Human Rocket Person Review –

Human Rocket Person Review –

One of the most popular independent games of recent years is Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. It has gained immense popularity for its rampant difficulty, evidenced by its intentionally clunky controls and teasing gameplay from its inventor. Of course, popularity breeds imitation, and that’s what we get with Human Rocket Mankind. There are a lot of elements copied in this game, even by the developers, that the difficulty and clunky controls are a plus to a minus. But even the most sincere form of flattery won’t do you any good if the game isn’t fun.

Human Rocket Person Review – Human Rocket Person Review –

The developers proudly announce that Rocket Man has clunky controls and you’ll have to dare to master them. Oddly enough, this game is not that hard to control! You travel the world on a pogo stick, and it’s all right. You press the left or right control button to lean back or forward on the pogo stick, and press A to jump. To move around, you have to look forward or backward while jumping. You can increase the pace to jump higher or go faster. Your character is also very heavy, so you will have to take this into account when overcoming certain obstacles.

The controls work well for the most part. Sure, it can be hard to deal with a pogo stick, but when it comes to moving around, it’s not really a problem. In other words, control only becomes a problem when flights are introduced. Picking up a few rotten apples at the same level will fill a meter that allows you to fly through the air. Even though it seems easier to beat the levels, it just makes it that much harder. The controls are exactly the same as on the ground, meaning your character is always very heavy. It is therefore difficult to control it in the air, as your character can become uncontrollable at the slightest touch of the joystick.

Human Rocket Person Review –

The game tries to make its difficulty a selling point, but honestly, the game isn’t that difficult. In each level, you explore specific scenarios while picking up a stack of red apples. Apples are additional collectibles and thus do not increase the difficulty of passing the stairs. Each zone is short enough and the controls are good enough to not bother you too much. The final levels of the game use steeper slopes and longer spaces between platforms, requiring flight. Of course, that’s where control really becomes an issue, but with the shorter levels, I still found them pretty easy to get through.

The game, clearly inspired by Getting Over It, seems to be missing something that caused so much anger in this game. There are small levels here, but this game had a huge level where if you make a small mistake, you can easily be sent back to the beginning and lose hours of progress. The controls here aren’t particularly complicated, so all the genius falls apart.

Getting Over It also had a lot of charm that is not present here. It is designed to intentionally annoy the player, and this goes beyond the controls and level design. The game often teased the player when they made a mistake, either by playing soothing music or a philosophical quote about the frustration of perseverance, which often led to more anger. However, this game does not connect with the player on a personal level and therefore does not have the same impact.

Human Rocket Person Review –

Like everything else, the replay value of Human Rocket is pretty average. Each level has two optional objectives (find a certain number of apples and break the level in a certain time). Sure it encourages people to play it again, but it’s not much to encourage someone to come back for more. I didn’t like the extra work bonuses at all. If this game really captivated you the first time around, then you could be entertained a number of times going through the levels, but finishing them was ever enough accomplishment for this reviewer.

In the end, you get a rather mediocre experience. He doesn’t fit into the game he’s trying to imitate, and it’s not as much fun here. The $5 price of the game means you won’t get much out of it if you’re not having fun, but it’s probably wise to save that money and put it into something more fun.

Rocket Man Review
  • Charts – 5.5/10
  • Sound – 5/10
  • Gameplay – 6.5/10
  • Late complaint – 5/10


Final thoughts : MEDIOCR

Human Rocket Person is an enjoyable experience that will be instantly forgotten after the end credits. He doesn’t have the charm and innovation of the game he’s trying to copy, and he’s not able to capitalize on anything. It’s not a bad game, but it’s not a bad game either.

Human Rocket Person Review –

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