Tips for Getting to Challenge Tier 15

Image via Square EnixSo, you’ve won the main story campaign of Outriders and you want to unlock all the endgame content. If you’re behind on your item levels or not paying close attention to how you build your character, the higher levels of the challenge tiers can be challenging. We’ve put together this endgame guide for Outriders Expeditions to help you out. If you want to go from Challenge Level 0 to Challenge Level 15, follow these tips and tricks.

The end game of Outriders consists of missions called expeditions. The difficulty of the expedition is called the challenge levels, similar to the world levels in the story campaign. There are fifteen levels of difficulty, with the highest level being in the 50s.

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Here are some tips and tricks to help you reach the highest level of challenge level expeditions in Outriders:

  • Have a good physique
  • Use the right equipment and mods
  • Update your products
  • Apply survival techniques

Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but if you keep these four things in mind, you will ultimately succeed.


Whatever class you choose in Outriders, you’ll need a solid build that can do maximum damage. You can check out our Pyromancer, Technomancer, Trickster and Devastator guides if you need any guides. A good physique is very important to get to level 15.

Transmissions and models

As with your course, good material is essential. Pay special attention to your equipment modifications, as this is what will make or break you. In general, you should focus on mods that increase the damage of your main skill.

Speaking of equipment, pay attention to the props. Just because something has a higher shielding doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better. If you z. B. If you use firepower primarily to do damage, you want the firepower bonus, not something like anomaly power.

It’s important to note that the armor number on the item is still important, but you’ll have to strike a balance between a high armor value and good attributes. Armor contributes directly to the mitigation of physical damage, which makes up almost all incoming damage.


As you progress through the more difficult levels, the level of the crowd increases. You should keep this in mind and not forget to upgrade your equipment in the shipbuilding station. As the monsters get tougher and tougher, you’ll need to collect better items on your next expedition or upgrade your current items.

If you have limited resources, consider upgrading your weapons first. You get a big and steady increase in damage, and it makes a noticeable difference.

Survival modes

Once you have mastered the basic models, you can start looking at Level II and Level III options. The higher challenge levels test your character’s ability to survive, so you’ll want to turn to mods that help you in this area. We’ve compiled a list of the best Tier II mods that you can mix and match to fit your build and play style.

  • Gradual decline (stage II) : Increase firepower, anomaly, and armor for 8 seconds while replenishing health.
  • Damage Absorber (Level II): Increases armor and resistance.
  • Bloodlust (Level II): Killing enemies with a weapon when hit by blood increases bleeding with the weapon by 40% for 10 seconds.
  • Vein ripper (level II): Critical blows make enemies bleed.
  • Vampiric Magic (Level II): Fatal shots at bleeding enemies will replenish half the ammo in your warehouse.
  • Emergency position (Level II) : Achieve the golem’s protection effect within 4 seconds when your health drops below 30%.
  • Icefall (Level II): If your health drops below 30%, enemies within 10 meters will be frozen.
  • Death Reduction (Level II): Killing enemies during ADS gives 10 seconds of armor.

As for the level III mods, you’ll have to bring them with you, because it’s a challenge to find legendary items. That’s all you need to know to survive the Outrider’s expeditions. We’ll let you know when we can put together a more complete list of the most powerful Tier III mods.

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