become the biggest winner in this game and set the bar for the next batch of players to try and win an even larger prize.


While slot players are always hoping to win, landing a big jackpot can be an overwhelming feeling at first, and plenty report that they weren’t sure what to do when they first realized they had landed a massive prize. Any player can be in with a chance of landing the top prize, and these stories just go to show that someone is winning.

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