How To Download Unblocked Minecraft Game?

How To Download Unblocked Minecraft Game?

Several persons have observed that certain applications and games are often blocked on their computer; even free games such as Minecraft are not invulnerable to being blocked.

Playing one’s favourite game with friends can be so much fun, irrespective of the challenging tasks involved in the game.

This is probably one of the many reasons gamers love their games being unblocked on secured networks with restricted access to the internet. Nonetheless, there will always be a need for an internet connection because online authentication is needed before running any game on your computer.

In this article, we will be sharing how to download an unblocked Minecraft game. First, let’s look at why people are raving about Minecraft.

Why Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the top leading online games that was designed to create a secure learning environment for kids (particularly those with autism). Since its inception, it has allured millions of players across the globe, owing to the liberty it gives players to build whatever they want and how they want it without being made fun of in its sandbox environment.

This online game is free from prejudice as anyone can play, fail, and retry as much as they want without being bullied.

How To Download Unblocked Minecraft Game?

Minecraft has helped kids with autism to build their communication and social capabilities, thereby gradually giving them room for development and growth. Hence parents of such kids who have seen the positive impact of this game often recommend the game to individuals with the same disorder their kids have.

How To Download Unblocked Minecraft Game

Several persons have found it a bit difficult on issues concerned with how to download an unblocked Minecraft game. 

However, it is best to stay cautious of malware websites claiming to have the unblocked version of the game and download files only from verified and trusted sources. To get the latest version of Minecraft, visit their official website as they offer a new version of the game for PCs, tabs, and mobile devices. 

How To Download Unblocked Minecraft Game?

For gamers who wants to download the unblocked Minecraft games, they can try out the following sites from Google Download Sites for Unblocked Minecraft games:

  • 1.5.2 Download:Apart from the 1.5.2 download, this site also has downloads for five other Minecraft texture packs that permit gamers to create their digital world anyhow they want to.
  • saaugs3mc Download:The Saaugs3mc download comes with modifications such as mods, sound additions, texture packs, and maps to give gamers a better Minecraft experience.

Several other sites permit the download of the unblocked Minecraft games, and one of them is the Weebly site for Minecraft Unblocked. This site offers the following download to gamers:

  1. Team Extreme Download 
  2. Cracked down Download by TimTech.

How To Play The Downloaded Unblocked Minecraft Game In Simple Steps

How To Download Unblocked Minecraft Game?

  • First, be certain that your download is a .jar file.
  • Immediately after downloading, open the file.
  • Ensure that the resulting launcher is the same or similar to the header.
  • Entering a username is entirely up to the decision of the gamer. However, not all downloads often require a username.
  • Press ‘enter game’ and start enjoying your game.


It is certainly possible to download the unblocked Minecraft games from other sites. However, it is strongly recommended for individuals to remain cautious and download such files online only from trusted and secure sources to avoid a malware function on their computers and mobile devices. 

In addition, being cautious as to the sites you download files from can go a long way in protecting your details from identity thieves. Once you are ready to go though, relax, find yourself some reliable Minecraft Survival Servers and get down to playing the highest selling game of all time!

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