Review – Minit Fun Racer (PC)

When you think of a medium made specifically for a charity event, you immediately think shit. The terrible song We Are the World comes to mind. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a charity video game, but I’m glad Devolver Digital pioneered the concept. Especially since the game in question, Minit Fun Racer, turned out to be pretty good.

Minit Fun Racer (PC)

Remember, kids, always wear a helmet.

Do you remember Minute? It’s a gem that Devolver released a few years ago, where we had a minute to explore the world around us before dying and taking a break, a bit like The Mask of Majora or Groundhog Day. It featured humorous characters and an ultra-minimalist artistic style, completely monochromatic, charming but a bit boring to watch after a while. Minit Fun Racer takes what worked in this game (and a little of what didn’t) and adapts it to the mix of old-fashioned auto-route and excitebike.

Racer Minit Fun is very boring at first. You only have ten seconds to collect coins before you die, which barely gets you ahead. Those with a short attention span will be out of the game after two or three passes, but there’s a catch: the shop in the game. Coins can be used to buy upgrades for your bike, such as a crash helmet, a throttle, and most importantly, something you MUST buy to enjoy the game as a whole: the ability to extend your time by one second each time you pick up a coin.

Minit Fun Racer (PC)

Eat your heart out, Evel Knievel.

The more you play, the more coins you get, the more upgrades you can afford, and the easier the game becomes. Soon the game will change from a ten-second run to a full auto-run with a complex difficulty curve. At rush hour, you can leave the first environment, the cityscape, and then go to the desert, and then to the desert, and so on.

The game only lasts a few minutes, but it offers an incredible amount of scares for the three dollars the developers charge. In addition to the initial items you get, you can buy a VIP card that gives you access to even better (and more expensive) items, making you want to play even longer. There are also some well-hidden habits, such as the ability to steal the delivery man’s pizza and deliver it yourself. The achievements are numerous. If you’re a finalist, you’ll be surprised at how meaningful the content is.

Minit Fun Racer (PC)

Typical Los Angeles rush hour.

Technically, the Minute Fun Racer is identical to its big brother. It’s still monochrome, but a little more detailed this time. The soundtrack follows the same style as Minit’s: short but fun synth tracks. However, there are fewer songs here because the game is even shorter than its predecessor. Finally, the controls are simple and responsive, despite occasional framerate issues, which is a bit odd for a game that could potentially be played by the Secret Service.

Minit Fun Racer (PC)

What is this? Case?

Despite its small size and girth, the Minit Fun Racer is certainly not the kind of cheap creature that floods the steam market on a daily basis. It’s a surprisingly addictive auto-runner with highly addictive gameplay and an excellent progression system. Given the very low price, that would be enough for me to recommend it. Being a game whose sales constantly go to charity is just the delicious icing on an already delicious cake.

It’s the same minimalist art style as the Minit, but with a little more detail in the assets. A little auto run, a little exit bike and a little race against the clock. The controls are simple, the progression system is surprisingly reliable, and the gameplay is addictive.
Like its predecessor, the Minit Fun Racer soundtrack includes fun synth tracks, but due to its small size, fewer songs are included. Despite its small stature, Minit Fun Racer is a surprisingly entertaining racer with some interesting ideas. The fact that the product was marketed for a good cause is just the icing on an already delicious cake.
Last block: 7.5

Minit Fun racer is now available on PC.

Viewed on PC.

A copy of Minute Fun Racer was provided by the publisher.


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