Rust Guide: How to get started, beginner hints, and tips

Rust Guide: How to get started, beginner hints, and tips

If it’s your first time journeying into the world of Rust wilderness, you have landed in the right place. When you enter the battlefield of Rust, you are equipped only with a rock and torch as equipment. 

Ensuring your survival and making your way to the end will get tricky if you are not aware of the insider tips and tricks. This is why guides like this work as a savior for newbies like you. You can also take the help of Rust cheats for additional aid in the brutal Rust environment. 

Now let’s check out the beginner hints and tips of this Rust guide. If you want to learn these pro tips, continue reading till the end. 

Go for a beginner-friendly server 

The first thing you have to do playing Rust is chosen a beginner-friendly server. Many newcomers make the mistake of directly going to the most popular servers, but most of the time, it is full of experienced players. 

As a beginner, you will have to spend some time figuring out the game’s tactics and realize your playing style without getting killed repeatedly. Therefore, joining a beginner-friendly server is necessary. 

From the game’s main menu, go to “community servers.” At the bottom, you’ll see a search bar, and there you type something like a beginner, PvE only, etc., to find servers for newcomers. You can also rent a dedicated server such as Fatality Servers to start your own journey from scratch and form your own clans.

Hit the right place when gathering wood and stone 

Once you achieve your first spawn point, you should start collecting wood and stones by hitting on the trees and boulders with your first survival tool, the rock. You will need to collect the wood and stone as much as possible to customize your Pickaxe and Hatchet. 

However, gathering resources only with the rock will get dangerous as well as time-consuming. Hence, you should try to hit the “red cross (X)” that appears on the trees and the sparkle that seems on the boulders. Hitting the red X and flash will let you earn more woods and stones and speed up the process of building your Pickaxe and Hatchet. 

Create a sleeping bag 

Among the first things, you will need in Rust is a sleeping bag. When you place your sleeping bag on the ground, you get a respawn point, and getting one early is essential to move ahead in the game. If you don’t get your respawn point early, you will have to respawn at the beach (the default respawn point) again and again. 

To make the sleeping bag, you will need thirty clothes. Clothes can be collected from the hemp plants, and one stack will give you ten clothes, so collecting three trees will do the job for you. Beginners often overlook the hemp trees, so make sure you look at the pictures before entering the Rust map. 

Rust Guide: How to get started, beginner hints, and tips

Gather woods as much as possible to build your starter needs 

Even after making your pickaxe and hatchet, you should continue collecting as much wood as possible. You will need these resources to build your initial base. The critical initial items you will require at the beginning of the game are- 

  • Building plan and building foundation 
  • Wooden door
  • Wooden lock
  • Walls
  • Campfire
  • Storage box

Rust Guide: How to get started, beginner hints, and tips

Select the right spot for the first base 

Your success in the game will depend a lot on the location of your first base. While looking for your first base, you need to look for a place that is well hidden and has all the required resources. But keep in mind not to move further away. There is no point in building the base halfway across the map and getting killed. 

Always look for forests to build your first base. The forest gives you enough resources and keeps you covered as well. New players without clothes will find it challenging to develop the base in snowy areas, and the desert is a dangerous place for camping. 


Here is a wrap-up on the beginner guide on Rust. The above-mentioned are some of the crucial hints and tips that will take you a long way in the game. As a beginner, it might take you some time to understand all the game’s tactics, but with constant practice, you will make your way through it. 


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