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Warframe !!! I’ve been playing for a while now and am helping run a clan, so I thought I’d put some of my best (worst) advice in one place. Here are some good (terrible) things to think about:

Warframe Best Primary Weapons 2020

  1. When dealing with Necros, he is more likely to desecrate them in search of more loot, depending on how many pieces the enemies have cut off. Be sure to cut up the corpses as well, so everyone knows you’re a psychopath.
  2. Spoiler mode is great for reviving teammates, especially if you can’t see them, but check their RM first if you can see them. Low-level scrubs are not worth reviving.
  3. The rarest Prime coins are worth more DUCATES. So the rule is to say “DUCATS” in the loudest, dumbest voice in the group chat when you select them on the Relic Crack screen.
  4. Voidrigs 2 gives him a few seconds of invincibility, giving your shields time to regenerate and Bruntspars’ skin time to regenerate the Exorcist again.
  5. If you are trying to stay in a group with a friend, but want Randos out of your group after the mission, it is customary to write in the chat “WHY THE ENGINE ALWAYS KILLS MY CAR”.
  6. Luxury skins are the best use of coupons to hit the market, partly because you can’t get them any other way, but mostly because it lets everyone know what a greedy bitch you really are. We know exactly why you buy leather at Nova Atomica.
  7. If you are new to exploring the world’s content, Quest of Fortune can offer you a free K-Drive flyover board that allows you to view the world from below as you glide across the ground and fall into nothingness.
  8. All three subspecies of Deimos are self-pollinating, so your pet can die guilt-free. Repeatedly.
  9. Ayatan carvings can be used to decorate your Orbiter so you can tell your friends “Look how many ENDOs I need” without having to type or say it.
  10. If you’re new to the game, you should play Second Dream as soon as possible for a free existential crisis. Out of respect for the existentialist Soren Kierkegaard, who gloriously did not have the Internet, no one on the Internet will tell you what it is about.
  11. Did you know that Warframe has a PVP? No! There is no PVP in Warframe. Why do you think?
  12. In addition to its Effigy capabilities, Chroma has a built-in double credit, which is a 13-year-old platonic “Badass” ideal. That’s me. I’m 13, ignore the “1985” on my driver’s license.
  13. If you use a Nidus Grub to hit a ball of Dargin pilots, killing it counts as “killing the Dargin pilots before they hit the ground” and makes the ball burp, which is hilarious.
  14. Using a gun as a wukong weapon is a perfectly legitimate way to give a monkey a weapon.

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  • The great defeat

Source TLDR: Next week we’ll free up 6.6 GB of PC space, but we’ll need a 6.5 GB upgrade to do so. Most platforms will experience similar improvements. My memory of the early days in 2012, when we launched our closed beta, is vague, but I clearly remember the overall download being low. ….

  • Why don’t we have an operator-frame relationship?

No, it’s not a barbed wire or a “warframe dating sim” joke. I’m very serious. What has been bothering me since I started playing Sacrifice is why don’t we have more independent warframes? I understand that in the universe the statement is that only Umbra was allowed to have his memories, but in Second Dream your warframes have changed. ….

  • If Warframe had synthetic waves.

Because I had too much free time, I organized my music the way I thought it would fit into the game. Mainly during combat. Some seem more appropriate than the ones I listed, but in order not to confuse things, I decided not to list them. ….

Warframe Horrible tips posted for the game Warframe.

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