Provably Fair Dice Game: Rolling the Future



In a perfect world, one would be forgiven for thinking that a dice game is completely fair. The odds are about 1/6 on a dice roll. That is if you take your standard square dice. Things can get a bit more complicated if you add a few variables into the mix, such as the shape of the dice, etc.

In the online gaming world, dice games are also on offer. Working on an electronic basis, the thought might linger as to how fair these games really are. Provably fair online gaming has taken this to a new level. The focus is on transparency and fairness in gameplay. Utilizing certain blockchain technology and algorithms allows users to verify game results. This article aims to explore provable fairness in dice games.

What Are Provably Fair Dice Game?

Provably fair dice games are a system implemented by online gaming providers. Suppose it offers players the chance to verify all results of gameplay. Each individual result can be verified, or bulk results. The aim is to create an environment of fair play and transparency.

Implementing this system across all game offerings on a gaming platform has ensured that various game types, such as dice games (think craps), are also part of the process. When accessing a specific gaming site, do take note to familiarize yourself with the relevant terms and conditions, game-specific ones as well. These would mostly also include whether a specific game is provably fair or not.

The Advantages of Provably Fair Dice Game

Provably fair games are a systematic methodology that has been incorporated into online gaming. The key feature of this is to provide a level of fairness and transparency. Players are guaranteed that no game is rigged. The open-source algorithm software used prevents any interference with the game outcome.


Each player can verify game results after a draw. With open accessibility, this can be done almost anywhere on any platform, internet connectivity permits. This is a far cry from the ‘good old days’ when verification was done by third-party auditors.

These systems do not interfere with the overall features and quality of a game. That said, these games also embrace privacy. Because most of them function on a virtual or cryptocurrency basis, there is little to no need to disclose your personal information, such as credit card numbers, etc.

How to Verify Provably Fairness

In provably fair games, players can verify and confirm the results of each round of gameplay. This will ensure that whether you win or lose, the result is fair and transparent. The use of blockchain technology ensures that there is absolutely no way that there can be any interference in a draw outcome from either side.

The technical breakdown of how results can be verified is as follows:

· After placing your bet, reset the client seed.

· Copy the server seed from the site.

· Paste the server seed into a hashing tool.

· Make sure to use the SHA-512 hash rate. The hash result should match the server seed.

· Use the fair result checker to enter the server seed, client seed, and nonce. The result of this will verify the outcome of the round.

Examples of Provably Fair Dice Game

Dice games have been in circulation for quite some time. It is played in a variety of ways on various platforms. The online gaming environment also has its fair share of dice games. One such example of a provably fair dice game is craps.

Craps is a very popular online dice game. Generally, the rules are easy to learn. The game begins with a pair of dice being rolled by a thrower/shooter. Depending on what is rolled, a point is determined between 2 and 12. The round ends if the dice roll to a 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12.

The throws are represented as follows:

· 2 – Snake eyes

· 3 – Cross eyes

· 12 – Box cards

· 7 / 11 – Natural

Players bet on whether a shooter can throw a similar point before a 7 comes up. With an infinitive number of throws available, the bet is lost if a 7 is rolled before the Point is reached. At this stage, the next shooter/thrower continues.

If a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled with the opening, the game moves to the next player. A natural equals another roll.

Useful Tips for Players

Online gaming is a comfortable tool. The accessibility is noteworthy. When choosing a gaming site, take care to search for appropriate and fair sites. Those with relevant reviews are a good start. It is also advisable to read all the ‘paperwork’ provided under the general and specific conditions of a site.


This will always ensure that a player makes focused, well-thought-out decisions relevant to gameplay. It’s still a game of luck and chance; some things you do have to be realistic about, and that specifically is provably fair gaming. Learn the skills needed to verify your gaming results, making sure you are in agreement with everything that happens during game time.


Dice games and their variants are some of those all too familiar games that can be found in almost any type of gaming setting. With the technological developments, a lot of effort has gone into ensuring that each play is as fair as possible.

The purpose behind this is ultimately to create fair play for the user. Creating confidence that each gaming site is reliable and legitimate. Whether you play with virtual or other currency, the focus should be on the enjoyment thereof and not the nagging worry that everything is not up to standard. The indirect end goal of provably fair gaming is a consistent stream of long-term users. A win-win on both ends.

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