Hitman 3 Elusive Target – The Food Critic Silent Assassin guide

In the third installment of Hitman, Agent 47 is tasked with killing a target who has been living in hiding for years. The target has been described as “elusive,” and it’s up to you to find him.

The hitman 3 elusive targets mod is a guide that will help you to complete the Elusive Target mission in Hitman 3.

The Food Critic is an Elusive Target that is set in Bangkok. This is a Hitman 2 location, however it’s free for all Hitman 3 players for the duration of this Elusive Target. This tutorial will show you how to use basic equipment to murder the victim and get the level of Silent Assassin.

Warning about an evasive target

This is your one opportunity to accomplish the assignment. You cannot restart the operation once you begin to fulfill goals, which in this instance means killing the target. You may, however, retry the quest as many times as you like until that point. We suggest practicing our route without killing the target a few times until you’re familiar with it. When you’re ready, you can go for broke and go for the kill.


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For this path, you just need the basic equipment that Agent 47 normally possesses. Nothing is more important than the gun and the currency. If you’re feeling showy, the Profligacy Outfit from the Gluttony Gobbling Escalation is a nice choice, but you may choose whatever suit you like.

Step 1: Enter the structure.

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Take the stairs up and then turn right from where you started. Go all the way to the building’s edge and turn left. Continue walking until you come upon the guard. You’ll have to climb a drainpipe next to him on the side of the planter. This drainpipe is marked on the map below.

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Climb the drainpipe and shimmy along the balcony’s edge. As you proceed, an NPC will come out and begin smoking on the balcony, but they will not see you. Make your way to the balcony’s left-hand side and then leap up onto it. Enter the chamber via the door on your right side.

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Before hiding behind the sofa, open the entrance to the hallway and shoot the wall to the right of the doors. A security officer from the hallway will be drawn in by this shot. Subdue them and steal their uniform once they’re inside. Pick up their weapon and go to the restaurant.

Step 2: Put it together

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The bulk of the time will be spent by the target. The precise position may be seen on the map above. Near the window, you’ll see a black-clad bodyguard. Drop the security guard’s pistol in front of him, allowing him to pick it up and dispose of it.

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You must now wait for a waiter to descend the stairs and approach the chef. They will be seen in the distance. Before you do anything else, you must wait for them to depart the area. Place a penny on the balcony as soon as their animation resumes.

Step 3: Execution

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Run in front of the coin on the balcony after bumping into the target so that he stares at you. This will prompt him to explore more. Push him over the edge of the balcony to murder him. Because this was an unintentional kill, the corpse may be discovered, but your Silent Assassin rating will not be affected.

All you have to do now is locate an exit and leave the place. You may utilize The Casual Suit With Gloves in any place after accomplishing the Elusive Target.

The sniper contracts mission 2 is a guide for Hitman 3 Elusive Target. It includes the locations of all the Silent Assassin targets, as well as how to complete their missions without being detected.

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