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Tractor Mods For Farming

FS19 is a great way to kill a lot of time. And it seems we all have a little extra these days.

Luckily for us, Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive offered excellent mod support for the game. So if you’re looking for a handful of new tractors to spice up your vanilla game, there’s definitely something here that will interest you.

Honestly, there are thousands of unique FS19 models and probably dozens (if not hundreds) of tractors.

We are here to tell you that you have some time to spare with this list of really great tractors made by users.

10. Fordson Model F

Tractor Mods For Farming

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This Fordson Model F tractor may not be the biggest or the most powerful. But it’s an age-old classic that adds a lot of value to the game.

Especially in the beginning, when money is scarce and fields are limited.

This tractor also produces excellent fertilizer and looks great.

It’s one of the few open-cab tractors for FS19, and it’s just great to see this timeless old timer survive in a game that’s played so much.

9. Grand Bud 450 1990

Tractor Mods For Farming

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This new version of the tractor is considerably larger than the previous one and has engine options to match.

The Big Bud tractor became the DLC of Farming Simulator 17, so of course fans should include it in Farming Simulator 19.

With multiple wheel options and enough power to pull almost any attachment, this tractor is ready for any heavy duty job.

Nevertheless, the price is quite high. Although it is not as high as other tractors of this size.

It is also too large to move efficiently in small fields. But this one is old enough that it doesn’t need a diesel exhaust in real life (or in the game).

8. Kirovets K-700 v3.0

Tractor Mods For Farming

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That old Russian tractor is a beast.

And if it’s in the same size class as the previous tractor on my Big Bud list, it’s definitely the same tractor.

It is clear that the author of the first fashions loved these tractors, as he spent a lot of time incorporating details into their appearance and usability.

Not to mention the many customization options.

With engine options up to 400 hp, selectable wheels, a safety frame, additional lighting, exterior adjustment, interior adjustment, various cab and safety cage color options, selectable decals, and even a track pull option, this tractor has everything you need in a great tractor.

7. Ford 5000 WIP v1.0

Tractor Mods For Farming

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Lucky number seven: Ford 5000.

Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of tractors in this game.

Being able to afford without renting or selling your kidney to a bank is another story.

This tractor takes a big step forward compared to other tractors you have in the beginning.

And for only 5,400 in play money, it’s not a bad deal to trade a small starter tractor for it.

Now, there are some attachments they don’t give, like for example. B. Fertilizer. And he’s not a monster, but he can handle all the small implements, including the plow used to work the fields.

6. John Deere 6R black

Tractor Mods For Farming

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This John Deere model is not much different from the basic tractors, except that it is black. Good. Good.

The John Deere 6R Black has a base engine of 280 horsepower and a top speed of 50, making it much faster than most tractors in the game.

Useful if you don’t have enough money to buy a bigger truck to haul dump trucks.

And the yellow John Deere wheels on this model are really accented in black, so you can paint your trailer and loader the same way.

5. JCB Fastrac 3200 Xtra

Tractor Mods For Farming

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Well, we’re halfway down the list! If you’re still here, you deserve this JCB Fastrac.

Another elegant black tractor, this time with the JCB logo pasted on it.

Like the previous John Deere tractor, this tractor is also quite fast compared to the tractors in the game. And with its various engine options, it’s suitable for most tasks around your farm.

4. Lamborghini Nitro 100

Tractor Mods For Farming

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A rather unknown fact: Lamborghini built tractors long before they got into the supercar business.

The story goes that Mr. Lamborghini bought a Ferrari, had a few complaints (for example, the clutch needed to be replaced too often), and Mr. Ferrari laughed and called him a tractor salesman.

In revenge, he launched his first supercar. So now you can not only have a Ferrari in your garage, but also a Lamborghini in your backyard.

It’s a solid little tractor, that’s for sure. Who wouldn’t want a Lamborghini?

3. Bulldog from Lanz D1506

Tractor Mods For Farming

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The little bulldog who can.

This cute little tractor doesn’t have much power, but it’s very cute.

It’s clear that the creator of this mod really loved this antique tractor and spent a lot of time and detail on it.

I’m not saying there’s a 20-foot crew behind it. But I’m not saying we shouldn’t do it.

There are several other models of the same mod, so check out the website for more information.

2. Lanz HR5 Morbulldog package

Tractor Mods For Farming

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Even before there was a tractor for sale in every small town, real tractors were built for real tractor drivers.

No power steering, no hydraulic assistance, no air conditioning in the cabin.

They didn’t even bother to take care of the tires!

Can you imagine the traction this thing would have in real life? Not that it bothers you, because with this mod, you can make it work without any inconvenience.

He’s a workhorse. And while it doesn’t have the power of a forklift, it will pull anything you hang on to from the back.

Superb model with lots of details and a clear nostalgia factor.

1. F550 Cargo Box v1.0

Tractor Mods For Farming

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The number one, and by far the most useful, can’t really be called a tractor.

But since you can put tractor attachments on it, I think it’s more than worth the first place.

With a 550 horsepower engine, this thing pulls every trailer in the game, plus a full load in the bed.

Personally, I have the impression that the tax threshold here is too low. But this is easily corrected in the xml file.

And I can personally attest to the ability to move 80,000 game units without issue.

By the way, it’s very cheap at the beginning of the game. And plows almost all the tractors in the base game.

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What is the best tractor in Farming Simulator 19?


What are the best mods for Farming Simulator 19?

Best Farming Simulator 19 Modules | Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

What is the fastest tractor in Farming Simulator 19?

The JCB Fastrac 4220 is the fastest tractor in its class. It reaches a speed of 100 km/h and is therefore ideal for transport. It costs $196,000. It also has four steerable wheels and the ability to attach a front loader.

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