Warframe Best Primary Weapons 2020

Main weapon in warfare

The best third party video game Shooter Warframe comes with a wide selection of weapons and frames.
Choosing the best weapon can be a difficult task for players who have no idea or are new to the game.
Of course sometimes you have to find out what is good or bad for you, but you also have to experiment.

Terribly Great Warframe Advice – Warframe Games Guide
Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the best basic Warframe weapons for you.
It is good to know that the most reliable weapon or mount is a niche market, so this article presents the best weapon for a particular role.
Here is a list of the best weapons, grouped by type.



The Baza rifle is an automatic rifle with silencer, with a high critical shot probability of 26 shots, a critical 3.0 multiplication factor and an extremely high single-shot precision.
It has a small warehouse for 40 cartridges, but a large stock of 800 cartridges and a total of 16 cartridges with the fastest reload speed of all fully automatic rifles.
The high penetration capacity and high impact damage make the base effective against enemy armor and shields.
Discharge calculations – low status 10 and damage due to falls from 100 to 50 meters.
This weapon is perfect for stealth missions and fits Ivara perfectly thanks to its silent capabilities.
Can be simulated for greater damage with the Heavy Caliber mode has almost no influence on the accuracy, because the basic accuracy is very high.

Rubico Prime

Rubico Prime
A sniper rifle, with a high damage degree of 187, 38 critical probabilities, 16 status probabilities, but zoomed out.
Rubico Prime has a 5-magazine with 72 rounds and 2 seconds reload time, full damage up to 400 m and the highest basic critical probability of all sniper rifles.
You probably know that sniper rifles are rarely used in fast games, that they do not have enough mobility or that they are just as easy to use as other weapons.
Although Rubiko Prime cannot be reached with these bonuses, it causes serious and incredible damage.
The result of this weapon is so crazy that it can defeat the toughest leaders in a single shot.
Amazing statistics, high reload speed and incredible shooting speed are the reasons why this weapon is suitable for boss killers and Eidolon fighters.

Kuwait Kohm

Kuwait - Kohm

This is a Queen version of the Kohm shotgun that offers an incredible opportunity to go through 90 states! (in a single shot)
A critical chance of 19, a critical multiplication factor of 2.3 and a high degree of fire and 20 damage.
But with less damage from falls, total damage of only 13.0 m, lower cartridges in the warehouse and lower accuracy.
It works automatically and removes dozens of grains – it sounds perfect.
Weapons subsidies for an extra bonus based on the war frame of the Kuva Lich ancestors, which can consist of
shock, damage by heat, cold, electricity, toxins, magnetism or radiation.
Once this weapon is properly modified, it mixes a crazy slash and the result is unbelievable.

Tiger Prime

Tiger Prime

Gun with a total of 1560 wounds with 80 slits!
It is the largest cut of all types of weapons in the game, making it effective against health.
The unique trigger type allows you to fire twice quickly at difficult targets, with a 120 magazine and a reload time of 1.8 seconds.
At the bottom it has a total damage of up to 10.0 m and a low critical probability of 10.
Can be adjusted with Chilling Reload to speed up the recharging time of the weapon.

It may surprise you that it’s not the best weapon in warfare, but you can turn it into a killing machine thanks to fashion.
With the current dome status and the other weapons available, the election has made these weapons less crazy.
Tiger Prime was launched with Necros Prime, and thanks to its high status, this weapon can create an impressive status effect similar to that of striped armor.

Optical Vandalism

A look at vandalism

You would definitely consider spokes as a cool essence in a video game.
How would you react if you had a weapon the size of a weapon of war? Of course, the use of such weapons will leave a gaping hole in almost all available opponents in the game. Although these weapons have less damage, they can easily be compensated by higher damage percentages.
Thanks to the higher firing speed, the Opticor Vandal is not inferior to a machine gun.

This rifle has a total of 400.0 damage, high Chance Status 30 and 24 Chance Criteria.
The high damage caused by a perforation is effective against armor, ammunition is effective, stun shots to stun the enemy are guaranteed and the fast loading time is 1.4 seconds.
Any player who completes a repetitive process: The burial test and the
test, which are awarded for receiving 100 points after a recurring thermal break, are automatically given a weapon.
He can even be a player with the rank 0 of the championship, despite the requirement of the rank 14 of the weapons championship.


Fulmin has two modes, the semi-automatic mode that generates an electrical pulse with damage of 500 and critical probability 30, state probability 16.
The second mode is fully automatic, with a fast remote flash, with a damage of 33 per shot and a critical probability of 28, probability state 10.
Magazine format – 60 shots per magnet at a speed of 2.17 shots per second
The weapon does not need to select ammunition as it regenerates over time, 30 shots per second.

The Fulmin is a Wisp rifle that doubles the speed of fire.
With a very high critical probability and a critical multiplication factor of 2.2/2.4, the Fulmin is an excellent weapon, especially for fighting enemy machines and robots.
If you modify it with Heavy Caliber, you can significantly increase the damage with the minimum penalty for accuracy. And if you are using a Hunter Munitions modem, the critical probability of addition is +30 to 9.



This weapon is specially designed for players who like arches, but can’t concentrate on using hidden elements in their game.
The bow of the thrower is damaged at 50 (loaded shot) and has a high critical probability of 50, but a low probability status of only 5.
Tree explosions cause damage due to cold and wear and have a linear damage of 100 to 30 due to central impact.
The fall of the air bubble causes 660 damage within a radius of 7.2 m.

Shiny onions can effectively control enormous amounts of damage over a large area.
With Lenz you can shoot explosive bolts that explode over a large area after a certain amount of time.
Lenz has a built-in ammunition cutter that converts all ammunition into an onion, so you can focus on your mode when adjusting your weapon.


If you are looking for the best sniper rifle, Lanka is for you!
This weapon works with a mechanism similar to that of an arch, and its single shot hits hard at maximum load.
The tank burns electrical projectiles, which cause 200 damage if fired without charge and 525 damage if fired without charge.
It has a very high critical probability of 25 states and full damage up to 400.0m.

Lanka has 3 scale modes that can increase the critical opportunity:
The first zoom has a 3.0x magnification of the distance and +20 critical probabilities.
The second zoom has a distance of 5.0x and +30 critical chance.
The third zoom has a magnification distance of 8.0x and +50 critical chance.

This sniper rifle does a lot of damage with its precision and accuracy without adjustments.
If you want to improve the mechanics of your combo, a rigid scope can be an excellent option that allows you to aim your enemies from a distance. The sniper rifle is not only more powerful, but also has a slow projection speed, making it difficult for players to make sudden movements.



Amprex is another of my favorite base weapons in the game, and I like to use it in survival missions.
This blasting gun fires a continuous stream of arches that can be chained to 3 nearby enemies within 7 metres of the original target.
Amprex has a high status and Crit Chance 22 and 32 with a magazine size of 700 and
.100 shots per magnet respectively and a high firing rate of 12.0 shots per second.

To maximize the critical opportunity of a weapon, use modifications such as Point Strike and Vital Sense.
Using Metal Drill mode, Amprex can hit multiple targets with its main beam and cause chain damage to nearby enemies.
Excellent for controlling the crowd, the beam can also pass through the enemy bodies to connect with nearby enemies.
You don’t have to worry about aiming – a linked bar does all the work for you.
Your Ampex can study it in the dojo’s energy laboratory.


This stun weapon has two firing modes:
primary with a powerful 540 cartridge, Critical Chance 30 with a 2.8 critical multiplier, but only 6 states,
and Alternate Fire firing a grenade launcher.
The grenade produces an explosion within a radius of 9.4 meters after a displacement of 20 meters through the air, with a high probability of 28, but only 4 critical changes.
The primary high perforation (226) and the slash (162) can be effective against shields and targets for health reasons.
Charging time is just under 1.2 s + 0.22 s per revolution.

You can get more than 100 critical opportunities using Blunderbuss, Critical Slowdown and Laser Vision.
It has a guaranteed exposure time of 100 with an alternative shot, which is useful for stunting enemies.

Victim’s tail

Vaykor Hek
Vaykor Hek is a shotgun with a total of 525 damages, of which 65 are pierced.
He has a high critical chance of 25 and a 10.7 chance of status.
The magazine format is 8 cartridges per magician and 120 Max Ammo cartridges.
If you shoot the head, you can kill the enemies as fast as they bleed and they will die
, even if they are not completely dead at the first shot!
Accelerated blasting can be used to further increase puncture damage and improve condition.
This great weapon can be obtained from the Meridian Iron Syndicate as a general.



It is a fully automatic grenade launcher that fires micro-missiles in quick succession.
It has a very high critical probability 32 and a crystal multiplier 2.8x, but a low probability status 6 .
The rocket has a blast radius of 4 meters after passing 7 meters in the air.
Modification with hunting ammunition increases the high critical probability of Acceltra up to 30 .

When using this rifle, the player must always be in motion to maintain a constant firing rate, as the rifle reloads faster (usually 2 seconds) during the sprint shot.
It has a very low capacity, so only two reloads are needed to completely empty the ammunition supply.
The drawing of Ackeltra can be obtained by defeating the demolition worker who was infected during the Uranus mission in the dark sector of Ur.
The Acceltra is also Gauss’ favourite weapon, allowing him to increase his reload speed during sprints if he has one.

Arc plasma

Arca Plasmor
This is a plasma rifle that emits radiation pulses within a radius of 30 m and has a total of 600 damages.
Radiation first confuses the enemies and causes them to attack each other, they have a high critical chance of 22 and an even higher status chance of 28.
The Plasmor Arca has a penetration of 3 meters against bodies, making it very effective against large enemy groups, and a guaranteed exposure time of up to 15 meters for
defects: Full damage only up to 10.0 m, low critical multiplication factor (1.6), reduced zoom on targeting, no bonus on main photos and 2.8 s slow reload.

Modes such as lethal acceleration can increase and decrease the range by 40.
Excellent for hex separator and protected enemy passage due to its high penetration and
Very effective for cleaning hostile crowds in narrow areas with little impulse.
The weapon is being tested in the Energy Dojo lab.

Tibron Prime
Tibron Prime

This weapon is one of the universal primary weapons with three firing modes that can be replaced by alternative firing: Explosion, Semi-Automatic and Automatic, all transaction modes are slightly higher than
Explosion Damage / Write Chance / Status 46/28 /20, Semi 46/30 /18 and Auto 46/16 /32 .
Almost all physical damage is equal, so this good weapon can be used against all enemy groups.
It can be designed for very critical changes, or the status depends on your preferences.
My favorite mode is the Auto mode with a speed of 8.33 photos per second and a log format of 42/540.


This is a deadly hunting bow with 134.4 oblique wounds of 168,
Super High Critical Chance 50 and 20 status, fast recharge time 0.7 with
The use of hunting ammunition and/or Point Strike mode can make it deadly as it causes orange critical blows with each shot and makes the accessories bleed.
If you have more than 100 critical odds, the reset will turn into a proc probability (e.g. 125 -> 100 critics + 25 proc).
By changing with Speed Trigger, Shred or Vile you can increase the ignition speed.
The Dread design was dropped by Stalker (also a branded weapon) with a probability of 37,95.

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