Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Dead by Daylight –

Escaping a killer isn’t as easy as it seems in the movies. That’s why we’ve created the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Dead in the Daylight, to turn your awkward flights of fancy into poetry in motion. In addition, we give you all the advice you need, so that anyone who hopes to flee pays the full price.

To win Dead by Daylight games, you have to play mentally. Here you need to master the cards, techniques and tricks to save time for your allies or cornering your prey.

But that’s much easier said than done, and Dead by Daylight is full of exciting mechanisms that add depth to any task. We handle all the information you need to dominate your lobbies and deter predators or prey. Each section will help you become familiar with the game before playing for each camp.

Do not skip textbooks

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Unlike most games, the tutorials of Dead by Daylight are useful to get familiar with the basics of the game. Although they don’t teach you everything you need to know about surviving or catching prey, they are the best starting point for any beginner.

There is one tutorial for survivors and another for killers, so you can learn the steps you need to follow to win a game by playing for both parties. It is also a good way to earn a few easy blood points, which are the main currency of the game, to buy the many power-ups and opportunities that the game offers.

Insight into the loading screen

After choosing to play the role of an assassin or a survivor, you are immediately taken to a loading screen where you can decide how you want to position your character for the game. If you click on the icon in the top left corner, a screen appears where you can select the survivors or killers to play.

Note that every survivor has the same basic values, making them functionally unique only in appearance. They will all work at the same speed and perform their tasks at the same speed. However, killers are different because they each have a certain power and a different status. Although the survivors have the same basic statistics, they have different basic benefits, which we will discuss later.

After selecting a character, you will see the current load for the specific name you are playing. Starting with Survivor, you’ll find a place for items, two extras and an offer on top.

Articles are special tools that you can align to your advantage.

Add-ons are add-ons that you can make to an item to enhance its effect in a certain way, such as its effectiveness or the time you can use it with other item-specific products.

Disclaimer : If you die in a game, you lose your item and all the extras it can have.

But if you win, you keep the items you find on the card in chests with a random content. Items usually improve your game, but are not necessary to succeed.

Killers are assigned a power lock instead of an object lock, which indicates their unique strength. You can also use add-on modules with their capabilities. However, all killer additions will be used and will not be transferred from one game to another.

Suggestion – Both killers and survivors are given this opportunity and can use it to achieve other effects, such as elevated haze, blood points and other options. These are the unique items you will communicate with in Bloodweb.


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The most important part of your download, for which a full manual can be written, is the benefits section. They are the essence of what makes each character’s game unique during the game session.

You start with an unlocked Perk slot for each character and will be rewarded with up to 4 additional slots on levels 5, 10 and 15. Each character in the game has three unique advantages. What’s more, you have a selection of necessary power-ups that each character can get through their blood web.

Each power-up has three levels to progress through the skill of the game, the Blood Web. Since each character has three starting and main advantages, you always have several options.


This is where you will stretch your brain to find out how to spend your blood points to improve your character. As in Dead by Daylight, don’t be surprised if you find a separate skill tree for each character.

As the game progresses, you earn a currency called blood points. Only by playing the game will you start earning the points needed to fill the bloody trees in your Bloody Web. These blood points are directly linked to your account, not to your character. So you can play the game as a killer and use the points you earn to buy survival bonuses.

There is no pre-planning for Blood webs, as each Blood Tree is randomly generated. When the tree is well filled, go upstairs and get a new drop of blood. Although each Blood Web is randomly generated, they also follow certain rules.

First of all, you will see that each blood web has an advantage for three turns from the center of the web. Then, for level 10, you can buy any part of the blood network. After the 10th. In class you will see trees grow with many advantages.

The disadvantage, however, is that if you fill these trees, the dark entity that lives in the background of the game will feed on your tree, which is another bonus. This means that you always want to go straight to the bonus, and then enter what you want as efficiently as possible before you are forced to move on to the next tree.

Another rule of the network is that each character on levels 30, 35 and 40 will receive his specific version of his specific bonuses, also called trainable bonuses. Once trained, these bonuses can be transferred to any other character you play and have trained. You will see these bonuses in orange and they will be displayed in the same order as on the character information page.

Character combination useful for beginners

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These characters are among the best to learn the game, because they offer useful advantages that make learning easier. DLC variants are generally slightly better, but even basic game variants have their merits.

Survivor’s pension


This character has healing and informative benefits, allowing you to explore the game while remaining autonomous.

Empathy – Show you the charisma of all injured or threatened teammates at some distance from you, which eventually spreads across the map. So you can determine the location of the killer and whether your ally is in a position to be engaged or disengaged.

The knowledge of botany is a bonus that increases the speed and effectiveness of your healing. That way, the medication you bring with you will last longer. This means that you can heal more often and much faster than normal.

Self-care is a great bonus for new characters that pros don’t use very often. With this bonus you can heal yourself without the help of an ally. However, the healing time with this method is considerably longer. Characters with botanical knowledge, like. B. Claudette, can use this bonus more effectively.

CSD feng min

If you are willing to spend extra money to take over the DLC Spark of Madness, Feng Min can be the best level 1 survivor with a great game to learn.

Technician – with this bonus you make less noise when attaching generators. It also prevents the explosion from happening if you pass an aptitude test and fail. All in all, it teaches you to perform tasks without the hassle of Killer’s approach.

Smooth – Every time you sprint on a shelf or window, this bonus gives you a 150% acceleration and makes you tired, which we’ll see later. Fatigue is not an obstacle to the immense space you create with this bonus. You can only use this bonus when exhaustion is over.

Warning – Allows you to see the killer’s aura if he breaks a pallet or kicks a generator. As the killers have to do throughout the game, this can be an extra warning to know if you’re in danger or if you have to move.

Basic survivor’s pension

Spine Chill – It activates when the killer is at a certain distance from you and looks in your direction. It is a useful early warning mechanism to determine when it is time to move or find a better hiding place.

We make it an indispensable tool for any supportive player, because this bonus will help you save your allies faster. This way, your partners can get out 100% faster. This also applies to your recovery afterwards and helps you get the team back on track quickly after setbacks.

Lightness – With this bonus you can make your stripes disappear faster, making it harder to keep track of you as you walk across the map. Scratches appear as a symbol of running and serve as the main method for killers to hunt their prey.


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There’s no better killer to recommend, because they all have different skills to try. Instead, we’re going to focus on the benefits hitters need to win races and win blood points quickly.


Indestructible – This bonus reduces up to 50% of the stun you get when you hit the pallet. A useful bonus: pallets are important for the survivors and become more necessary as the killing progresses.


Raw Force is a simple bonus that increases the damage to pallets and generators so you can destroy them faster or slow down the survivors more effectively.

Awakening – It increases your speed of movement when you have a survivor with you. The result will speed up your actions and you can spend more time putting pressure on the survivors.

Leather interface DLC

Barbecue & Chile – This handy bonus unfortunately requires the purchase of the Leather DLC and is the second unique bonus you can compare with the others. If you have this equipment, at the end of a match you get 25% more blood points for each player you connect.

This means that you are limited to 100%, although it is worthwhile to increase the pace of progression, which is beneficial for beginners or advanced users. It also has the advantage that you can see targets very far on the map when you plug someone in, allowing you to add useful points in the right direction.

DLC path

Hex Ruin – Hidden behind the Flesh and Filth DLC is another useful bonus that allows you to place a Totem Hex. This area will considerably slow down the survival process, as it is much more difficult to check the survival skills to repair the generators and thus achieve a positive result.

Main killer

Sloppy Butcher – Adds a bleeding and mutilating effect to your attacks. This increases their bleeding, makes them easier to detect and harder to treat – a powerful combination that increases your overall effectiveness.

Relentless – Valuable help for inexperienced players reduces the cooldown of attacks when you miss a target. This allows you to get out of the animation faster and try again, because each killer has a different attack speed. Very useful for players who get used to the way other killers kill.

Whispering is a higher level bonus that helps you identify where the survivors are hiding by turning on a light when you are in a certain area. However, this option is more advisable for experienced players, as it is not very useful to know someone relatively well if you don’t know the game well enough to find him or her.

Dead day coins


There are a few different moths in Dead by Daylight that you need to know, apart from the blood points you need to improve your blood web.

Auric Cells is an in-game currency that can be purchased with real money. This allows you to buy all kinds of cosmetics and licensed characters that are available in the game shop.

Rainbow Splinter – You can buy beauty products and an unlicensed character in the game shop, as well as bonuses from the Temple of Terror. This currency is earned by raising your player’s level, which happens during the game.

  • The player’s level goes from 1 to 100 and is then reset to zero when he is replaced by the Devotion, so that the process can start all over again. The increase in dedication has no other advantage than marking the time spent playing the game.
    Your current rank is also far away from your UI, which essentially changes with the amount of time you spend in the game. Your level determines the range of players you meet.

Daily Rituals

At the bottom right of the main screen you will find a candle that will lead you to the daily rituals. These are special challenges that reward you with extra blood points that are updated daily. You can have a maximum of three and replace them with others with one free refill per day.


At the bottom left of the screen you will find a shop where you can buy interns and others. A good part of the shop is the Temple of Secrets, which allows you to use the shards of the rainbow to buy trainable items that you would normally have to level a character to find. This can help you move forward quickly without having to concentrate on each character.

Input: DI study

It’s easy to get so caught up in the intensity of the game that you stop thinking actively. For example, familiarity with the interface will help you focus all your mental energy on your goals, whether you are a killer or not.

Bottom left you can see the number of generators needed to power your elements and their additions. When all generators have been repaired, the number is on the Find Exit board.

Under these symbols you will find the status symbols of the four survivors on the map. They will either be healthy, or injured, or bent over, or dead. Sometimes a character is in parentheses and depends on the privileges of the killer.

Prompts and progress bars are displayed in the center of the screen and are needed to achieve the goals. Sometimes a ping sounds in the center of the screen while you are working on the lens before you check your skills. To succeed and avoid the killer’s warning, click on the highlighted section.

At the bottom right of the screen you can see the services you receive and whether they have been activated.

Government bonds

On the right side of the screen you will find other excuses, such as blindness, deep and broken wounds, stamina, curses, exhaustion,

Abandoned and mutilated.

Blindness – Removes the auras of teammates.
Broken – Unable to heal with standard methods Deep wounds – You have a wound,Endurance – The next attack will inflict deep woundsCursed – You are under the influence of a hex totemExhaustion – You cannot use your exhaustion bonus (wears out over time)Exposure – The next attack will immediately put you in a state of deathMinked – You heal 20% slower Exposure – The next attack will immediately put you in a state of deathMinked – You heal 20% slower

Rules for making cards

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Each card, with a few exceptions, will have two permanent buildings, and everything else on the card will be replicated randomly. These sustainable buildings will be the building mentioned on the map and the Assassin’s Cabin. One of these buildings will have a basement with a safe, four hooks and lockers.

Two other chests are made on the map, as well as five totems and seven generators. They have selected semi-random spawning sites from successive basins.

Play a turn: Survivor’s pension

Usually you spawn with another teammate next to you or sometimes alone. You will often see the first generator nearby. On many cards the Assassins spawn on the other side of the card. So sometimes you can see where they are and plan your action.

Keep a constant eye on your surroundings as you move around on the map. Survivors see the game in the third person, allowing them to follow their surroundings, while the killers only see it in the first person. You can hear the heartbeat when the killer closes, and you should also notice the red dot of light indicating the cone of sight in the first person of the killer.

Your goal always starts with the activation of five generators, but be aware that any successful activation causes alarms that the killer on the other side of the card can detect. You can recognize the generators by their high brightness. If the light is on, the generator is running, and if it flashes, it needs to be repaired.

When you walk or run, you leave fake tracks that the killer can use to find you. They take about 10 seconds and are more dynamic depending on the driving speed. You also have to watch out for flying crows if you approach quickly. They serve as an extra warning for killers and survivors.

When Killer sees you, wooden pallets will be your best friend. You will want to follow them all over the map during the game, because they are the most effective way to slow down a killer. The killer always moves faster than you, so players usually use a looping technique with windows and palettes to survive.

Walking is the art of going around wasting the killer’s time and eventually letting him escape. Trying the noose three times before the pallet is thrown at the killer is a general rule, but it’s often impossible. The best survivors can master this technique to play the killer’s game and save their team time to access the generators and eventually outsmart the killer in his pursuit of other targets.

Be careful not to use the window too often, because if you use the same window three times during a leak, the dark area will close it.

If you manage to operate five generators, you will be guided to the emergency door, which opens in 20 seconds. You then have two minutes to escape and win the game.

Game Turn: Assassin

The killers will multiply given the appearance of all the generators on the map. Survivors usually spawn far away, so first choose one of the distant generators and look for the loot. Along the way, you should be hypersensitive to any scratches you notice in front of the runners.

You want to make sure the crows fly away and make noise or the sound of a running generator. If the survivor does not pass the test, you will receive an acoustic alarm that indicates a bell with the corresponding sound. This summarises the situation of the survivors if they fail an aptitude test or get on the map too quickly.

If you do not concentrate on the direction of sound, you will see a red arrow pointing in the right direction. When you see survivors, your goal is to attack and injure them. If you injure a survivor, his status changes as his speed increases. At the same time, you’ll be knocked out while you clean your weapon.

In general, you’ll want to focus on a survivor, because you’ll move faster than them and eventually catch up, unless you’re smart. Try holding down the attack button to perform a delayed attack instead of a quick scan.

Survivors often jump through windows during a loop, but the killer has to look away, because jumping is usually a slower way of chasing. On the other hand, the pallets are often more biodegradable, so you won’t be bothered by them in the future.

After you’ve hurt a survivor, he dies again and you can hang him. Your goal is to let each player die, which lasts three times or less, depending on how you play. Search for directions to your next destination when you have finished with your current destination.

If you constantly hit hooks and injured players, the pressure on them becomes so great that you can certainly absorb the damage. Normally you wouldn’t want to kick the alternator unless all four pistons are moving and it’s about to start.

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