Best Yanfei Build in Genshin Impact

The old saying goes “there’s always room for improvement.” While it’s a cliché, it’s also true. And it’s especially true in “Genshin Impact”, the latest ten-player MMO from Chinese game developer Snail Games. The biggest draw of the game is that it offers the unique ability to develop your character on a number of planes of existence. By gaining experience in your chosen class alongside other classes, you can unlock new skills and abilities that will suit your unique playstyle.

So if you’re playing Genshin Impact, then you’re probably aware that Yanfei is a crazy strong character, with a hitbox that covers pretty much all of the screen at all times. This makes her a formidable opponent on the battlefield, but also makes her really difficult to play. If you’re struggling to optimize your Yanfei build, then this guide’s for you.  We’ll be looking at some of the best builds for Yanfei and why they work, as well as some of the best items to use with Yanfei on each stage.

With the major update 1.5 of Genshin Impact (released on April 28, 2021), we discovered the new 4-star character Pyro : Yangfei! I’m surprised there wasn’t a pyrocatalyst user until now, but we’re glad there is one now. Read on to learn more about the best Yangei build in Genshin Impact, including stats and artifacts you should pay special attention to.

As always, you can take our suggestions and modify them as you see fit. This guide serves only as a starting point for your own adventure.

Best Yangfei Building in Genshin Punch

Here we look at Yangfei’s best build in Genshin Impact and the stats, sub-stats, artifact sets and weapons you should pay particular attention to.

Best stats and swaps for Yanfei

Yanfei’s talents are not that complicated compared to those of some of the other characters in the game. You have some leeway in terms of the values you want to reinforce. Below we have listed some key statistics that we believe are best for each of the Yantea artifacts.

  • Aeon Sands: ATK% or basic skill
  • The chalice of Eonothem: DMG Pyro Bonus
  • Circle of logos : DMG Crit, Rate Crit, % ATK, or Elemental Mastery (according to Sands of Eon’s stats).
  • The flower of life and the flag of death: For each of these artifacts, target 2-3 of the above values as substrates.

*We recommend the Pyro DMG bonus stat, and only this one, for the Chalice of Yanfei artifact.

Best artifacts for Yanfei

First, let’s talk about the best combination of artifacts for Yanfey. You get the most out of Yanfei by strengthening her pyro abilities, as she can only deal elemental damage to her opponents. Keep this in mind when setting up. For a quick overview, here are our top artifact sets to check out on Yanfey!

  • The witch with the crimson flame
  • The group of tramps
  • A noble commitment

If you’re just starting out and don’t have access to any of the above artifacts, try using one or a combination of these sets for the beginning of the game.

  • Responsible for the course
  • Berserk
  • The Gladiator finale

Best 4 piece artifact sets for Yanfei

  • Crimson Flame Witch: Set of 4 pieces

This pyro-based artifact set is the best choice for Yanfei. As a user of catalysts, he will benefit greatly from the generation of elemental reactions (especially fusion reactions).

Flame Crimson Witch’s 4 item artifact set increases damage from pyro and all pyro-based reactions (overload/burn +40%, melt/steam +15%). You’ll probably want to go to the Zhou Formula Hidden Palace to get these artifacts as soon as possible!

  • The Wanderer Team: Set of 4 pieces

We think this would make a very interesting set of artifacts! All of Yanfei’s skills revolve around his charged attack, so the bonus of 4 sets would really be a viable and strong option for the Wanderer squad.

This 4-piece set increases elemental power by 80 (useful for all elemental reactions you do with Yanfei) and charged attack damage by 35% (for bow/catalyst users)!

Best combinations of Yangfei’s two-part artifact sets

If you want to experience the bonuses of Yantea sets, try one of the following 2-piece artifact set combinations. We’ve listed them in the order we think Yanfey could benefit from these combinations (most useful at the top).

  • Witch of the Crimson Flame/Troupe le vagabond
  • Noblesse Oblige / The Witch with the Crimson Flame
  • The Wanderer’s Troupe / Noble Obligation

Best weapons for Yanfei

Yanfei will benefit from multiple weapons, so we recommend balancing the above stats between weapons and artifacts. Here are some options to get you started:

5-star weapon for Yanfei

  • A prayer lost in the holy winds
  • Heavenly Atlas

4 stars weapon for Yanfei

  • Sunshine pearl
  • Frost Bear
  • The eye of perception

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